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    Maybe it's the language or maybe Germans like to give fanciful names to things. For example, in the early days of electronic music there was a device generally known as a Frequency Shifter. Some called it a Single Sideband Generator instead. Germans (certainly Stockhausen) called it a Klangemwandler. Maybe that's an onomatopoeia word. 🙂
  2. I'm drawing a blank. Can you pin it down in terms of a genre that you think you may have stolen this from? An ensemble? A decade? A century? It sounds vaguely Elgarish to me.
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    It's pretty spiffy! But to make it more spiffy let me address only the production aspects. I would EQ some of that boom out of the bass (mostly in the beginning) and reduce the loud parts that seem jarring.Make the loudness more uniform throughout. Happy whaling!
  4. Not to put too fnie a point on it, but writing something that resembles a baroque piece might be something that I might do because I'm not a purist and not a stickler for accuaracy. But if you go to the trouble of learning the proper rules of form and counterpoint and then stick to it without exception and execute it as well as this - pretty much makes it the real thing. A small but important point imo.
  5. This is a very substantial work, not little at all! A flawless performance on what sounds like a real organ in a real room. Is this true? I was thinking that it must be very difficult to get a good legato when playing double stops on the organ. Often this is masked by the echoes in a large space, but this sounded a bit more non-legato, like how a pianist might interpret Bach. Was this intentional or was the room smallish? Thanks for sharing!
  6. I think you have a good ear for melody and a good feel for drama. And you've nailed these types of orchestrations instinctively. All good qualities. You should probably be taking piano lessons if you're not already. Maybe you can do this at a local college and that could be an 'in' for you to pursue further education. I will say that while you handled the clichés very well, college auditions for composition will require more. They have heard these things a hundred times and you will have to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Can you do it? Of course. I am guessing that you have the instincts to stand out if you are given some guidance. Find that piano teacher first. You won't be sorry. good luck!
  7. It's good. It doesn't sound like an elegy but it's good.🙂
  8. I second Pachelbel's damn Canon (talk about stretching your fifteen minutes of fame). Also I'm not too fond of Rap or Mariachi music.
  9. Arvo Part's music married to a seven hour film called 'Devil's Tango.' The video is only thirteen minutes long, the sum being much greater than its parts. It is almost indescribable in its beauty.
  10. It sounds like you manage a team of people that are not familiar with your libraries. Speaking as an individual I have wished for something like this, but after some time I became familiar to the point where I don't need such a system and it would have required a considerable amount of time to analyze and build and input - not to mention, maintain. It would be best spent just using the libraries until they are ingrained. Now, to serve a team, you will quickly find the shortcomings of Excel. is not a relational database management system, and your endeavor could become a full time job.. The Kontakt player has a Database tab, which I have never needed to use, and for the same reason: I'm just an individual. Have you looked into that?
  11. You know, Maggie, I've been thinking about what you said about rushing. I hear it now in several places where a cadence is not given its due. Christ ti's all over the place! Oh boy. Thank you for pointing that out to me.
  12. Thank you, Luis. It is more enjoyable if you take it as a whole. Although the music was written a year before the video was added. A recent trip to Wyoming inspired me to marry the two. People measure distance by the hundreds of miles out there. It's too big to express in a photograph, but adding music helps.
  13. I see what you're saying. I think we're talking about tiny amounts of time. Maybe a second or two. Not saying it wouldn't make a difference.
  14. I'm not sure the places you're talking about. Could you give me some @ tmes please. Thanks! Glad you liked it!
  15. I had taken my girlfriend to see Into The Woods when it first came out in New York. And it really stuck with me. It's the only Broadway show I have ever seen. But I thought what a fantastic art form where you can make people cry, and then turn on a dime and diffuse it with a laugh. He is a very generous man when it comes to talking about his work and he always approaches it in the most logical way possible, yet he is an artist the way he solves 'musical problems' is how he puts it.
  16. The only thing I've heard of Britten is The Young People's Guide which was featured in the film Moonrise Kingdom, a cool film. But this seems very appropriate for its stated goal. It has lots of drama with relatively straitforward harmonies and a good use of first inversion chords so that the bass players have something to do. And the persussion section. Really nice.
  17. Fair enough. I should have added - but practice is. If you don't mind me asking, are you in graduate school? Where?
  18. It would have been nice if you had stayed in. The site is only as good as its contributors.
  19. Ennui is rarely becoming for a composer.
  20. Very nice! It's almost perfect on its own, given the length. But even so you should give more attention to varying the harpsichord part. Not necessarily the lines, but maybe the volume and character because there are times when it is on its own and naked. It sounds like one of those things the composer left on auto pilot for too long and didn't think anyone else would notice.
  21. It's cool, it's got energy. It's just a little muddy and undefined in the low end.
  22. It's healthy and useful to compeete with others. But you can only compete with people you know, not phantom applicants. So don't worry about that. When you go for your interview and auditions, just be in the moment. Enjoy yourself. You deserve to be there because you have already reached a plateau by commiting yourself to a rigorous education that most people don't (and I assume you've convinced your parents of this and they were probably apprehensive.) It's going to be a heck of a lot of fun - even the nerves. Especially the nerves.
  23. The first bar is playable but it's awkward. One thing you might consider is transposing it so that the longest bass notes are on open strings, and keep this in mind as you go forward. That would make it more idiomatic for the guitar, and it would also free up the fingers for writing more complex melodies, if that's what you want to do.
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