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  1. Thanks siwi, I've read Korsakovs principles of orchestration with alan belkins comments I imagine this piece will be just as helpful, and thank you TooDorrah as well. I've managed to get a smooth transition to a new theme on the current work I'm working on for a small orchestra (which I've moved up to from various small ensembles) I've found that looking at what I've actually wrote and understanding why it works can help me figure out a few routes to another place and then work on the one that tallies most with what I want from the piece. Practice makes perfect, so I better get back to practicing
  2. I find that one of the hardest things for me when writing for the orchestra is making good transitions, a lot of the time I change out a theme is orchestrated then after it introduce a new theme that starts with a similar orchestra and shifts away (kind of to put distance between it and theme 1), however one thing I seem to always really struggle on is sudden transitions where it leaps rapidly into a new instrumentation and things start to go down. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice on how to better transition between orchestral textures and themes, maybe some personal methods or examples to look at etc. Thanks Daniel
  3. If you're still looking for Korsakov's book on orchestration its all on this site split into the separate parts: http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/forumdisplay.php/77-Principles-of-Orchestration-On-line It also contains some annotations that state examples of things that contradict Korsakov i.e. tutti passages played in pp which Korsakov says can't/shouldn't be done but have been done well.
  4. Just an update from when I last posted in this thread. I would recommend listening to the tracks labelled under game music. you can find my music here http://www.showcaseyourmusic.com/MckennaDaniel but if you can use it and don't want to hop through tracks go here:
  5. Ah I've seen that website before it's alright, but personally I prefer: http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/forumdisplay.php/77-Principles-of-Orchestration-On-line It's a book Korsakov wrote on orchestration thats been typed up with (nearly) all of korsakovs examples embedded into the pages as scorch files or something so you can see score and hear roughly the effect hes talking about. I say roughly because it's GPO not a real orchestra but its not too hard to then listen to an orchestra playing the tunes on youtube etc. Also it has comments throughout it to offer more subjectiveness, they basically say: well Korsakov says this but it has been done by debussy.
  6. Well the logo is cause the designer of the site I'm getting my link on has picture links so its a pic of me or a logo and I'm more comfortable with a logo
  7. The bio is in third person because when advertising yourself like in a bio people apparently trust third person though as they assume it was wrote by someone else. I have one on my site already which is just: "My name is Daniel McKenna I am 17 still in education and wish to become a soundtrack composer for video games when I am older. Currently to help myself build up experience and a portfolio I am offering my music already written and yet to be written for any developers of free online games or anyone else who may want it. I am willing to work below industry rates and will even consider working for free if the project interests me enough." However I did feel as my bio is going to be on a site of someone I will work with I need to spruce it up a bit :unsure: Another idea for a logo is attached to this post btw
  8. Thats probably not too great as my name is daniel mckenna did you click on the pic to get it full size?
  9. "Daniel McKenna is a UK based composer, who by constantly learning and expanding his musical horizons is able to write in a variety of styles from: synthesiser based works such as ambient and dance, to classical ensembles such as string quartets and brass right the way to a rock line up. Due to this and a strong knowledge of music theory Daniel is not only able to write music in these genres but music that is a combination of all these genres creating a thoroughly unique musical experience that will add emotional clarity and depth to any visual media." Right so I'm breaking into the scary world of composing and I'm stumped on writing a bio. Would this do or is it too short? Also heres my logo. ALL feedback is appreciated :happy:
  10. As part of an extended project for school I have to look at and analyse a piece of Wagner's music and look at how it tells the story and conveys emotion. Ride of the Valkyries was recommend to me and I was wondering which bars of it I should focus on. For a bit of a wider context I'm going to be comparing and contrasting it to Chopin's ballade no 1 which contains melodies reminiscent of the aesthetics of Italian opera which is something Wagner rebelled against. Thanks for any help you guys give me
  11. Oh I can expand on guitar, in guitar you can have touch style tapping were usually right hand taps out a bass line and left taps out melody on higher strings, using this you can play the main theme of tubular bells bass and all among other things. However while the bass can be more complex than if you used thumb on left hand to play bass while fingers do melody like JijGaat mentioned its harder to mute the strings so because of this the player needs to be very precise and some acoustic master like andy mckee or a crazy shredder like buckethead to play faster lines. However its fun to play and guitarists will love you if you write some nice lines like that. Also higher frets on most acoustic guitars don't work well although there are brands that make their acoustics to have the ergonomics/anthropometrics of electric guitars meaning you can sustain volume and the actual notes on the higher ranges. Also open tunings are very useful for slide guitar and slide guitar allows microtones to be played. Also that link I gave is pretty sweet isn't it. I've got it bookmarked and Berlioz now has a special place in my heart :P
  12. "The hautbois quickly spread throughout Europe, including England, where it was called "hautboy", "hoboy", "hautboit", "howboye", and similar variants of the French name." I assume then in my copy its called hautboy as it would have been translated into English by someone who called it a hautboy
  13. "On violin beginning with the D on the third string all intervals of a second, a third, a fourth, a fifth, a sixth, a seventh, an octave are practicable. But they get more and more difficult in proportion as they advance on higher strings" That's a quote from Berlioz's treatise on orchestration and it covers pretty much all the instruments you could want to write for and instruments that I don't think are used any more. It's a good book and I've learnt a lot from what I've read however I have a 261 page pdf and he does use some instrument names that weren't familiar to me i.e hautboy (called an oboe now-a-days). However if you want a copy that only talks about instruments that are still in use and is condensed to state things in a shorter easier to understand way there are condensed versions on the internet. http://www.hberlioz.com/Scores/BerliozTreatise.html Heres one condensed version I used before finding the whole thing in pdf Hope I've been some help
  14. Just an update of sorts, any music on this showcase is available to be used for free in a game http://www.showcaseyourmusic.com/MckennaDaniel ... And what happened to the video of game footage?
  15. Right straight to business, I've just had an idea now I'm 17 and when I leave uni I'm going to try to become a composer for video games writing soundtracks etc. Now I am aware of how hard it is to get a job as a professional musician and I guess that when people hire a composer they want someone who they know can perform and what's the best proof of this... past experience. Now this is just what I've heard around it may not be right but it sounds right so correct me if I'm wrong. But anyway my idea what if you had your music on a site like showcaseyourmusic.com and you got in contact with creators of free online games basically saying listen to my music I can write a soundtrack for your game (and providing none of those tunes are used in other games/tunes not used are labelled) also say and you can use a tune on the showcase, and that all you want as the composer is your name in end credits or mentioned on the page the games on. You could then build up a portfolio of real examples of your work and possibly use that to go to some company trying to get a job and say look what I've done already I can do this professionally. Now me being 17 and still in full time education I don't feel that I could ask these free online game making people for money for my music and even if I felt I could I wouldn't know what was a reasonable amount and what wasn't also there's things like income tax etc that I have no clue about. However if you think this idea would work, have an suggestions to help it work better or think that I could start asking for money and starting a small business as an independent composer just say. If enough people contribute advice then this thread could be a valuable resource for aspiring composers like myself. I also plan on doing either programming (computer game creating sort) or design (computer game graphics sort) in uni to build up contacts to help me get into composing and to help provide a backup plan in case things don't go as planned so if you'd also like to leave a passing comment on which of those two courses would be best feel free :).
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