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  1. Hi! I would like yo show you a new video. In this case it's quite experimental. I would love yo know what you think about It! Thank you so much. https://youtu.be/M6PcAxbFIFU
  2. Well, the music its quite ok, at least for a starter composer. I think the sound can improve a bit, because It sounds like MIDI...
  3. I think you know how yo use the orchestra, Maybelline you could also play with the masa if the orchestra, leds density, solos... Well done!!
  4. This time I show you a piece that I made in a composition course for film music, in which we work together with film direction students. In the description of the video you can find details about the piece. 🙂 I hope you enjoy it (I am the composer and the interpreter).
  5. Hello everybody! As I said, I would like to tell you an idea about how we could share our piano works. I made a colaborative playlist, so everybody who has pieces for piano in youtube could add it! Feel really free to do that please. This is the link to participate on it: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJQveMVAZDRbHHJ0S6rAhAjYXGwBBCK93&jct=294TNxbV9Ecbr52z586WjEf27YWyOA
  6. I'm not the violinist who is playing. she is a master degree violinist student, but thak you, I'm also so happy for the performance, she played the piece as I imagined in my mind..: Thank you so much for your feedback. 🙂
  7. Crazy contrast between tonalism and the cluster chords. I think is well-made, but for example I suggested you to add something after 2'18'', kind of transition for example. And I also like the ending! Well done.
  8. Thank you Willibald. I'm happy of these words because I think you get it perfectly the meaning of the piece.
  9. Very proud to listen to your words! I also think that silence (as always) is part of the music itself; I said many time to the performer that don't worry about tempo: I prefere break the tempo to have correctly breaths. Muchas gracias!
  10. Ah ok, well. Then is fine, it's something that I was looking for. Thank you!
  11. Could you tell me wich pasagges are "empty" for you' Will be interesting for me to know that. 🙂 But anyway so happy for your high score! Thank you. Yes you are almost right. I think if we use only one instrument is kind of more "intimate" and personal. Ok, during this week I'll upload the score also.
  12. Very happy to share the recording of one of my recent pieces, "Your room at midnight" for solo violin. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to tell me your honest feedback guys. Your room at midnight (soundcloud) * I'll share the score if someone is interesting!
  13. I usually dont enjoy so much of this kind of style of XVIII, but I havee to say that I think you know how to write for french horn and how they work togheter, because sounds really "easy" (in a good way) and balanced. I think you should think to add some movement! At least one slow and "deep"(?) Would be great.
  14. That's really awesome! It's remember me Stravinsky's Story of a soldier somehow and I don't know why exactly. Congrats!
  15. My idea was to be soft the synth part, maybe was too much (?) Thank you so much! Happy to hear that you get it all this scales that I used.
  16. It was live electronics, I used a microphone conected to guitar pedals and then to speakers... It's named self portrait because this is the first time that I upload a piece in this aesthetic and I feel really identified on it. Thank you for your feedback, it's useful for me!! * I feel like musicians are free to move as they feel so I'm not agree in that point, but I undertand you.
  17. Sonata for viola solo by Ligeti: Sequenza IV - Berio Salvatore Sciarrino - Tre Notturni Brillanti: Gyorgy Kurtag: Signs, Games, Messages for solo viola
  18. Its interesting because Im not using the cminor scale or the chords of that (at least no clear progressions in cm). But thank you so much for your words, I keep in mind for the next time, my friend. Electronic part is essencial for me in this work because it helps me a lot to create this atmosphere (for example I like soft dissonance and if I use for example revb. I can sustain for more time, or I can include more long notes that will be impossible on piano, as you know violin can play a infinite long note but with piano is keep away...)
  19. Hello! I would like to show you my new piece for piano and electronics. I'm waiting for your feedback and hopefully you enjoy it! Self-portrait (piano / electronics) - Antonio García (YouTube link)
  20. Hi everybody! I want to share with you my fourth video with my own music. In this case I used synthesizers and piano record with a microphone and conected to some analogic pedals. I hope you like it! It's about my feeling for my coming back to Spain. So the music it should me "happy", peaceful and positive. Thank you guys. Mediterráneo - Sh. (4/?)
  21. I mean that wasn't a bad opinion, it's nice that remind me something as Rick and Morty because the main theme is in this kind of arcade-80's games with modern and hight-quality sounds. You're welcome!
  22. I could imagine perfectly this theme in a arcade game, so good job! And by the way, it's remind me to "Rick and Morty".
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