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  1. Your observation about the dissonance is correct. I'm not following traditional common practice rules. So it opens up sounds and dissonances that are not possible using traditional rules.
  2. Hi, thanks for the kind words! If I know which moment you're referring to, the melody does have a little downward "tail" at the end of that phrase. As you said, it would be easier to express if I played it live.
  3. I wrote this piece using the fibonacci sequence. I'd love to get your feedback on it. I use an algorithmic approach for composing. The fibonacci phrase is repeated several times, in all four parts. In the lowest part, the note durations are are exactly twice as long.
  4. I wrote this as a short loop. It doesn't really have an ending. I hope it captures the uneasiness you might feel in a dark forest. I always compose using an algorithmic process. I hope you enjoy the results.
  5. Really captures the genre without sounding like a copy. Very fresh.
  6. I particularly like the introduction. Those rich chords are very interesting. I think the piece speaks very well, like it's having an important and sensitive conversation with me.
  7. I really like how you flow so easily from one texture to another. I think that could be hard to do. But you've done it well. And very calming to listen to.
  8. First of all, this is a great title. Captures the sound perfectly. And your work at the top of the keyboard is captivating. It held my attention throughout.
  9. That's beautiful how you combined two seemingly incompatible textures, 1) the fast run, and 2) the fourths, sometimes playing the fourths alone as chords, while alternating with the runs and and sometimes playing both textures at the same time. I liked the "fanale" at the end, with the triumphant chordal 4ths, decorated by the runs. Thank you for not playing it forte with lots of accents. Your more subdued presentation was nice.
  10. What a unique approach to figuration. I haven't heard anything like it before, and I find it refreshing. Then, I like how you really establish this approach you have, by transitioning, right around 43 seconds, to the B section, which "doubles down" on your interesting figuration. I also liked those deep, rich harmonies that happen right before you transition back to the A section.
  11. Hi Monarcheon, thanks so much for your brief analysis. I really want to know how people perceive my music. I'm not really using 12's or even thinking horizontally or vertically in the traditional sense, but I know there's going to be overlap between my method and other methods. Schoenberg was not my favorite composer, but I can understand how you would hear his approach in this piece.
  12. I enjoyed listening to this one. Free fugues (not strictly following traditional rules) are so pleasurable to listen to.
  13. I like it! Structured, but with some freedom.... interesting! I actually like the unorthodox ending.
  14. This stuff is so beautiful. The noteperformer performance is actually pretty good!
  15. This is the first time in a while that I've written something in swing rhythm specifically, but it seemed to call for it. It turned out to be a combo of contemporary/classical/jazz — I don't think there's a good label for it. I did use sacred geometry in this piece, which I'm doing all the time now, and seems to be working our pretty well. I'm open to any feedback or thoughts you have.
  16. I've been writing all my pieces using sacred geometry, and on this one, I tried something new. I'm still using the sacred geometry calculations, but instead of writing a melody, I just wanted to create a texture. I think it turned out well, although if I were to record it again, I would make the accents louder. It's the accents that shape the phrases. At any rate, I would love to hear any comments, feedback, constructive criticism on this piece.
  17. I generally don't mind dissonance, but in this piece, I don't hear the dissonance playing "through" any motif. If it is, I'm missing it. If I heard the dissonance flowing through a motif, it would have more meaning and be easier to accept. But overall, I like the piece.
  18. I've always enjoyed expressive two-part writing, so I loved that change in texture. A great effect, alternating between the two-part writing and the more choral-style writing. I like this piece very much.
  19. It sounds good. These days it's fine to have some dissonance and some unexpected sounds. Maybe we even expect to hear something unexpected, for variety if for no other reason.
  20. Regarding "the rules," my composition teacher told me the rules were written after these guys wrote the pieces. So, I always used that as my excuse to break them!
  21. This is lovely! Can you tell me what your software/video setup is? How did you produce this video? With regard to the harmonies, I thought they were fine, since this is a waltz, and so, in my opinion, it's the overall feeling and effect that's the most important - and the melody, which was pretty.
  22. Delghtful ! Thanks so much, I enjoyed listening.
  23. I see an overhead view, from a helicopter or drone, of a city at night, flying low over the tall buildings, with all the lights in the offices and from the car headlights. Scene-setting music. Of course others will hear something different. As always, feedback is welcomed.
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