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  1. Hello, this time is very short piece made for personal promo medley (special for clients to show my skills). I wanted to achieve kind of dynamic orchestra, ofcourse inspired by style of our Papa Williams and his 'Star Wars' I'm very excited - what do you think about orchestration and composition! <3 :) SoundCloud link >> Pilot One (short version) <<<
  2. Thank You Saigen for you opinion, I'm glad you like it! :) Monarcheon, I'm always shocked, how much knowledge you have, hearing and how good you can feel every little detail. Thank You so much for this feedback, every time I put something here i got learned as never. Thank You :)
  3. Hello :) After little pause I would like you to invite in two stories inspired by The Elder Scrolls game series lore. Enjoy, friends :) PS. The music in Youtube has included quiet atmosphere sounds, just to increase immerse of listening. Youtube link - Pinefrost Tower First is about old imperial tower, which is ruined by now. But i wanted to show its majestic in 'gold era'. Youtube link - Yngol's Doom Second one is more complex, that include mythological warrior persons, sea of ghosts and drama.
  4. Beautiful harmony! I see a good inspire from original 'Journey' game - but you've got amazing sense of athmosphere here too! With this drone tone - i can tell you, will be better if this will be much more organic, with some changes in it - even the simplest volume level or expression. Just to feel, that this breathe and is more natural. Next thing is about technical problem, that is too much dry for me. Little bit of simple plate reveerb will be best to use here! And everything will be lovely to hear! But good work Peter!
  5. Hi :D Here i've got something with athmosphere of virgin valley. I wanted to has it as a short intro, like exploration suite in the game. Some kind of stronger ambient, but the main target was to achieve emotional aura and feeling of this beautiful land. I'm very interesting about your opinion with this super-easy short arrangement, melody and harmony. :) Hope You like it! >> Youtube - Primeval Valley <<
  6. The intro is for me too long, but has nice athmosphere in this. After that, when brass ostinato comes in and legato strings - it's too far away (I mean - all is in big reeverb and has bad balance with main melody. This seems a little bit chaotic). But i like this simple structure and melody - works well and achieves good sense of a story. Has a good feeling with overcoming storm and in the end only this sense of story matters :) Good luck!
  7. I think is too much compressed and it has no dynamic with instruments. All is on the front and attacks the listener. So sad - becouse I hear nice use of solo violin and satisfying texture.
  8. Thank You so much Maarten for Your opinion and listening! Yes, I use exactly - FL Studio, this program give me such of a high technology and better control of virtual orchestra, than a notation program. It's awesome, what can you achieve with programs like this! :)
  9. Today the world and story inspired by the art and in the same time - by anime movie called Akira. My main problem here - was this part with large orchestra, strings, brasses and drums. My orchestration here is very weak - can You advice me something?Enjoy : ) >> YOUTUBE LINK - Sylvester G. Faustmann - The Awakening of Power << Inspiration:
  10. Thank You very much Monarcheon! I didn't expect that kind of problems, except this ostinatos, that become my biggest here. You're completly right. And this middle part of piece, with pauses etc. I will study there much, much more, to become better with time. Thank You again for listening and helpful lesson :)
  11. The World inspired by Roberto Gatto. When I found this beautiful art and story behind it - I decided to going further with this suggestion - to create this world with my own language.Little bit of Skyrim? Yes, I placed something similar of Mr. Jeremy Soule's style - relaxing, peaceful and emotional orchestral ambient. Much, much of flows and delight touch to instrumentals. All drowned in deep reverb. Hope You like it!Enjoy : ) >> Youtube | S.G. Faustmann - The Snow of Fáwëndor << Inspiration:
  12. So much thank You guys! It's a big pleasure for me.
  13. Inspired by the rumor from games industry, that my national company CD Project will do with Piranha Bytes new Gothic game - i decided to play with my toys and create an exploration music. It's more intense, less ambience, but still climate... but this, please judge by Yourself guys :) Enjoy <3 >> S.G. Faustmann - Myrtana's Land SOUNDCLOUD << Inspiration:
  14. It's very good counterpoint :) Harmonic bought me at the first place, and this legato part in the end.... ohhh :) Great job!
  15. Thank You very much for your feedback and listening. You've got excellent ears and experience on writing emotions guys. It's much to learn for me :)
  16. Hello, i haven't put something here in a long time. So now i introduce to You orchestral fanmade score for project of cinematic book called - 'Brimstone - The Demon Within'. My inspiration was from Concept Art from this project... amazing digital painting. Hope You enjoy this dark, mysterious travel to The Brimstone, >> S.G. Faustmann - The Brimstone Mist (SOUNDCLOUD) <<
  17. 2 months? It's good like for this time! You must have great mindset to do such this composition. Ofcourse it's very minimalistic and not perfect, fulfillment, much emotional etc. but this simplicity and harmony is good, orchestration is nice leaded. But arrangement just starts boring in half way, the war drums are beating the same from the begining with the same velocity. The power of brasses just can keep through all and give much more potential to epicness. But still love your idea of it. Keep it up, it's nice! :)
  18. I like the rythm! It's cool. But the best for me is consistent history behind the harmony and melodies... My imagine just working itself with this piece. Good work! If mix was as good as your composition, this will be Great, with major G - Great piece! Happy new Year :)
  19. Hi ! :) I ended one of my biggest project at the time. I invite You to the world of fable, dance and magic. Hope to a critic/feedback from You <3 My inspiration was the Concept Art/Painting, which i look at it - the history shows me and music comes itself. Enjoy. Soundcloud - S.G. Faustmann - Magic Waltz in the Library Inspiration:
  20. So much thank You for all comment. Dchrisanthako - I understand, will remember next time about it! :) SebastianViola - Thank You, it's true, but it was mentioned by me. I heard somewhere this quote 'When you don't give a fllfillment on emotions in piece, people will be much hungry to it, and will click much more replay button' :D Hope it works like this.
  21. So much passion in it! Arrangment is also great, this timpanis rolls are perfect. Harmony is beautiful and give very good sensations. Meaby there are parts, when brass are too loud and too much in the front of all instruments and it's a little disturbing, but very little little :D Except of this, it's very good. I wish to hear it in real <3
  22. Ohh, it is a nice tango! Very smooth and clean sound. I can feel many emotions and it's very pleasant. I think only, that the ending need more tension before break and composition have not enough bass frequencies. This low cello section or even a double-bass, could give a much, much more energy through your piece. I really like it!
  23. Very useful feedback Monarcheon - I'm really grateful! Thank You.
  24. Hello, after my introduce I think the best way to know You is to getting honest feedback and critic from You The piece is about lovers at battlefield. Their life are going to the end, and only hope is when one of them will sacrifice to help the second one. Enjoy :) Soundcloud - Love at War
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