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  1. I've had this melody lying around for a while. It reminded me so strongly of John J Powell's score for "How to train your dragon", so I went for a similiar style overall. Not quite sure about the Countermelody in the last 4 Bars, half of me likes the vibe, half of me hates it. Btw, don't mind the name of the mp3, it's an inside-joke in my Family ^^ Ohnezahn4Life .mp3 I've forgotten to post on here for a while, so if you wanna listen to more, check out my instagram (I upload all the scores on there, sry for the little ad :p ). https://www.instagram.com/music.by.leander/?hl=de
  2. Hey, here's a little track I composed after watching Sherlock. This is the first cue I composed after reading about sections, so I tried a simple A-B-A structure. Also, it's the first cue I composed after learning about sentences, the A section is a simple sentence, tell me what you're thinking about it. I hope it's ok if I'll just link to the Instagram post, I upload it on there anyway and I've had some trouble with the mp3-player on this website. Click here to listen to the cue on Instagram
  3. Just a little Disclaimer: I've got no idea how to call this kind of sound, I know it's definetly not "pulsing music". If you know, pls tell me xD A first try at this kind of breathing, atmospheric music. Tried to automate everything's volume. Atm I can't automate dynamics because the Kontakt Factory Library triggers them by velocity. By the end of the month I'll probably have bought Albion One , then I can. Btw, any thoughts on Albion One? (especially on their conecpt of patches("low strings" and "high strings" instead of seperate instruments)) Pulse Something.mp3 Composed to this picture:
  4. Sounds very nice but I'd let the main melody on the celesta/glockenspiel down earlier and give it a pause. If you'd stop using it after about the 2nd or 3rd repitition It'd have a cool effect when it reapeers at the end/halfway. But I'm just guessing here, it might as well take the core of the score. I really liked the Sound Design and Details you used though. Also, the melody from the beginning is absoluetly awesome, but how about putting a Lombarding Rythm (or something similiar like a 3/16th and a 1/16th insted of a steady ryhtm) for 2 of the notes, I think i'd would sound great to throw the listener off when he get's comfortable with the steady rythm. If you want have a more epic/big sounding fight section, download the OTT compressor (you can use any compressor, that's just my go to and it's free) from Xfer for free and put it on the staccato/spizacatto with about 40% depth and a low release. Also great on something like a melody in the horns. Leander :)
  5. Hey, could someone tell me a bit about their experience with libraries, that use "high strings" and "low strings" patches instead of sperate patches per instrument. I'm especially curious about Albion One. The idea seems weird to me. Thx
  6. Hey, I'm looking into getting Albion One in a few days and, as you might know, the keyswitches are placed from C0 upwards. I have an 61 key midi controller (miditech i2-control 61 pro) so I'm used to remapping the keyswitches to some key within my reach, no big deal. I just came to the realization that I could just as well map my 4 trigger pads (they have 128 velocities like a normal key and are mapped to something like F3 to A#3) (if you don't know what I mean, just google the name of the keyboard) to the keys of C0 upwards to get the 4 most important articulations with keyswitches and get the rest by clicking at them on my laptop. Apparently it is possible to remap the pads to new keys but I can't find any information on how to do it on the internet. Does anyone know a good solution/can link me to one? Daw: Studio One 3
  7. Ahh, I get it, didn't see them (don't ask, I tend to be an idiot ^^). Thanks dude, so helpful :)
  8. I guess there are some in the intro/outro, I didn't find any others. I just counted extensions e.t.c. as one chord. What else did you find?
  9. Nah, actually I really like the piano but I was thinking about the ⅛ notes (at least I think they're ⅛) in the brass section.
  10. I don't get the first part, what do you mean by "grabbing the next melody"? Sry, English is my 2nd language :)
  11. I really like the mood but at about one minute into the song it sounds as if you forgot to change the articulation for the shorter notes.
