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  1. This is powerful and a bit sad. I love it. This is music my heart "understands",.... Thanks!
  2. This is hard to imagine. You are thinking counterpoint in terms of chords as the most important feature, not as melodic lines.
  3. Hi Maarten, I hope everythin's fine... I think Bach, seen after come centuries away, is the beginning of classical music. Before him, music was different (modal, darker, medieval). After him, many things happened. The greatness of Bach is the way he reaches total inspiration in a "constrained" language as counterpoint is. I also love his music, and Baroque in general.
  4. i love the music and the video itself.
  5. I love this piece. It's wonderful. The extensive use of fourths makes it exotic.
  6. This is a lovely piece. NIce to hear the bassoon as soloist.
  7. Good luck with this project!! This first piece is interesting, I like the harmonic changes in some places.
  8. I think it's very beautiful. Short enough to be interesting (because of the rhythm). I like the way you resolve the ending.
  9. Interesting. That's a classic point of view. In the jazz world 5ths are everywhere.
  10. It sounds nice. I'd lile to see the score. The harp is tricky....
  11. Thanks, I understand, I like to look for new harmonies. By the way, I bought the new CD with orchestral arrangements by Richard Carpenters himself. I love the Carpenters!!
  12. Beautiful. This music is warm, perhaps dark as ou said, but peaceful.
  13. Very beautiful piece. It seems technically quite difficult, not only because of the super-chords here and there, also because of some "conflicts" with de sustain pedal marks (in my opinion).
  14. Back to this piece... It's been a wonderfu experience to follow the score while listening to the music. It's like a big puzzle of sounds. I love the way you combina so many elements and sounds, and hoy sometimes you make the music very thin... Big work....
  15. Vaya se me pasó esto, pero lo he escuchado y visto hoy. Me parece un trabajo fascinante. Las texturas sonoras son casi visibles o palpables. Sory: I missed this piece. I went over it. It's an amazing work. The music texture is almost touchable.
  16. This is a delightful piece. Sure, it sounds lika an early baroque piece. Was this pizzicato effect used in those times?
  17. Thisis "trepidante" (fast-paced) and coherent about the orchestration. Very nice.
  18. Hi, beautiful counterpoint and melodies. I didn't looked all over the piece because it sounds nice. There is a moment, however, where the dissonance is evident (I would correct it): E above and D# below... Good work.
  19. Hi, nice fussion blues and whatever you use here. I love your conception of sounds...
  20. Nice work. It took me some time to listen to it as a whole. Evocative and beautiful in a classical language. Remarkable peaces such as #2, #3, #5 (to my taste).
  21. This is my version of this wonderful classic. Chord notation is omitted, it would surely be controversial 😁 We've only just begun.mp3We've only just begun.pdf
  22. Impressive piece and very nice sonorities. Sometimes tonally ambigous, wuich I ike as it is a way to create tension. I think technically is difficult, sometimes, perhaps not possible (bars 44-48).
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