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  1. Thanks, glad you liked it. Yeah her voice was a vst.
  2. Hip-Hop was my first love. It was how I ventured into music. I'm also an advocate at mixing as well (in fact, I'd say I am better at mixing than rapping.) But so far, your song was mixed together well I'd say. In my opinion, a female's voice will always be higher pitched than a male, so I would cut out any unwanted bass frequency that will live in the recording to make her voice more clear. Otherwise, the unwanted noise will put a stamp on the overall quality. Your sister's voice is perfect. It didn't take over the volume of your voice, and it was low enough so the beat took priority. This was put together well. Great job!
  3. Oh wow. Thanks guys! I'll keep those things in mind the next time! I was totally unaware that guitar players wrote in bars. I thought that was only for vocals.
  4. Trying to gather a few tracks I've posted before all in one playlist. Does anyone have any advice for lead?
  5. Personally, Radio Relish didn't get me to Bob my head as it played - too many ideas. It sounded like several ideas you had for beats all put in one. However, I loved it when the samples came in later on. Although, the samples seemed like one huge intro. Will listen to the rest soon.
  6. Found this sweet backing track on Youtube. I just had to jam over it. I named it Ninja Blade because it has a anime theme to it lol. I love it. Wouldn't call better than Seismic Melody but I'll say this a close second. I played lead here and also some suspended chords. Also, to clarify (and this unrelated to the topic) I've had a couple of people ask if I still did orchestral composing. Answer is, I do but I'm just taking a break from that.
  7. I purchased a new interface for my computer and this is the very first, fully structured guitar track I've made using it. It's the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface. I've never mixed and mastered a track recorded from an interface before, so I'm not sure how well the quality is...but from you guys reviews it'll help in the future.
  8. Thanks Luis. As usual, I have no idea what dissonances are. I just played. It's great to know someone enjoyed it, because as the composer, I hate it lol.
  9. Just finished a guitar track. I think it's in C# Minor - my guitar was tuned in C#. Forget what scale I used. Anyway, it was just something I messed around with. Mainly ideas thrown together over a central melody/rhythm I found on YouTube.
  10. I wouldn't say you missed any notes because only you know what notes should go where. I think the notes are fine, if you to change up your chords or switch to a different key and back it'll give your music diversity.
  11. I think this is the best one you've made so far. I like the grand gesture, your brass, and piano sections. I can't get over the fact that your chords are repeatedly being used over and over. It didn't sound so bad in the end but the build up was a bit boring.
  12. Know the feeling you get when you try and swallow your fear and go over to the lady at the bar asking her for a dance? That's the feeling I get...until around 1:20 or so. It's very jazzy yet very creepy. I've never heard of such a mixture before. It is very unique in its own right and I think this could possibly spark a new genre of music. Can't wait to hear it when it's full and complete; you're adding more to it? This...strikes my curiosity ten fold though I am at a loss of words at the moment.
  13. This track is expressing my guilt mainly to my peers whom I've done and said things to that were out of line. Almost went into tears recording this. I think out of all the music I've uploaded to this site, this one came from my heart and soul the most.
  14. Thanks for listening! Glad you enjoyed it!
  15. I really enjoyed hearing this. In the beginning it struggled to keep me interested at first, I guess since the introduction played longer than I was expecting, which isn't necessarily a bad thing just a personal preference of mine to see introductions shortened but it works well here. The piece is a wonderful balance between sounds of war and peace that was done very well. It wasn't too blatant and wasn't too soft either. Nicely done. When the choir came in the thing that first popped into my head was the God of War theme which I love! I couldn't help but bob my head to it as it had a smooth rhythm/hip-hop vibe mixed with epic war music. VERY GOOD. Great work with the string and brass instruments. They complimented each other well; counter-point was written splendidly. This would be great for a action scene in a film. Keep up the great work!
  16. I don't know much about Electronic but I can't help but get a subtle feeling that there are parts in here that doesn't fit altogether as a cohesive piece. Introducing new themes and adding some variation on those are fine, but I think in here they happen too abruptly and there's no real easy transition into the rhythmn changes to introduce those changes better. It sounds marvelous don't get me wrong but I was caught off guard too many times with the sudden transitions. I think if you can work on mending your transitions more closely, everything will sound a lot better.
  17. For a novice, these are not bad at all. They all have a grand plan in mind. Twin Shadows begins in a very interesting way and the percussion was done well I think. They could develop the melodies more though. You definitely have a great sense of what makes a score sound epic but it seems the only thing you lack really various ways to introduce and develop melodies. You developed a great theme in the third one but it needed to be built on and needed some variation. Using the same chords over and over makes a piece boring. Change up your chord progressions and use both major and minor respectively in that sense, switch keys etc. In time though I can tell you're going to be an amazing composer. Also, your music has great sound quality.
  18. For the final section I was actually thinking about leaving out the main riff and add in suspended chords. However, the more I attempted to record the suspended chords the more awful the quality sounded; suspended chords has a unique sound different than a regular chord that didn't match my current guitar recording equipment. I just scrapped it and slapped the main riff in there.
  19. Decided to record some lead guitar while thinking of ideas for my next score. It's in the key of C#m, which I love the most. Added some pinch harmonics and a short guitar solo. Feedback is always welcomed. Headphones recommended for better sound. Hope you guys enjoy!
  20. I came to that conclusion by getting into a battle in FFXV and I had the original Hellfire play during the confrontation, then afterwards I had your version play. And your version made the battles feel more epic...so yeah. Ever thought about composing for mainstream video games? In my opinion your version induces certain feelings that can make a player stand on their toes when in a boss battle. Feelings that consist of fear, hopelessness, creepiness, and that feeling you get when you know you're going to die but you won't go down without swinging. I mean, you just created a VERY good piece, just accept the fact bro lol. To be honest, I think your piece should be Ifrits' main theme instead of the one they have on the FFXV soundtrack. That's just my opinion. So yes, regarding Hellfire, you actually outdid Yoko Shimomura. Seriously, watch this battle with Ifrit, mute it, and have your version play over it...it fits so perfectly:
  21. Ludeart, I listen to your music all the time but I never give my own review on it since your expertise is levels higher than mine. I did enjoy listening to this very much.
  22. I think it's common to have the bass sustain notes; only play the root note of a chord and sustain it. With a cello, I consider those to be what *moves* a piece along but not necessarily play the melody; that subtle instrument that's kinda like the back wheels of a car. Sustaining both cello and bass throughout will sound weird as both instruments have a lot of bass in it. I would have the cello play it's own lines as you would a melody, then build a main theme on top of it.
  23. It sounds nice and when I thought there was a build up to something grand...the piece came to an end. In your tags, you put down film...I didn't hear much film in there. Overall, I do hear the holiday feel you wanted to show. I don't have much to say about the chords you used. I just think this needs to be longer.
  24. Very unique. I am able to gather many different colorful images as I listen to it. When the organ or electric piano come in, it sounded a bit unexpected but wasn't too much out of place. This piece seems to have many types of ideas meld into one, instead of sounding like one whole coherent piece. What this piece does though is keep me interested. I love your percussion work, especially your drums at the end. Good job.
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