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  1. Thanks Leander for taking the time. I check this compressor out... thanks for the tips!
  2. This is amazing man! Can I ask you what libraries you use? Especially the percussions, HZ Percussion?
  3. Hello everyone, in the last few weeks I worked on this track. The idea of the melody at the beginning I had a couble months ago. Inspired from the Davy Jones theme music (Pirates of the Caribbean). In this piece I wanted to tell two different things in a pirates life. The first part of my track is about the calm moments on their ship. The picture works perfect for this part. A wonderful night scene, moonlight, the sea.. This picture was also very inspiring for me.. Anyway, the second part is about the other side when the pirate is in action. On a fight or something like this. In my opinion the second part doesn't work so well musically. I had some trouble to make it sound big. What do you think about it? I look forward to any feedback! Regards and enjoy ;)
  4. Thanks a lot. Glad that you like it. I used Cinematic Studio Strings, Soundiron Apocalypse Percussion and FL Studio as DAW
  5. Hello everyone, my second post here ;) I bought a new amazing Strings Library on Thanksgiving. So now I want to share my first track with this strings here. I'm so excited about this library, it was great to play around with all the articulations.. I focused mainly on the arrangement of the strings in this song. But this time on the mixing as well.. Not sure if it's to much eq. But I hope it's fine. Anyway... merry christmas and enjoy!
  6. Thanks a lot, Sepharite. I'm happy that you like it! :)
  7. Thanks a lot for taking the time! You heard all this things that I don't like as well in my tracks after I listened them again. Right, I wasn't happy with that. But at the end of a long production phase I'm often impatient :D There I have to improve myself. I think you have a very good grisp in music. Thanks for your time, it was definitive helpful!
  8. Hi everyone, I'm new here. Looks like a great group. I compose my music with FL Studio for a few years now. So I want to share a little selection of my (maybe best) tracks here. What do you think about my music? I look forward to any feedback! :)
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