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  1. For the most part, I thought it was a good composition. They were a few small moments where I thought the harmony felt a bit off. For example, in bar 44 the C# sounded like a wrong note; C# against D is a very strong dissonance - especially when compared to the harmony in the rest of the piece. I also think it would be nice to vary the crochet rhythm in the accompaniment as after a while I think it gets a little tiring. Even just changing it to minim, crochet, crochet like you have in bar 61.
  2. I enjoyed it. Good job getting a recording as well!
  3. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.
  4. Hi everyone, Just finished making the score video for a piece I wrote and thought I'd share it here. The piece is named after the first circle of hell in Dante's Inferno. Limbo is a sad place, without hope, but lacking the violence of the other levels of hell. The piece opens with a 20-note sequence which is repeated throughout the piece, representing the eternity of the afterlife. Hope you enjoy 🙂
  5. Glad you liked the piece! I’m gonna keep the piece short for now but I definitely should go back to it later and develop it a bit more. (I only composed it as I needed a break from a larger piece I’m writing.) 😄 It was alot of fun to write.
  6. Just a short, fun piece I wrote. https://youtu.be/i_g_6Rla2kA
  7. Ooo, dissonant counterpoint sounds interesting. I'll check it out. Thanks! 😄
  8. Some of you may remember that I tried to write a crab canon a while ago. During my family holiday, I decided to have another ago. I enjoyed writing it so much that I wrote another 4 canons to go along with it. I would have written a 6th one but I didn't have time to do so before submitting my composition portfolio for uni. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkZK1SM8trg
  9. Just a few observations. You could do with varying the rhythm more. The vast majority of the piece is either a run of crotchets or a run of semiquavers. By bar 10 I really wanted to hear something other than crotchets. Perhaps dotted crotchet, quaver, crotchet instead. Consider the contour of the melody. This resource should be useful. bar 25: it suddenly feels like a completely different piece. bar 28: the minim very abruptly kills all the energy which was built up in the preceding few bars Watch out with time signatures. bar 6 should be 3/4 then 2/4. This video should really help. Make sure that if something sounds like it should be on a downbeat then it actually is on the downbeat and adjust the time signatures according. For example, bar 13 should be 2/4 so that the D is on beat 1.
  10. The only reason I refer to the set by it's Forte number is that it makes a much better title. <1,0,2,1,1,1> doesn't really have the same ring to it. :) I haven't heard of Pas de Deux, I'll be sure to give it a listen/analysis.
  11. So a while ago, I came across pitch-class sets and decided to use a set (in this case, 4-18) as the basis for a piece. The '4-18 chord' is used throughout the piece and the complement of the set forms the scale used in the flute solo.
  12. Idk. Your post just reminded me of that quote.
  13. "Music is the space between the notes" Claude Debussy
  14. I do combine them at bar 19 but I definitely ought to combine them much more. Forgive me if I'm being stupid but aren't both the subjects minor? Surely, it's only the answer to the 2nd subject which is major? I agree. The only way I can think of describing it is as a binary form fugue but that definition has its own set of problems. I'll add much more material before bar 26 so that it can be a double fugue - that's probably a better solution. That's a fair point. However, I'm probably going to end up write a fugue in every key so one of them will have to be in D# minor anyway so I might as well make it this one. :D Thanks for your feedback! Thanks. I thought that it turned out quite well so I'll probably just turn it into a double fugue. I was pretty careful with parallels, obviously some must have slipped in :). Where did you see them?
  15. My first proper attempt at writing something baroquey. I was wondering, what's the best way to describe this piece, academically speaking. Fughetta, Fugue, Double Fugue, Counter fugue?
  16. Finally, I found a free evening to compose. :) Here's my piece:
  17. Here's my piece for the youngcomposers Theory 302 course. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzIBSqp3U1U
  18. Sounds great! I’d love to take part (assuming it’s not around exam time).
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