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  1. Music by the so-called "New Complexity school", by which I'll assume you're referring to Ferneyhough, is written with extreme attention to the instruments technical abilities. I doubt there is any piece, at least any mature piece, which is remotely possible on another instrument. The structure of his, many of his, pieces are so intimately tied to the specific timbres involved that it's impossible to re-arrange them without fundamentally altering the piece. You also bring up another point, when you claim the pieces are "impossible"... ...Ferneyhough's music is no more impossible than a "completely accurate" representative of a bar of even eighth notes on a single pitch. The very physical nature of sound production on an instrument makes it impossible to play completely evenly in time, and completely evenly in pitch. Performers attempt to perform Ferneyhough's music as accurately as possible, as they would any piece. There is no ideal "perfect" realization of any music, only many variations and interpretations. I think the fact that many of the world's top ensembles are attracted to performing Ferneyhough's music speaks to how it is very appealing to top players, rather than disrespectful. And anyone who listens to these performances, really listens (closely, you have to), can understand the value of such richly detailed music. I mean really: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGUvn_OkSfw&feature=related The quality of that recording is questionable though.
  2. Yes because music is pointless regardless of whether music has emotions or not.
  3. aliens would love math smart people love math math=advanced
  4. lol we knew that already. Are there any details?
  5. I very much liked composerorganist's piece, I really think it deserved to win! Very happy about the result. Now to listen to SergeOfArniVillage's piece until I get it...
  6. http://forum.youngcomposers.com/t27052/a-mighty-fortress-is-our-god-august-contest-submission/page__pid__353009__st__0entry353009 It's still only 9:30 on the west coast, hopefully that's okay.
  7. Boils down to: If you're just doing it for fun, don't worry. Even if it's a illegal, no one's going to care (unless you're famous).
  8. Boils down to: If you're just just doing an arrangement for fun, and you aren't going to profit from it, it's not illegal.
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