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  1. Hi Martim,

    Thank you very much for your compliments and feedback, it's really appreciated.

    Measures 10-11 vs. 13 are indeed a change of rythm which was done on purpose (the effect I was looking for was that of a bumpy stop). I am surprised you didn't mention measures 14-17, which seemed a bit off tracks to some listeners. I would be happy to hear your opinion about it?

    Kind regards


  2. Hi Adrian,

    thanks for the clarifications. Your point is very clear and makes a lot of sense. I have already started reworking the piece, and have put aside the transition material, which I will use in a later piece. In the meantime, I received other feedback from colleagues and friends who basically had a feeling of "complexity", that they somehow couldn't describe. Thanks to your clear analysis, I think I now see clearly what bothers them.

    Thanks Adrian, musically yours,


  3. Hi Adrian,

    About your comments:

    0. I didn't know whether the move starting at m. 29 was a good idea or not, now I have an honest opinion, very useful.

    1&2. I'll keep all that in mind when updating the score, thx for the expert advice

    3. I'm not sure I understood the Vespa story ;-) but I definitely understood your point about the not-so-appropriate transitional material. I'll give it a second try, following your advice, and use the "redundant material" in a new composition. Excellent feedback.

    I'll conclude by saying that I couldn't have dreamed of such a thorough analysis, I truly owe you one, so many many thanks to you, it will help me a great deal.


  4. Dear all,

    It's a long time since I last posted a composition. So, here is my 4th Fantasy, which reminds me of my youth, traveling in Asia.

    I'm very much looking forward to receiving some feedback: did you like it or not, any recommendations for future compositions? Any bits you didn't like at all?

    I realise the interpretation is not that of a professional, anyway, hope you'll enjoy listening to it!

    Kind regards,



    PS: if of any interest, the score is available at https://imslp.org/wiki/Fantaisie_No.4_(Piaser,_Julien)

  5. The first 2 pieces were rather simple, yet powerful and I could very well imagine how they could pay tribute to someone's departure.

    The 3rd piece had some interesting bits (e.g. some "debussy-like" harmonic alterations), but was somehow a bit too repetitive, especially at the end.

    Was it a recording ? (The execution was so perfect that I needed to ask the question)

    Many thx for sharing,


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