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  1. I've already tried checking multiple items. While I get options, I see no option to unfollow.
  2. Hi everyone, I'd like to see an option to unfollow multiple items at once in the "manage followed content" section. Can this be implemented? Thanks.
  3. Lovely, calm piece. Well-written. Love the harmonies and textures. I think it could tell a wonderful story.
  4. Feel free to post some string compositions, and we can tell you if something doesn't work. Also, the Young Composrs wiki has some information on your questions..
  5. Can you be more specific about your question? An F5 isn't considered super high for a viola. In fact, the viola has a range of at least 3 and a half octaves.
  6. Could you post a picture about your first question? I seem to have trouble understanding it.
  7. Cool piece. Well written (at least in my opinion). The fast movements remind me of Spanish dance music. Free tonality for sure. Awesome job!
  8. The seventh chords are cool. 0:15: D instead of C# celo part, bass should resolve (cadence) 0:19: viola shouldn't play in unison with cello, C# preferred 0:25: unnecessarily large leap in cello part 0:28: cello doesn't need to drop out here 0:31: diminished triad, replace, inappropriate 1:14: weird chord, especially the G#, needs replacing 1:19: awkward 7th leap in top voice 1:22: weird progression, needs replacing 1:36: awkward progression, it's the inverted diminished triad 2:9: cello should resolve to D before dropping out 2:16: would be nice if ending onc rot position triad End on tonic.
  9. Exemplary concert band piece. Love the variety in material. Well written, structured and orchestrated. Very impressive.
  10. Cool piece. Interesting mix of classical and modern elements. I find the opening motif quite playful. The only harmonic thing that through me off was a progression that seemed like the root position of a diminished triad in the first few repetitions of the opening motif. A dominant 7th, root or inverted, or first inversion diminished triad would work better. Despite the presence of both major/minor and free tonality, I felt that the diminished 7th triad didn't fit in the more major/minor tonality sections. Otherwise, amazing piece.
  11. Beautiful piece. You could've added some different themes in the middle. Otherwise, great job.
  12. If I were to write something that totally breaks classical rules, which is totally fine, I'd use way more dissonant harmonies than you used in this piece. Although cinematic music is considered "modern", composers still tend to follow classical harmonic structures. I personally felt that you were heading for classical harmonies because you followed most rules. The reason why I felt that the progression I was referring to is "inappropriate" is because in classical harmony, tonic minor triads are almost never followed by supertonic minor triads, since it sounds weird.
  13. While I agree that music doesn't always have to follow a set of rules, you seem to be heading for a classical harmonic style. The C# minor triad is considered inappropriate in this context if you're heading for classical harmony, for example. If you are heading for free tonality, atonality and similar, I wouldn't be advising you on what progressions to use. If you are heading for a more freely-tonal approach to harmony in this piece, I'll take back what I said. However, I wasn't convinced that you were heading in that direction.
  14. Nice concert piece. Well-orchestrated. Some issues with harmony: 0:6: use E minor triad instead of C# minor triad 0:18: melodic resolution missing The sudden slowdown for theme 2 threw me off a bit. 2:4: bass note should be F# instead of A## You can add other themes with vastly different material, unless you are doing theme and variations, which I don't think is the case.
  15. Great piece. Well-written. I love the beautiful melodies. It's full of energy and momentum. It kind of reminds me of a monkey swinging from tree branch to tree branch, just like a trapeze. I think there could've been a few more notes in the left hand arpeggios at 2:20 to keep the motion going. Otherwise, great job.
  16. It's good as is if you want to use it for background purposes, which I think is the intent looking at the music alone. Cool sound effects.
  17. Nice classical-style piece. Harmny is generally good with some issues. 0:18 and similar spots: use first inversion instead of root position 1:33 and other similar spots: The second violin should play Ab while the viola should play Bb, sounds better 2:21: pause too long, fill it in a bit I felt that the first movement lacked a development and the theme stuff was repeated too many times. 7:33 and similar spots: the cello part should play D3, Eb3, Bb2 and Eb3 (in that order) instead of F3, G3, Ab3 and G3 (in similar spots, you may have to transpose listed notes down an octave) 8:3 and similar spots: no need to change to first inversion here 8:21: middle C should preferrably be Bb, it's the one just before the chord with F in the bass 8:26: no need for the viola part to move from Bb to C to D, just stick with Bb 8:28: F instead of Eb in cello part 8:42: after Ab in violin 1, there should be an F, then Eb (F was missing) 8:51 and similar spots: F instead of Ab, viola part 9:2: third of Bb dominant 7th missing in harmony parts (I'd rather you omit the fifth) 9:59: violin 1 should fill pauses with 16th notes 10:1: second violin should harmonize first violin with 3rds instead of what's currently written 10:5: Ab doesn't fit, a typo, probably 10:38: G missing Cello should end 3rd movement with Eb3 Bb2 Eb2 instead of just Eb2. The 4th movement should start with more motion to make it sound like a more appealing finale movement. 12:26: the previous figure should repeat 2 instead of 3 times Extent the coda and make it more exciting.
  18. Lovely piece. It has quite a nice singing quality to it. It's quite classical in terms of tonality. I think it would be better to end in the home key of A-flat major. Otherwise, great job.
  19. Cool piece. Cool rhythms. Contemporary in nature. Free tonality. The melody should resolve at 3:00. The faster, more upbeat portion can return at the end. It sounds kind of incomplete. Otherwise, awesome job!
  20. Cool piece. Very modern harmonies (free tonality). The motion increases as the piece progresses. The ending could be extended to be less abrupt. Otherwise, lovely job.
  21. What each person considers "catchy" is different. My advice is to share some of your stuff on this site and see what we composers say.
  22. Cool set of what seems to be two pieces. The motion is quite slow. I think these movements are great background pieces. Great work!
  23. Cool modern miniature piece. Well written. Free tonality and modern harmony. Great job!
  24. Nice piece. Well-orchestrated. At the beginning of the piece and when that same sort of thing reoccurs, avoid inverted chords and use rot-position ones instead. The theme melody can use some variation.
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