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  1. If I'm understanding you correctly, it is common for composers these days to work in concert pitch and have the full score in concert pitch. Obviously parts for individual instruments should be appropriately transposed. There are very good reasons for transposing instruments to be transposed. You can't expect a player to be able to transpose in their heads in real time and read in any key. For the composer it's as easy as using the transpose tool in the notation program of their choice. Even doing it by hand it's easy and you can take your time and proofread it. It's the job of the composer to prepare parts properly and to make sure everything is as clear and easy as possible for the performers. I felt like I needed to respond to this because the role of composer is often thought of too loftily. I'd rather try to be humble and remind myself that nobody owes me anything as a composer. I need to do the work to convince others that my music is worth their time.
  2. E minor probably. It has a both a natural and raised seventh, which is pretty normal. i - VI - VII - V
  3. Class participation makes an important part of your grade and rude comments that interfere with discussion will be accounted for. See me after class.
  4. I can't hear a difference either. Back when people used tuning systems other than equal temperament, the different scales would have different spaces between their degrees and it would have sounded different. I wouldn't worry about it if you can't hear a difference today though.
  5. People's reactions to more modern styles of music are often heavily and viscerally negative, due to the lack of exposure of such styles in popular culture. It's easy to trust that initial reaction and dismiss it all as garbage instead of than putting in the effort to get what it's all about. It's also easy to make fun of people that do make these broad dismissals on the internet. It's just sad that it happens today in real life academia, though. The professors at my school encourage openness to all styles of music and don't fall into traditional or progressive camps, and the thought of it being any different seems really alien to me.
  6. Everything you need to know right here. If I'm ever a professor teaching fugue composition I would just play this video in front of the class and ask "Any questions?"
  7. I'm having to write a set of piano variations for composition class. I'd like to use a nice theme that has some significance in music history, but I can't think of one. The opening bassoon melody from the rite of spring would work but that's already been done. Thoughts?

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    2. Shadowwolf3689


      The 'Alla danza tedesca' from Beethoven's Op. 130 would make a great theme for variations

    3. Austenite


      The "Invasion Theme" from Shostakovich's Leningrad Symphony?

    4. ChristianPerrotta


      try something famous but unexpected, like Beethoven's moonlight sonata's first movement theme, or Satie's Gymnopédie No. 1

  8. Can't you just write a nice piece for your friend's mother without charge out of the goodness of your heart? Seriously that is what you should do.
  9. the easiest instrument to play is ur mom ;-)
  10. Holy crap this is such a good derogatory word for newbie. Added to my insult knowledge base; I'll start using it all the time now.
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