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  1. Bushido

    Thanks for the comments, Trevor! Definitely something I can keep my ear on in the future – compositionally I can't do anymore about it though since it was already recorded.
  2. Yeah I understand about the strings. It's more to do with the voices or instrument and how you double (or not) runs
  3. I don't see a difference on the first page?
  4. Regarding timpani: is there a reason only to stick to three notes? You might want to give the timpani a key signature so it isn't dissonant to the rest. As with my comments on voicing and player numbers they still stand. I would have a lot of comments regarding part layout, but my first note is: keep this one on two pages. Make it fit.
  5. I thought windband too but the contrabass threw me off.
  6. yes I was only listening and looking at the first 6 bars. I don't know about your local orchestras but it would seem extremely rare to see an ensemble of this kind instead of - let's say - a symphony orchestra with a double winds line-up.
  7. why no string section? Looking at the first 6 bars: You could do well with some variety in your stabs, runs and bass. Trade them off the instruments and double at unison or octaves for emphasis. Timpani is unplayable. Put it up an octave - you'll get more oomph out of it. Select key spots for the cymbals. Now they are too many. Woods/brass: only one of each? Why not voice chords. It will make for a fuller sound.
  8. A couple of Questions

    bells up is no problem re. stopped: write the notation for the pitch you want to hear. The player will compensate. If you want a C write G.
  9. Studied at a conservatory. Now I work as an orchestrator for film music. Last year alone I arranged and orchestrated 12 hours of music either to be recorded or performed on stage. So yeah - regular basis. It's still a thrill but of course not the same as the first time. When you work with crazy deadlines the pressure to deliver on time outweighs the excitement. What I had to do? Do my work and deliver - every single time.
  10. Bushido

    For anyone interested I've worked on the mix because of some feedback I got elsewhere. I'm now on version 3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eyvtqbdh4eim966/Bushido_v3.wav?dl=0
  11. Bushido

    Thanks! Never thought of it that way, but makes perfect sense!
  12. I work with orchestras on a regular basis, so there's always some time to record some pieces that are not for the production.
  13. Bushido

    Hi guys, Trying to improve my score follow videos and mixing skills: Any questions and comments are welcome! Thomas
  14. Thanks! This was live orchestra.