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  1. Oh great another person who missed the thread. Who said I'm trying to get her back? When did she leave? Since everyone is so worried about someone else's girlfriend, the reason I am not being nice to her is so that she doesn't eventually leave me. The girl I'm with isn't the kind that likes to much niceness anyway, it has to be moderate, and lately, things are not working out because she is getting tired. There is nothing I can do anymore. I don't have the desire or energy to find someone else anymore, so I'd rather use this method which I am working on on her. Thanks for the person reminding me that music can be listened to like a story. You've opened my imagination, and it's another step.
  2. I can't piece together still, why everyone is so worried about my girlfriend? Are you guys like trying to put yourselves in my place? Get your own girlfriend and treat her so nicely that she leaves you. Girls do not like nice guys, and get out of my shoes please. Don't worry about my girlfriend. This is a music forum, not a relationship forum, and yet all of you still are bashing my idea because I am trying to use it on my girl? Seriously man, get a grip somewhere.
  3. Maybe this is why you people will always remain amateur no matter how hard you try to be good. I knew I'd get negative responses like this. You people don't want this to work. I just came here to have you folks agree with me, and perhaps throw in some input. I know this will easily work. Quite obviously you experts were oblivious to the fact that my post contained only perhaps 10% of the complete system to get her mind controlled. She will be much happier in the long run this way. I know all the tools, rules, and systems to use so that I may get this to work exactly the way I want it, with the exact outcome. I hope you all have a wonderful day while I go to the next step, the next level of music.
  4. About music telling stories, that is completely true. Music does influence however, and thus, it can lead to Mind control. I've stated before that you should not worry about the woman, she is just a woman. Beautiful music? The only thing she could handle was a simple, calming, guitar solo. The story thing, I am working on it. I've been listening and self studying all the complex and amazing musical pieces I could find. I believe I have collected enough to begin writing these "stories". But without naming it, that story can be generalized into anything. That's what I mean when I say naming it is what does most of the brainwashing work. Usually, if I want to entice a woman, I would write some sweet melodies, or some sexy ones. Who doesn't love melodies?
  5. Thank you for your input. I don't hate women as you said. I believe the end result is superior than a woman. The end result is my discovery of trickery. I guess I care enough to stop her from hurting herself before it happens? What is more important here, a woman, or music? Clearly it's the music. It's not like I am hurting her. I came here explaining techniques that can be used to manipulate thought patterns. Why the hate Marius? This can become a theory(if it hasn't already been discovered years ago). BTW Marius, I listened to your album, I liked Restless a lot. You did a good job on that one. But your whole album is a bit amateur to me, nevertheless, Restless was good. I forgot to mention that I wont be telling her that I am going to have her listen to the CD for that reason. The point is to go along as if nothing has happened. I can only confirm if it worked by her conscience afterwords. The truth is, this is probably just 10% of everything. It is still so rudimentary, but I believe it can work. At this point, it is just a theory. I shouldn't be receiving any hate at all. What is it that bothered you Marius? My supposed misogyny? The fact that I want to "subjugate" my girlfriend? Or the other 10 excuses you found to hate what I want to do? Or did I just word everything wrong, and rush the whole thing and made it undesirable? Forget the negative aspects this time, instead, help me with this theory. Can you do that? Can you give some of your advice?
  6. Forum please bear with me and keep an open mind throughout this whole thread. Is it possible for me to have my girlfriend experience an entire "first date", break-up, and reunion through music? Can I compose music with the ultimate goal that if she listens to all of them, she would never want to leave me? I am really interested in testing this theory out, and if she breaks up with me for it, I don't mind. The way I think it could work, is by composing music that is general to a specific thing, because we all know that music can be inferred differently by everyone, but, what if I were to name the soundtrack? Let me guide you through my soundtracks, and this is just a crude example, but if worked on, it can be made perfect. Track 1: Finding Love Track 2: Hopeless Without You Track 3: Brought Together Track 4: Union Track 5: I'll be back soon Track 6: Separated Track 7: Fear Track 8: Please Forgive Me Track 9: Accepted Track 10: Reunited Now, if you are confused, do you notice what this is about? Track 1: Finding Love; this soundtrack is a memory of when we first found each other and fell in love Track 2: Hopeless Without You: We are together, but when we are alone, at our own homes, we feel empty and hopeless without each other Track 3: Brought Together; a soundtrack that has a happy tune to it. gives her the experience of seeing each other again. Track 4: Union; In this soundtrack, she hears a passionate/romantic music. Union essentially registers as Sex Track 5: I'll Be Back Soon; Here, we play a nervousy, anxious theme. This is where she leaves the house to go out, but unfortunately to cheat Track 6: Separated; A sad theme. I broke up withher because she cheated on me Track 7: Fear; A music designed to make her feel hopeless, and induce fear. Scared of being alone. Track 8: Please Forgive Me; A piece orchestrated to give her hope Track 9: Accepted; Another sad type of