  12. So, school ended early today and for an unkwon reason I was like "Well, let's write a score with just one chord". Don't ask me why, I don't know either... I tried to keep some stuff (i.e. the choir) very simple because this probably is the biggest arrangement I've done yet. I innitially composed what is now the outro to this pic but got off topic as time passed: https://www.pinterest.de/pin/372602569156669637/ Btw, I watched POTC 1-4 lately so you might here some of that in there; enjoy :)
  13. I love it, you've got a very interesting way to insert unique things like the shadow twin voice (great detail to pan it, really reminded me of a conversation between the shadows). What Percussion library did you use? As a beginner too, I work with the Kontakt Factory Library and some free stuff I found online but I didn't find cheap Percussion library yet ^^
  14. EDIT: I had to post a link to the pic because the mp3 player doesn't work whenever there is a pic in the post Hey, I tried to write a score to a picture that I found online. I imagined this as kind of and Outro to a TV show. As the music get's more action the protagonist climbs onto his airship (is that what it's called) and turns it on to leave. For the Outro imagine him vanishing in the Clouds and when he's gone the celesta sets in and maybe there is something like a little spoiler to the next episode. Composed by using the Kontakt Factory Library https://www.pinterest.de/pin/AUp10C-hi3MBJNT3V7jXmZAdVSQfbKbBSOU6lXLHQVMp6GRYyKSZFMQ/
  15. It's really nice to listen to in the background but (just from what I hear, it's probably an absolute sin) I would delete bar 64, it just seems like it should finish there, can't really explain why. Overall, really nice! :)
  16. If Progressive House and epic orchesetral music had a child, this would be it. Too be serious: Sounds great but I think it would be more pleasing to the listener if there was more time between adding the layers. Also consider to add layers on anything but a downbeat to make it less expectable. Another Idea would be to put a 2/4 bar in there with sudden epic Percussion. I.e. just before the Brass comes in, I think that would make for a great change and kind of a "WTF IS HAPPENING"-moment for the listener. Maybe use Lydian in this 2/4 bar. Really like it though, the sound quality is absoluetly flawless, did you use any kind of special trick on that?
  17. I fcked up, is there a way to delete this answer (the one you're reading right now)? xD
  18. Just a quick question: What do you think about this as a piece for a child TV Show? Kinderlied Intro V1.mp3
  19. Hey, village.mp3 - for some reason the mp3 is a download, not the typical player, anyone knows how to fix this? I've worked on this a few days ago and it's the first time that I feel as if I've created the kind of feeling that I wanted. I've imagined this a background music for something like a MMORPG, maybe for a kind of mini hub or checkpoint. As in the picture, imagine sitting at a campfire after a day of work and just checking on your inventory. I tried to create a feeling of being save in a camp, sourrunded by the night and the dark forrest wich is filled with dangerous creatures. Try to close your eyes and think of whatever it makes you think of. If you want to tell me, you're absoluetly invited to. :) I know it's kind of short, focused on quality over quantity. All sounds are taken from the Factory Kontakt Library. Also excuse if I wrote some typos, tired af due to school right now. Have a nice day :)
  20. I was searching for either a score (or several if you know several) that shows ways to use rythm in a creative way? I tend to have very simple rythms in my scores, it makes them sound boring and similar. If you know a good explanation of Rythm (i.e. when it makes sense to use what kind of Rythm) maybe you could send me a link. Thx for your help :)
  21. I realized that I tend to layer a lot of things but often have them play through the whole section in whole notes (i. E. Having a Bass and Cello holding the Bass notes) Does anyone know any scores that show examples of creative use of Rythm? I. E. the violins in (I think) Hedwigs Theme seemed really interesting but I bet that I haven't even touched the surface of this topic.
  22. I've been composing for about two months (playing piano for a lot longer) but I have an overall problem with starting and finishing stuff. Most "scores" I write just start kind of instantly and end very sudden. The first one doesn't really have an ending, I think it's better on the last ones but how would you make these longer? Happy Adventure Something.mp3 epic orchestral 2.mp3 dreamy weird stuff.mp3
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