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  1. yes, I love the celesta! I recently used it in my Music Box piece, but haven't in any larger orchestral works. I'd be interested to know a bit more about how it works. Apparently Yamaha is making ones now that have more dynamic flexibility, but beyond that I do not know much.

  2. I guess it's more a matter of the thing I'd most enjoy doing - I really love composing, and would just do it anyway, but in terms of a job, it would be the best one to go with - doing something I love doing. Out of all my options, all of them would probably pay poorly (or at least that's what I'd assume) - writer, photographer, singer, illustrator, costume designer... So obviously money is not an issue! If I wanted to get money, I'd definitely be smart enough to go for doctoring or law, but that's just not what I'm interested in. It's more in terms of reconciling what I love doing with what I should do as a job for practicality. So this would just give me a chance to explore composing on a much higher level. Mint! :D

  3. I love the Ever After soundtrack. So many beautiful sounds. And LOTR, and Star Wars :P, and Shrek, and Paycheck, and.... *gasp* Well let's just say I like a lot of soundtracks. There is this amazing period drama by the BBC called Little Dorrit (based on Charles Dickens, of course) which has really good music :). Plus Enchanted ;). They don't often pull off a modern-day musicals, especially concerning Disney princesses, but that one is good. Oh, and Patrick Doyle's Sense and Sensibiity. And... I think I'll stop here before I type your eyes off (metaphorically squeaking ;P).


    ~ KahliaSkye

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  4. Hey Everyone,

    This has been a long time in the woodwork, but recently I discovered that out of everything (and there were a lot of possibilities), I really want to become a film composer. I was wondering if anyone has any tips/advice on how to go about it. I'm in a pretty small country (New Zealand), and I'm not so sure how helpful a three-year course would be in really equipping me for this (time, money, and where I am in the world - we travel a lot - are also considerations), and whether I'd actually get a job at the end of it. So I would really appreciate your insights and experience on this.

    So fire away! :)

    Cheers, and thank you very much in advance!


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