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  1. Hey! Thanks for that. Yea, i considered writing in western style as its very true the instruments are kind of similar. But thanks for the references! Will definately check them out :D Ta!
  2. Hey Guys! One of my ambitious compositions at the moment is in response to a selection of Photographs from the exhibition LI ZHENSHENG (Red-color News Soldier). I of course would like to use a selection of chinese instruments (which will probably reduce the possibilities of a performance significantly) in the piece along with western instruments but actually have little or no clue on how to write for ethnic instruments. So I am asking two things: 1) Do you have any tips for composing for the Erhu, Zhonghu, Bawu or Guqin? 2) Know of any books that focus on composing for Chinese instruments? Any help would be greatly appreciated :) P.s. Yes, I know there is nothing better than actually working with the instrument itself...but...thats not possible for me.
  3. .........*pleading tone* PLEASE!!!! CHANGE THE TITLE OF THIS THREAD!!!!!!
  4. besides...i am trying to ground him in classical pianistic skills first! he is terrible at them.
  5. yea thats what i was gonna kind of do. in a way, i wouldnt be teaching him, but rather sitting down with him and figuring things out. jazz has a lot of personal flavour in it, and so we could even come up with our own style of jazz. i do agree with the 3 of you that said this is a method for disaster, but the financial situation his family is in would not allow him to get a professional jazz teacher. I charge 10 dollars AUD for a lesson for all my students. So that is why we are doing it this way.
  6. guys, i have the aebersold. its good. i love it.
  7. hmm yes, and a sample library greater than that given to me in Finale 2007... EWSSLQSLQSWWQWE would be good I think.
  8. I actually think i want something like this hahahaha. Its sooo crappily corny, but, like...something with drive...perhaps a little less OTT than this video. gosh its ridiculously corny. Hans Zimmer seems to write the same way...in every movie.
  9. ooo they are all very beautiful, thank you so much. The landini one is one i would prefer actually, though, better recorded. Its the drums that i want I think. Something to give drive. I think that probably movie music is what I'm after; movie music with a medieval 'flavour' to it. But yea, I know nothing too much about medieval and renaissance music. In regards to Orpheus: Medieval Sounding music is more what I want :)
  10. Hey, I am creating a medieval promotional video this sunday, and need some music I can use that is very medieval and braveheartish...so, very powerful stuff. Anyone know of any medieval pieces that would be perfect, powerful and choral? Or orchestra (ha, orchestra in the medieval ?) or yea...whatever? Any ideas?
  11. i still and forever will (until it's changed) hate the title of this thread. The grammar is shocking.
  12. ...ive ordered the aeborsold. stupid amazon. the 'used' ones dont ship to australia. I had to buy the most expensive one on the list! HOW CRAP?!?!?!?! Robin, your life is on the line :P It had better be good :laugh: i wont get it for about 30 days. although, i ordered martha argerich's evening talks which was supposed to arrive on september the 3rd...but instead, arrived on august the 11th. Which was exciting.
  13. thanks guys :) I was beginning to think that this thread was gonna slide down the forum like a little kid on a slippery dip.
  14. I have a piano student who wants me to teach him jazz...a style i love, but have no knowledge in whatsoever. Does anyone, and I mainly speak to Robin here, have recommendations on books that will teach jazz right from the basics, and eventually will allow us both to grow in the field of jazz. I know there is nothing like having a teacher to personally guide you, but, yea...thats not what I'm asking for a response on. Any ideas?
  15. i give up after about, 4 bars...my biggest problem is development.
  16. i wonder how beethoven and mozart coped? they didn't even have finale...
  17. I change my mind on anything I have said about female musicians. Sex has nothing to do with it. Lili Boulanger Nadia Boulanger two sisters with incredible biographies...and compositional abilities. Miriam Hyde (from what ive heard from her output, she is very very very good)...and shes australian :P I dont know any others, but I see that sex has nothing to do with anything... no...i dont want to debate with you.
  18. ...i just realised that I own a Walter Piston orchestration book. wow. im so excited :)
  19. if i had a choice...i would vote Epilepsy the best one ive listened to. Its awesome. [EDIT] I had epilepsy when i was younger...but luckily...it was benine.
  20. *awaits raising of eyebrows* to see eyebrows raised means nothing to me really. *not having a go at you Chicken* i offered my opinion on what the guy can do, with the hope that it is seen purely as my opinion. ill just shave them eyebrows off.
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