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  1. I'm really interested how my dude Messiaen used this in his works. i know he likes to stack chords on chords. but would like to know how it makes sense.
  2. Dear bkho, when you started the melody the first thing i thought about was pianist Tigran Hamasyan, he uses alot of grace note deco. ofcourse after listening to that man. i expected to hear different things. To be quite honest I think this is too classical for me to like. But i don't want to decourage you, (goddamnit moral dillemma.) let me end with something nice. Holland's women won the soccer world championship last year!
  3. Hello good composers! Before going into the topic, I think Messiaen describes the colours here very truthfully. When I'm making music I usually use some sort of structure or use chords I know will sound nice. In my head I'm humming along different voices. I do all this with feeling and emotion. But not with colour. Now I've seen the video above, and I think I have to reconsider my way. Do you compose/play with colours? For my and your interest in colours, I would like if you tell me which colours you see/hear with the folowing peice. Preludes pour piano(1929), Olivier Messiaen. I'm only talking about the first peice, you can hear from 00:00 to 02:00. My colourinterpretation. m1-3: the melody B is very orange, it's the 5th of E major, open sound. the topping chordal melody seem very cool, bluey. using mode of limited transposition 2. m4-6: The melody seems to get lost because it cant find an tonic, near the end it line out E major without the E. colour: magenta-grey. m7-8: Now we know we can't hope for the E major anymore. the story continues on a different path. colour: white glissandoing to purple. m9: the painful sound middle way up the measure would be a sharp, bright blood red, going back to the white-purple at the end of this measure. m10-11: the pain is still visible, so this has red but more opaque, smeared down. building back to the orange from m12, we can see a transition color in m11 consisting of white, orange and a little green. m12-19: the colours are the same as they repeat but this makes it also more easy to go through. I think the repetition factor makes this part less heavy. m20: purple. m21: I hear some greenery in this measure. m22-23: Very warm chord, definetly an orange. the minor 14th melody sounds disattached, two colours who marry an contrasting colour: black-pink Please share your colours, if you have any!
  4. Exactly what I"ve been waiting for, thank you luis!
  5. Messiaen Messiaen Messiaen. Anything related to his music would be good for me to learn.
  6. Someone please do an class on the compositional agents Olivier Messiaen used!
  7. I would like an weekly or bi-weekly young-composer lesson. Where an more seasoned composer gives an assignment to youngster composers to make certain musical forms or musical excersizes in certain scales. Things we can get wiser by. and provide an lesson. I would sign up for this. Interactive would be nicer, then just reading the lesson. Greetings
  8. CanI just say that when I got into jazz only a couple of weeks, i was listening to B.B. King and soul/ Blues music, just trying every music outlet to find new styles and ways of playing musicinto my head. Suddenly after 2 weeks of searching, I found my first jam! The man is Thierry Maillard. He is an French pianist/composeur, and I digged his style. Right now this man is making orchestal music. but I still remember him for this kind of music.
  9. Yes! heard this on radio wgbo it's like a really new way of playing the jazz, with much more hymn feeling than I have ever heard in the genre.
  10. Ik proef echt de vorming van ijskristallen in dit stuk! erg interessant en de moeite waard!
  11. I am not sure if you're an internet troll or an serious person, I read some of your posts and its very unclear to me!
  12. Maalouf is basicly an super rock star! he even made an rock album. But i still prefer his jazz albums. As for jazz radio, i listen to the jazz bee on wbgo.net! *edit .net instead of .com
  13. @bassoongirl123@LostSamurai@JoeViola@Maarten Bauer okay guys, because now we have a lot of participants, The way we are going to manage to all work on the piece, is by using the same programs, For score and sound we will use Musescore 2: download here: https://musescore.org/ I hope you can all figure out how the program works, if you have questions, ask me I know the program very well. For sending the musescore file to eachother we can all use One Drive, I will make it so we can only post new scores, so we can keep track of how the peice has developed.: https://onedrive.live.com/ Please send me an private message with your email, and I will add you to the OneDrive I think the most interesting way to do the composing part is when an person can only touch his own instrument's score. ofcourse, copying lines is allowed to make for some unison! Greetings, take care.
  14. I listened to Ibrahim Maalouf's album Wind today! absolutely fantastic, uses contemporary classical piano licks. It's an tribute to Miles Davis, I would say to the Kind of Blue album. Lots of camel blue tone colours.(yes the cigarets pack) This was my favourite one!
  15. Let out all your emotion for the audience to see while you're doing this sick jackass-based performance. Don't forget to record it!
  16. Namasté Samurai, I made the first 16 bars of our collab, and set out the beginning of the next few bars where the violin begins. I hope you can hear some nice lines for your instrument. it's over an calm setting. Can i have your email, so I can send the files in OneDrive. Good luck on your part!
  17. I have fl 9, but I don't really know how it works.
  18. Hello composers, I and @LostSamurai want to make an collaborative peice. the rules are -1 instrument per person. -Must be done in Musescore 2. So, the bigger the composerpool, the bigger the playerpool. please state the instrument you wish to compose for below, then we can set this up. Takadimi, Casper
  19. it's not populair, so it's not pop!
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