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  1. I made this fun video about 5 levels of ambient guitar. We experience a lock down here and I can't do anything except playing music or doing part-time job I have from home. So, this is the video (and there's an announcement at the beginning of the video 😜)
  2. This is how I show the world "face of depression" and how I feel inside. Hope you enjoy it. https://soundcloud.com/muhammadreza75/dawn-of-blue-hearts
  3. I'm sure you're curious why I don't post like the past. The fact is I am suffering from major depressive disorder and I even can't make music like the past. This piece by the way ... is the result of a mental episode or something. I was really sad and I really felt like my end is near. You know, I have depression myself (and I know you may struggle with the disorder and understand how I feel now...) and everything bad happened to me just in a few days. I am broke and it's hard to recover my business. My love just said "No". I wanted to do something new in my career and I failed. My friend of three years, just put an end to our friendship ... OK. I'm totally f-ed up. I picked up my guitar, started plucking some notes. A simple melody came to my mind. I started thinking about a finished piece, so I recorded chords, a bit of piano and bass, then recorded the melody using Cello ... This is the result : https://soundcloud.com/muhammadreza75/come-back-when-im-redeemed-from-my-solitude Hope you like it ...
  4. Hello. I think it's months since my last visit, but I felt like I should be here again. I learned a lot from you guys and my music just grown much better since I'm a member of this community.Anyway, It's autumn, and the weather is getting cold and breezy (I actually love that!). I had the chance to meet one of the most special people of my life. I had a long walk with her at the night. In a safe, beautiful and uncrowded part of the city. It took about half an hour to reach a place we could order cars to get back to our homes, but it was one of my most beautiful times. So, I decided to write a piece. I plugged my keyboard and started to playing with the chords and melodies coming to my mind. I could organize them to a piece. I recorded some EBow guitars (you can hear them as pads/soft orchestral sounds) and put them in the mix. I loved the result. I sent the track to her and she said that she likes it, and this is why I make the piece public. Hope you enjoy the music. And, I'm glad to hear your kind opinions about my piece.
  5. I wasn't here for a long time, I guess. I just returned with my newest composition. This is a post-rock song influenced by HBO miniseries "Chernobyl" (based on the story of Chernobyl Disaster in former USSR). I hope you enjoy it! https://soundcloud.com/muhammadreza75/a-sorrowful-dandelion-from-pripyats-red-forest
  6. I just wrote a simple guitar riff and I thought it would be nice if I just put it over some videos I recorded from the forest and lake in my neighborhood. So, I made a complete dark ambient song and made this music video for that.
  7. I just wrote this psychedelic blues rock (boogie woogie inspired) song. I hope you enjoy!
  8. Guys, last year I started my post rock one-man-band and this is the forth single track I wrote and recorded. I hope you enjoy! https://mangrovelakeswans.bandcamp.com/track/in-praise-of-solitude
  9. Muhammadreza


    Happy new year everyone! This is one of "Hammock" styled songs I made. You know, it's not cool to copy other bands, but it's really cool to get inspired by their style and music. So, I did it! I just plugged my guitar, I started recording a very unusual but effective progression (I-vi-I-III) and then, I added a layer of reverb and a layer of cello on top. Cellos are not that loud, but still enough to give the piece a soul! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRngYTxKBPg
  10. Hey guys! I made another Jazz track! Hope you enjoy! P.S : I wrote the whole story behind the track in description.
  11. It's been a long time I wasn't here. I was too busy and had no time to even practice guitar. But, two or three days ago, I had free time, so I decided to write a bit of Smooth Jazz. I'm really falling in love with this genre, I listen to classic Jazz music when I'm working or studying, and my head becomes full of melodies I should write. I think smooth jazz is my new genre. I hope you enjoy!
  12. Haha, thanks friend. It's a honor for me.
  13. As I'm a big fan of Olafur Arnalds, I try to make my music close to his style. He presented a nice combination of electronic and classical music. Playing piano with a string section and adding synths, pads and electronic drums on top, made the music amazing. I hope you like my track! Also, the piece name means "Nocturnal Redemption" in Icelandic.
  14. Recently, I tuned my guitar's four low string like a Cello (I kept the G, tuned D to C, A to F and E to B-flat) and added a Capo on 2nd fret. It really sounded amazing (When I Capo-ed it, it really gave me a Cello tuning). So, I decided to record this piece. I don't think I make my guitar a Cello again, but I think it's cool to give it try, at least once!
  15. Today was (and still is!) cloudy. I really love the cloudy days and I thought it would be nice if I do something musical for today. I opened my DAW and started writing some music. This is the result, I really loved it. Hope you enjoy!
  16. Thanks! I think this is the best ambient track I ever made :))
  17. Muhammadreza


    I heard Michael Manring's "Adhan", which is based on Muslim's call for prayer, and I loved it! (Manring's Adhan (link), Original Adhan (link)). So, I picked my guitar and started playing. I played some notes as background loops then started improvising in Maqam Hijaz / Phrygian Dominant mode (they're basically the same thing!) and I loved the result! I call the piece "Khorasan" because there's one of most important religious areas in Iran (because The holy Shrine of Imam Reza is placed there). DAW : FL Studio 20 Instrument : Ibanez iJRG200u FX : Efektor CH3604, Blackhole Reverb, Valhalla UberMod, Valhalla Shimmer, ReaEQ, Fruity Parametric EQ2, Fruity Compressor
  18. One of my friends invited me to "Inktober" challenge, but I can't paint that good, so I decided to make this piece as an answer to her 🙂 This is an ambient piece written and arranged by me. I hope you enjoy! DAW : FL Studio VST Instruments : EZKeys (Dream Machine, Room Celeste preset), Serum (for Pads), Kontakt 5 (Chris Heins Solo Cello) VST FX : Fruity Delay 3, Blackhole Reverb, Valhalla Shimmer, Fruity Compressor, Fruity Parametric EQ2
  19. I actually found this structure in some licks from famous neoclassical guitar players like Yingwie Malmsteen or Jason Becker. This is why I called it neoclassical.
  20. I just made this track as the second "Lute" ambient I make. Hope you enjoy!
  21. I love the way Malmsteen or Jason Becker play neoclassical riffs or licks. I listened to their music deeply, and I found a little music theory hacks, and I used one of them (i-iv-V) to compose a short piece. I wanna know your opinions about the piece.
  22. This is the third single from my one-person-band. In the genre of post-rock and post-metal. Hope you enjoy! https://mangrovelakeswans.bandcamp.com/track/identity
  23. There's a genre called "Arabic trap" . Your piece reminds me of that type of music. Also, it's very common here in mid-east to use traditional music as a base for modern music. In Iran, there's a guy called "Homayoun Shajarian" (He's son of Muhammadreza Shajarian, famous Persian singer). He just mixed ancient and traditional Iranian music with rock/jazz taste. Anyway, I enjoyed your piece!
  24. Hey guys! I just made this video for a YouTube contest, but I think it would be good if I post it here to know your feedback and reaction to the piece.
  25. I love the movie "Un Chien Andalou" or "An Andalusian Dog", which is a 1929 short film by Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali (glorious names, aren't they?). I also love alternative and avant-garde style of metal music, so today I made this track. Actually, the first riff was a little warmup for me, I connected my guitar to laptop and recorded it. It actually sounded "metal" to me, so I decided to use it in a song, I glued three parts together and "Andalusian Dog" was born 🙂
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