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  1. I'm in for whatever role is most needed, judge or composer
  2. I'll judge 😁😁😁 Or compose, if there are plenty of judges?
  3. Loved it! I agree it's an unusual instrumentation, but I love it so I'll definitely have to try it sometime. Good composition, bummer you couldn't finish it 🙂 Congrats on fatherhood, btw Gustav
  4. I LOVE THIS GENRE OF MUSIC! I listen to this stuff all the time, so I can't wait to get into it. So far so good. I love the string entrance at 0:50! Something about the piano "smacks" seem a little strange to me. Are they being sent to the reverb? Maybe they feel dry to me... IDK. awesome synth at 1:50. Maybe build that phrase to the end of it. The synths you have going at the drop (2:30) are super well done. I found myself wanting more of a volume build going into, though, like how they BLAST our ear drums on the radio or with trailer soundtracks. Nice "siren" synth in the background around 3:00-3:30, I like how it never really settles into key or anything, a nice touch. More electronics to balance the strings and brass? BIGGER drums?!? Especially the snare, I really want that to punch through. Your best moment of drums starts at 4:14. Everything there could probably be more articulate. I haven't the foggiest how you'd accomplish that, since I don't have good sound libraries... I'd just tell my strings to dig into their strings more aggressively, but computers don't understand that haha. A great track! Really the things I mentioned are opinions more than anything. Great! Gustav
  5. I'm having a hard time following the motives, sadly, but I think that's because I'm not used to analyzing music in this style and I'm not the world's greatest music theorist... 😞 But I did enjoy it! 🙂 Definitely an engaging piece to listen to. Gustav
  6. Hey guys! First, BIG thanks for your comments! I worked for more days than I expected to revise this sketch, here's the final product: (pdf should be attached also)
  7. Thanks that guy 🙂 still working on it, more to come as I progress haha
  8. Thanks morgri! This was a brainstorming exercise in AB form, just to get me out of a slump since I haven't composed in a couple months 😞 thanks for the feedback, I'm working on tuning up the piece and I'll keep your thoughts in mind as I work 😁
  9. Hot dang! I'm glad you're on the road to recovery, hope you stay well
  10. Thanks yall 🙂 Monarcheon thanks for the tips I'll see if I can puzzle out that transition especially! P.s. Luis did I hear something about you being sick recently?
  11. Hi! For solo piano, based on two children's melodies (I bet you'll never guess 'em... 😜 haha). Thoughts about improvements are super welcome! (PDF included) #GettingBackToMusic
  12. I love the experiment. It's especially helpful to me to hear the same theme in different modes right next to each other, as I play with re-moding melodies all the time. The one thing I wish was different was that the everything felt very measured, meaning the harmonic changes were always symmetrical and predictable. Don't be afraid to extend or shorten part of a phrase within your theme to keep the momentum from growing stagnant. A good exercise 🙂 Also decent work with the DAW 🙂 Gustav
  13. Love it 😄 The ending was unexpected, didn't feel quite final. Not bad by any means, just unexpected! I love that this is sort of a play on a piano trio (violin, cello, piano). I'll have to try this instrumentation sometime. Gustav
  14. I quite enjoyed it! I think each part works really well with itself, but sometimes things feel funky between parts, almost as if there was an unintentional dissonance for the sake of keeping the line as intended rather than adjusting to suit the moment. Sorry that's kinda vague! 😕 Anyway, I do quite like it! Gustav
  15. Nice! Hope to see more from you 🙂 Gustav
  16. Can't say it's my favorite, but it's decent. How do you feel about it? It feels like it's ... missing something? I mean, if the song is about suicide by jumping (which I gather from the lyrics, lol), then there could be a more definite sense of struggle - "I'm jumping!" vs. "I can't", you know? You definitely capture uncertainty, for sure 🙂 Not sure what I'd change, but I'd keep plugging away at it because I think you're on the right track for the piece. Keep it up! Gustav
  17. I agree that having something to help drive the momentum (i.e. strumming guitar, arpeggiating harp, etc.) would be nice! You could also experiment with playing the melody on different instruments, and re-orchestrating the chords, things like that. Or depending on how true you want to be to the original, you could use the theme more as a jumping off point and really develop it into new ideas. Keep working! Gustav
  18. Thanks Monarcheon 🙂 How are you doing? Y'all on stay-at-home order right now?
  19. A great composition! How would you create the microtones on a fixed pitch instrument like piano?
  20. When listening parts of it felt as if they were in 3/4 meter, the notation is all in 4/4. I love the contrast between the forte and piano sections! It reminds me of Debussy for some odd reason, not sure why. Welcome to the forum! Gustav
  21. I like it! A little disjointed, and some strange notation of accidentals (i.e. A sharp and Bb at the same time in piano), but the ideas have potential 🙂 Gustav
  22. Made this today in about an hour. School is cancelled for my state until the end of March, so I have some unexpected free time on my hands and figured I'd give a shot at recording my guitar and amp. I don't have the best equipment, but I try to make the best of what I have. Anyone know how to get rid of the microphone hissing at the beginning other than turning the amp volume up? Thanks!!
  23. Good work being faithful to the original backgrounds/melodies/etc. The sounds were a little on the bright side for me, I could have used something more mellow, with fewer high frequencies. Also be careful of balancing your parts, make sure the main thing stays the main thing. That's the main thing. hehe. 😄 I should do more remixing and covers of songs, it's useful as a practice tool. Keep up the good work! And keep sharing/etc. Gustav 🙂
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