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  1. There are a number of moments which are a bit unclear from the orchestra -- the rehearsal time we had on this piece was barely enough to make it work at all, to be honest. A number of woodwind and brass moments which either weren't played particularly loudly or might have been missed entirely by an inattentive/lost player. If you listen really carefully you may be able to pick some of them out, though I'm not entirely convinced they did all happen. That's part of why I made the orchestral parts as simple as possible -- it's a high school orchestra, and if you make the parts too interesting, you just make available more ways to go wrong. That, and I was also going for a very Paganini-esque style, and his orchestral parts aren't particularly exciting, either.
  2. This is a performance I just gave of the piece with my high school orchestra: And the obligatory score (just a piano reduction because it's easier to read) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/166yyh__ZEkvhzNKS5EgaMJU7CSHu5LyE/view
  3. I arranged this (with permission) from a piece a friend of mine wrote for solo piano.
  4. I wrote this a few years ago and I still think it's one of my best works. I initially planned on writing a symphony, but I ran into writers block during the 2nd movement and decided to just release movement 1 as a standalone overture. (I eventually did complete a full 4-movement symphony a few months ago, but not based at all on this material, nor in the same key.)
  5. I composed this little rondo for solo piano. It has intentionally simplistic harmony and starts quietly and plainly, but by the end it's fiery and dramatic. It is in the form A-B-A-C-A-Coda.
  6. I used Finale, plus the included Garritan sounds. The instrumentation is 3-3-3-2/4-2-3-1/Timpani/Strings.
  7. I do write in Finale, but I figured putting a several-dozen-staff score on screen probably would make it impossible to read. I used graphical score because I felt it would condense the information and be easier to understand. I don't know about you, but I've been a huge fan of Stephen Malinowski's (smalin) graphical scores for years.
  8. I ended in F# minor because based on what I've seen, every time liberty is reclaimed, it slips away again. I'm getting a bit political here, but that's my perspective, and that's why I ended it pessimistically. Thanks for the specific feedback -- I that lets me know you listened to the whole thing, which definitely makes me happy. :) I'm still working on my harmony and development skills.
  9. My first attempt at a symphony, as well as my first post on this site. Hello everyone! It's only about 21 minutes -- I'm definitely not yet at the skill level required to write an hour-long piece -- but it does qualify as a four-movement symphony. This took me about 5 months to write from beginning to end. The last movement borrows no less than 4 different themes, all from different works. Three of these are somewhat obscure national anthems; the other I think you'll have no trouble recognizing.
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