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  1. please checkout the 2nd, and completed version, of my latest submission. http://forum.youngcomposers.com/music/121/the-last-fiddler/


    So.. this is a competition not for beginner composers... but for composers of any skill to produce a piece for a beginner piano player ? Right ? Also.. Do entrants have to submit a score? or mp3 only?
  3. Ipb app

    Chopin... Here is a link to the App in the Istore. http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/ip-board-communities/id372597645?mt=8 Like i said above.. the biggest advantage for iphone users is speed and push notification. Course.. I don't know how many of your users access YC though iphone. I also don't know if this is a free feature or an costly extra that IP Board provides. Anyways.. Thanks for looking into it as a maybe.
  4. Ipb app

    I've tried YC on the iPhone through Safari as well.. it works well enough. However... IPB is a dedicated app put out by the software company that built our forum. Not only is it faster than Safari, but it enables Push notifications for a whole list of functions ( messages, following certain threads, when users reply to one of your threads, etc) Much better user experience than through safari for the iphone. I would like the site administrator to look into seeing if this is a free option he can enable for YC.
  5. The company that makes this forum software has an iPhone app called IPB .... I'Ve used it with other forums and it works well. I tried using the app with this site but it didn't appear to work. I used http://forum.youngcomposers.com as the forum web address. Can a moderator or the main administrator for the site please check to see if YC can be accessed on iPhone by the IPB app and let me know if I'm using the right address. Thanks