theme, with some happy parts Track 10: Reunion; Another passionate one. We get together, and sex strengthens the union Just like art, music can be tricky. What works for art in the 15th century, cant work in the 21st century. People will infer things differently. We can analyze the musical piece to determine how we can apply it for a certain scene. Obviously a terrifying or speedy song will not be able to match a moment where peace and calm is needed. However, name the soundtrack and you are already guiding them to a certain mind state and thinking pattern. What I didn't do was make the soundtracks so real and obvious, instead, I made them more general and hidden, so she could not notice, and the way the soundtrack titles are ordered, it would subconsciously register in her mind as us two, especially when there is a picture of a man and a woman(see below), and Finding Love as the name of the first track, guiding her to where I want. My goal is, to have her pre-experience me breaking up with her, having her experience fear and hopelessness after the break-up, and then getting back together with her again. I might actually change track 9 to rejected and remove track 10. Of course this is a bit crude, but it is elementary and working further on this, I believe it is very much possible to subliminally program her to not have the guts to do anything wrong with me. We want her to fear and regret cheating. The problem is not composing music, because that comes easy to me, the problem is to get it right. She also has to be able to listen to the complete CD without distraction, best effects are if she is in her car driving somewhere far. We also need her conditioned to accept pure music, because most people these days mock music by itself, especially music that is complex, rather than a few beats with some bad lyrics. But forum, we also need a cd cover, a CD Name, and a cover art. I know which art to add as the cover. It will be a picture or painting of a girl hugging a guy, with evidence she has cried and suffered, with her eyes closed, appearing as if she is glad to be back. You know what, here is an image I found, also shaped like a heart. So forum , with the cover art out of the way, what would you name this CD? We can be comfortable knowing that she can never suspect anything. And if you had to change parts of this CD or edit some soundtracks to make it better, how would you do it?
  7. Come on. Ear training? Your telling me this now? I thought everyone does this in the beginning? Anyway, so there are no schools to go to huh? So what do you guys here do? Self study?
  8. Guys?? I guess I forgot to mention that I am coming out of this 'depression'. I am becoming an 'adult'. I've been changing without any attempts. Of course I have motivation. Its there, and its strong. I said I didnt have motivation before, but now, I do.
  9. Hello everyone, not sure if this is the right place, but I really don't know where else to post. I am confused on how to study deeply to become the greatest musical composer ever. To be honest, I can play the Piano, but, the truth is, I only play simple music just because I have no motivation to go beyond at this moment, but I have a genius within me that just needs awakening. But why I am really here, is to mention that I can compose the greatest music inside my head, like literally, I am good with almost all instruments, and all sound tones(even such as understanding the effect on the mind of hitting a metal spoon on a metal cup), but the thing is, I do NOT know how to transfer what I know onto paper. When I create music within my head, I am 100% sure that whatever is playing in my head, is not random, and can be transfered and then dissected to fit into Music Theory. I am not crazy, just ignorant on how to take what I know, and put it into paper. The thing is, the information is already out there, so I don't want to create my own theories with their own names that already exist. And because I am still at home, its hard to find motivation to learn. I want to journey far away, and spend time composing. I can create in my head, great music with various instruments. Specifically, I can create in my head, music that is more on the emotional or moving side. Like for example, if you tell me, "compose a music which can make me feel like I am in this location, feeling a certain way, perhaps with some opposition, and ending up a victor feeling joyous in the end", I would then be able to think of the correct music for that situation. How and why? Because I have EXCELLENT MEMORY, and love listening to music, and have listened to all kinds of music, and from all parts of the world. With all that I have heard and registered in my mind, I can regurgitate bits and pieces to recreate another fantastical piece of music. However, how do I do this? I do not know yet. This is why, I want to know(in a simple way), what to do? I do want to attend a University, but the thing is, I am still in High School(senior), and due to a 4 year depression that I have been facing(coming out of it finally), I have been super lazy, have developed some ADD mentality, and in general, have bad grades. I don't think I need to know Algebra 2 or Calculus to write Music. But my bad grades shouldn't destroy my time. All I want to do is write. I already have the skills within me, and I want to know which University I may attend here in California. I would please like help from someone. My GPA is approximately 2.50, I haven't taken the SAT yet, and have never participated in a Music class. Whatever I have accumulated as knowledge about Music has been self taught. The more I learned, the easier it was and it is to learn more, and at a faster rate, similar to a meteoroid going faster and faster as it approaches closer to the earth. But like I have said, I really really want to take the next step, and I will be so sad and defeated if I can't fulfil my dream because of my damned depression which has held me back. I need all the help I can get. Please forum, help me.
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