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  1. even though this post is dying, and this is completely off subject, yes, if used correctly, I-IV-V-I is good music. in fact, if we take out the IV, the majority of western art music before 1908 can be summed up as short or long cycles that boil down to I-V-I. I think it is unfair to disregard the importance (and the wonderful qualities) of the simplest harmonies, because these are the harmonies that resonate with humanity most
  2. I have been composing for a while now, and I have actually been among the winners of a small international competition, so I'm not exactly new to ideas of theory or form, and I consider myself to be quite the decent contrapunt. These things being said, I use the software primarily to help me hear my ideas in a more concrete way than if I were just plunking it our on a piano and writing it down, i.e., it helps me to understand what kind of harmonies and contrapuntal lines I want and the direction in which i think they should go. I'm trying to distance myself from the technology, but that seems to be difficult for some reason. But thanks for the input
  3. Hey guys, this is my first post here, and I was wondering if you use Finale or Sibelius to compose, or if you just use your piano/ respective instrument. I am wondering because my composition teacher basically flipped out at me today for composing with notation software and told me I should distance myself from it, and this is very difficult for me for various reasons. Any insight would be helpful Like really, if anyone has any input, I'd love to hear. I spent about 6 hours today in a room with a piano and wouldn't come up with anything, went home feeling like I decided to go to school for the wrong thing. any input would be cool
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