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  1. The score for this arrangement is not finished yet. But the original ( which is for piano solo ) is here. Thanks for all comments.
  2. Hi. This is a piece I've composed some time ago. The sample sound is not ok, but it may give some idea of the piece. Feedback is welcome.
  3. A songlike piece in a way of toccata.
  4. Thank you very much , Mark101, for your comments.
  5. A ciranda ( the name from a Brazilian style of music )
  6. Thank you Luis Hernández and Willibald for listening and commenting.
  7. Thank you Jack Spitz and aMusic Composer for listening and commenting.
  8. Thank you, very much, Luis, for, one more time, listen to and comment on my compositions. I appreciated that. Um abraço.
  9. A prelude from some time ago played by Anna Sutyagina.
  10. Thank you, again, Luis Hernandez, for listen and comment.
  11. Thank you, for listen and comment, Maarten Bauer. Right now I don't have a score with, let's say, everything in its right place, but I'll finalize it.
  12. This is very much the case in which the performance given by a actual ensemble instead of a sampler would make an absolutely radical difference. It's raw; not meaning lacking of something but for its direct approach. Those glissandi with a large ensemble would sound terrific.
  13. Thank you, very much, bassoongirl123, for listen and comment.
  14. Hi. I've just uploaded a better rendition of the piece. Um abraço.
  15. Hi. I've added a new central section and made some adjustments. I feel it's more complete now. Um abraço.
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