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  1. Cool pieces! I like the 2nd one (in C minor) the most!
  2. Hi Sam, thank you very much for listening! Yes, there are some difficult parts unfortunately. I'll try to keep the "playability" in mind when I will compose my next piece. K.R. Alex
  3. Hi all! This here is my first attempt to write a waltz for piano and my first attempt to transcribe it into sheet music. This piece was composed in the piano roll of a DAW. Please excuse any mistakes or unprofessional parts in the score, since I am neither a piano player nor am trained in music Theory. It is my first waltz, so I tried to keep this piece simple and understandable. The structure of the piece is as follows: Short Intro - A - B - C - A' - D - B' - C - A'' A: A rather quiet presentation of the main theme B: A lively intermediate theme 😄 A dramatic theme in a minor (?) that develops into A' A': A louder, festive presentation of the main theme 😧 A development into B' B': A simple variation of B with a few more trills A'': The first 2/3 are from A', the last 1/3 is from A. Thank you for listening & I hope you enjoy! K.R. Alex 🙂
  4. Wow, it is a very cool piece! I really like the style of your compositions. K.R. Alex
  5. Hi J.Santos! Thanks a lot for listening to this piece. Yes, it would have been nice to use C minor in the middle section. I am not a trained musician, neither in playing the piano, nor in music theory. I composed this piece in the piano roll of FL Studio and I unfortunately don't have a score. I will try to write a score for the piece I'm currently composing. Thanks anyway and KR Alex.
  6. Piece No.5 Op.3 in C Major - "A Daydream". This is my first attempt in composing a romantic "Ballade" - like piece. It is slightly inspired by works of composers of the romantic period, such as Franz Liczt, Felix Mendelssohn and others. This piece is considered to be a ballade or nocturne and it follows the simple pattern A - B - C - A: A: main theme in C Major B: first intermediate theme in C Major C : second intermediate theme in F Major Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy! Comments are welcome!
  7. Thank you Alexx. I'm thinking about writing subsequent parts with variations of the main theme (intro theme), so yes, there could be a whole program.
  8. I like the harmony! Has a very nice, melancholic style! A violin Melody would be nice. K.R. Alex
  9. Hi all! That's my new piano composition called "The Lighthouse". It is slightly inspired by the music of Russian composers, such as Glinka. It follows a rather simple A-B-A pattern. A consists of the main introduction theme, a development and a powerful final theme. B consists of a quiet theme in the Major key and a fast, dramatic theme in the minor key. Thank you for listening! Some Feedback would be nice 🙂 Piece No.4 Op.3 - The Lighthouse (online-audio-converter.com).mp3
  10. Hi! yes,i also think that some themes are repeated too often. The ending of this piece was intented to surprisingly break up the speed and finish in the mood of another theme that was played previously in this piece. This piece isnt supposed to be played by a real pianist. I'm not a pianist myself and I also dont have training in music theory.I composed this piece in a notation software,edited and renderded the midi file in a daw. Thanks a lot for listening and commenting! Alex2east
  11. Okay,... so here's the story :-) Part a: A knight returns back to his hometown after a long journey and finds it destroyed and devastated by a horrible beast. Being mournful, angry and appalled by the devastation he decides to use his anger to find the courage to hunt that beast, to revenge his folk and free the lands from it. Part b: The knight sets out to a new journey of which he expects nothing but dangers, fights and all sorts of adventurous challanges. Part c: Feeling strong-willed he crosses wide fields, passes befriended villages which place their hope into him. Part d1: Suddenly, being in a village, the beast, a dragon-like creature, descends from the sky. The knight pulls his sword and tries to defeat it but it turns out that the beast is now hunting the knight more than he's hunting the beast. Part d2: After a short seesaw of hitting and running the knight finally gains the whiphand, starts to fight back and puts the beast to rout. Part c': The village celebrates the knight fervently. The townsfolk, feeling glorious and secure during the celebration, gets suddenly surprised by the beast, which is now even angrier than before. Part d1' and d2': The knight starts off to fight the creature one more time and gets entangled into a brutal chaos, a mess full of rage and destruction. Part a': After having defeated and put the beast to rout the knight, tired and muzzy, realizes the vast size of the village's demolition that resulted from the fight. He mournfully walks through the village's destroyed streets, looks at demolished buildings. All the feelings, the depression, the sadness and the helplessness, that initiated his honorable trip start to burn deep inside him again. Feeling more determined to hunt down that beast than ever before he sets out for a last fight. He cries for revenge. The cry gets heard by the beast which is ready for a confrontation again. Part b': The knight jumps on his horse and rushes towards the beast, decided to end it all forever and starts a fight. Part b'': Having a better understanding of the beast's nature, the knight, in the course of this fight, starts to gain more and more control over the creature and jumps on it's back. After a couple of failed attemps he finally manages to tame the beast instead of defeating it. The knight, riding the beast, ascends to the skies and gloriously flies over the lands, showing that he has tamed the creature and brought peace to the people. The end.
  12. Alright, glad to know that it's better now. Thanks for the effort !
  13. Thx for listening! Sry,I can't provide a score atm. Could u maybe tell me the approx. timestamp of the moments u r talking about?
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