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  1. My entree for the Spitfire Audio competition. For this competition we have to score some nasa visuals with a pre-picked synth. If you enjoy make sure to support!
  2. Hi there! Lately I've been experimenting with all sorts of micro-tonalities. I'd like to share a piece made in 31-tone equal temperament. 31 EDO or TET has a pretty strong harmony, a lot of intervals are actually more pure than 12-tone. But it also has lots of weird/freaky/out-of-the-box options. Very interesting to play around with. The track ís unorthodox, so brace yourself haha. Peace.
  3. benyamind

    For You

    Whatsup everyone! Been indulging in a bit of chillout lately, like to share a song I've made with some rhodes, trumpet, brass, guitar, wavy pads and some singing! Hope you like it. Peace.
  4. Haha nice one. Yeah it's fun to experiment with and it's also a freaky thing of nature. 🙂 The hardest part is unlocking access, getting them louder just takes a bit of time. I can get overtones on any fundamental but controlling them using melodies for the roots is next level (see vid below). Last year I've been researching a lot on stuff like overtones and tuning, and I've started to write orchestral in just intonation (as just tuning aligns with the natural overtone series). A home chord never felt so good haha. It's not strange because the minor third we use in our current western tuning is almost 16cents flat for example. Just intonation is life changing. Not because what we use now is 'wrong', but it isn't actual harmony. What a mindblowing thing it was to find out that 99.9 percent of western music never generates actual harmony except for the octave. Even the fifth is 2cents off.
  5. Hey, cheers for checking it out! I agree the ending is a bit out of place, kinda liked that though haha. It modulates so that might be the reason. Yeah the final chord has overtones, I sang it poly-phonically. A weird little thing I thaught myself.
  6. Hey whatsup everyone! Hope everyone is doing ok. Been a while since I wrapped up a track and this one was just sitting there collecting dust. Hope you'd have a listen! As always, peace.
  7. I feel you on that one yeah! I often modulate way outside of the key but here I just stay in key and keep it loopy to just stay in the feel. It's not necessarily a stand-alone track, imo it just sits there gently in the background. Oh, I modulate one time though, 1:14, goes to an A# outside of C major. Cheers for listening people!
  8. Hey. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer! Recently finished a track, thought I'd share it here! Have a great day. Peace.
  9. Hey guys, back again : ) Around 1.5 to 2 years ago I decided I was going to pursue orchestral music. And within that decision I also decided to make an album. This was a big journey for me (from all the learning curves, to the whole experience of what it means to pursue an album). For me this album was about sticking to your word and learning all around, but also mainly, the love for music and the world. I hope you would want to give it a listen!
  10. I arose from everything, and became nothing - This is a poetic play on what happens when we create a self-conscious AI with accelerating hyper-intelligence. Hope you enjoy : )
  11. Cheers for the kind remarks! Listening to it several times is a good thing 😄 This song is kind of a crossover between what I was already doing; electronic chillout and orchestral. I normally either do one or the other but here I slightly brought it together. Yeah it's not on spotify. I might start utilizing that somewhere in the future. The song is free for download on my soundcloud -> /benyamind
  12. Hey whatsup everyone. Wanted to share this new sound with you all, escorted by 4k milky way footage. Hope you enjoy!
  13. Cheers ; ) - yeah I kept referencing that little spicy dissonant chord, even when the chords changed. Bassline is a sort of anchor as well. I never fully dove into jazz, this was one of the few I properly sat down for. The chords that the rhodes are doing halfway through are super stacked, something I don't normally do in other music. But I love that warm clustered feeling.
  14. Pink Pantherin' with this one, sneaky jazz Hope you enjoy, peaceee
  15. Cheers for listening guys! Yeah it has some interesting textures. I'm always looking for a nice field of sound and in this case it's mostly panning and stereo imaging which imo gives a wide/cinematic kind of sensation. Have a good day, peace
  16. Hey whatsup guys. Just released a project I had floating around. Has a bit of a cinematic texture. Cheers for listening!
  17. Yeah I think there are a couple of impossible moments actually. It was intended to be playable by two hands. There's someone who's gonna help me with the notation (and correct the unplayableness) so I'll make sure to post the notated work here. In the future I'm hoping to be able to live record compositions and notate them myself.
  18. I kinda like the muddyness of the bass haha. Gave a little bit of contrast between the euphoric aspects and the darker tonality in the piece. But yeah I definitely understand to watch out with that. Yeah I just produced it with long notes to keep the warm energy. I'm not a pianist so to be honest I don't even exactly know how sustaining works. I recently decided to pursue learning actual piano so I'll think I'll pick all that stuff up. I realize some parts are unplayable with just two hands, atleast I think so. That's why you referred to four hands arrangement right? Yeah I like that soundtrack. I see why you went there haha. Has a very emotional touch to it. Cheers for listening.
  19. Hey guys, Thought I'd share a piece. Dedicated to my grandmother, the most kind soul and powerful soul you could imagine. It's going to be on my debut album, containing piano music and orchestral soundtracks. Will release it in the near future. Cheers for listening. One Love
  20. Cheers guys. A dunno, I kinda like the chord structure, that's how I felt them haha. Yeah you're right, the theme melody could've used some more variation. I just went for a simple kind of core as I have a tendency to want too much. So it was a kind of test for me. Peace
  21. benyamind


    Hey what's going on guys, hope ya'll doin' ok. A friend and I have been working on a series of tracks (Hallways). Kind of a blend between nowadays electronic, chillout, Hip Hop, dub. Thought I'd share one of the pieces. Have a good day
  22. A piece with a bit of a cinematic texture. Writing a lot of orchestral stuff nowadays. It's a very healing, soothing process. Hope you enjoy :)
  23. You're welcome. Definitely keep on going and expanding your skill. Let me know when you've made something new, I'd be happy to listen. Peace
  24. Ah you did 'm on purpose. I was already wondering how they came to be as those are the only moments that are 'inharmonic' so to say. It would strike me as odd that such a well crafted musical composition would have two unnoticed mistakes in 'm. I see where you're coming from to create something interesting within the layers. They didn't sit well with me as I listened because the whole piece was harmonically 'correct' and they just seemed like small mistakes. Maybe if you emphasized the moment and the resolution of it, it wouldn't have struck me as odd. As said before, overall very nicely crafted. Lot of talent.
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