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  1. Free healthcare! hahaha....only downpart of canada is that Justin Bieber came from there! XD I love Canada, but I wouldn't know what's the best school for composition, there! =P
  2. Yeah, I found where to change the midi channels. haha.
  3. Berklee College of Music is a great school for composition. They're mostly a "popular genre" school, but to get into classical through them, they have a partnership with Boston University. That's what I was told by the School reps. during my audition, when I asked. I ended up attending Academy of Art University, but their focus is for Visual Media (Video Games, Movies & Television)....Not so much of "traditional" music for Band and Orchestra. Its Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media. Not sure about their masters program, but I know for sure it has the same name for the major. I know of many Performance schools that are great....not many Composition ones.......
  4. Got it working! There's a little thing on top that says "Midi Chan" and I have to change it to the correct one. =)
  5. I was once asked to write a piece for a middle school, back in high school. Unfortunately, they didn't know 3/8 so it was too difficult for them. Hahaha.
  6. I can be a judge, if you still need one. :)
  7. It works with other non-kontakt libraries but with those they have an option to select the different channels (Aria, SampleTank, Morislov)
  8. But it is within the preset range. Even if I change the note lower or higher. No sound comes out from pre made material unless it's the first track. I will try expanding the range the way you said and see if that help. :)
  9. There is no error, it just won't play music I've done before, only new recordings.
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