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  1. My composition for flute and piano. Roberto Zini - Gradita Sorpresa I hope it can be interesting.
  2. Wonderful piece! Optimal use of rests and harmonies are impressive. Nice work.
  3. Very good music. Romantic and passionate! You are a very talented composer. Congratulations!
  4. I used Musescore. It is a free notation software. You should easily find it on the web
  5. Thank you very much, Alex! I'm glad you like this piece. I realized it with a musical program. It isn't executed by physical instruments. Cheers.
  6. A very pleasant and paced composition. Moreover it is very variegated and balanced. Very good work!
  7. A very nice work! It is rather modern, but not boring at all.
  8. Thanks for the precisation Hernàndez. I thought the melody so extended could refer to an elegy, but I'm not experienced in musical form, so I was surely wrong. I hope to be more accurate in the future thanks to information as the one you just gave me. Regards
  9. I wrote a piece for accompanied violin. It is mostly melodic. Roberto Zini - Elegia Violinistica I hope it is interesting.
  10. I'm not skilled in treatening the sound of a midi composition. One thing is sure. The same piece rendered with a $250 piano sound, would be much less mechanical. Furthermore if it was performed by a skilled pianist it would be even much better. None of these options are impossible to realize in the future. But what is worth now for me, is the musical idea. Thanks for the feedback.
  11. Thank you very much Dimitrije! I'm flattered.
  12. Here is a short study for piano, I wrote. Roberto Zini - Studio brillante I hope it is something interesting.
  13. Really a good Nocturne! Very sliding and not boring. Nice work!
  14. Hi Mark, First of all, thanks for your interesting in my piece. I accurately read your suggestions, and I'm fine with them. I agree to your opinion about my lack of development in the melody and in the staticity of the left hand, and I'll try to consider them in the future, even if it can be not so easy. However I noticed you are an advanced composer, I also listened to one of your creations, and I really appreciate your experienced writing. Thanks again for your review of my piece. Good luck also to you! Roberto
  15. Thanks for your interest. I'm aware I wrote a classical style piece, but it is also my style, cause I'm not a modern or post-modern soul in writing music. Here you can see the score of the music. Let me know your feedback.
  16. A piano sonata very original and, at the same time, in perfect romantic style. A very interesting and nice work!
  17. It is a very pleasant piece. I think you should appreciate it. A good work!
  18. I like so much the chamber music! And this trio is so pleasant. And in perfect romantic style! Congratulation for the excellent work! Good Luck!
  19. Here you can listen to my albums for free. Roberto Zini - Classical Essence - Spotify Roberto Zini - Classical Portraits - Spotify Roberto Zini - Classical Fruits - Spotify Roberto Zini - Classical Wonders - Spotify or Roberto Zini - Classical Essence - Deezer Roberto Zini - Classical Portraits - Deezer Roberto Zini - Classical Fruits - Deezer or Roberto Zini - Classical Essence - Youtube Music Roberto Zini - Classical Portraits - Youtube Music Roberto Zini - Classical Fruits - Youtube Music Roberto Zini - Classical Wonders - Youtube Music I hope you enjoy!
  20. I have a website to submit to your list. Roberto Zini - My compositions Thanks.
  21. Thank you very much for your gentle advices. I'll correct the time signature in 3/4 and I'll try to obtain the right grouping of notes. Excuse me for the waste of time. Cheers.
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