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  1. bryla

    For Victory!

    Thanks! Can you link me up again?
  2. bryla

    For Victory!

    Still don’t understand you 🙂 but thanks for the explanation!
  3. Mark as an exercise only! Have it played by a string player and get feedback! You'll quickly see patterns and learn the idiomatic way.
  4. bryla

    For Victory!

    Thank you! Yes it is 🙂
  5. bryla

    For Victory!

    Thanks Seung! I assume crazy is a good thing?
  6. bryla

    For Victory!

    Thank you, Rabbival! this is a recording from one of my own orchestral sessions.
  7. bryla

    For Victory!

    haha 🙂 don't know what that means in any way!
  8. bryla


    I liked the first 1:20, but feel it didn't go the way it set out.
  9. bryla

    For Victory!

    Thank you, Luis!
  10. bryla

    For Victory!

    Thank you pateceramics! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂
  11. Hey there, Just posted an orchestral track: score will be coming soon!
  12. bryla


    Thanks for the comments, Trevor! Definitely something I can keep my ear on in the future – compositionally I can't do anymore about it though since it was already recorded.
  13. Yeah I understand about the strings. It's more to do with the voices or instrument and how you double (or not) runs
  14. I don't see a difference on the first page?
  15. Regarding timpani: is there a reason only to stick to three notes? You might want to give the timpani a key signature so it isn't dissonant to the rest. As with my comments on voicing and player numbers they still stand. I would have a lot of comments regarding part layout, but my first note is: keep this one on two pages. Make it fit.