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  1. Thanks!! I've resolved the measure 17, I was supposed to use A there, not G and I didn't even notice it since it was a D major there. For the measure 17 I cannot see where's the seventh is at all. Maybe you had a mistake with the measure number?
  2. Thanks! Not much really. I don't have any fix idea usually. Most of the pieces come from "impromptus", so 90% of my pieces are variations or pretty much based on something I've improvised. Sometimes I just get the motif/idea/theme from improvising, others I get the whole piece, it's not something consistent. As for the preludes, right now I just had some ideas that I watch from my window (using concepts) or while trying to get something out of an idea, be it something I just had when woke up, or rather and more usual at midnight. At the moment I have some written stuff, like the Prelude in A major, but really the only thing I plan is the key I will write the piece and very few times the time signature.
  3. 4 preludes of a set that will probably contain up to 12-15 preludes.
  4. good job! I love the idea, I may take those runes motif to make a Prelude since i'm composing one! don't hate me 😛
  5. Another piece, not really hard to work on, since it was an improvisation based on variations (some are very distant, but if you pay attention they will be clear reference).
  6. Here I bring you a very small piece I composed in a few minutes meanwhile I'm doing other jobs. Wish you enjoy
  7. I swear! This is the last upload... I had tons of works, what matter of organizing them... so I upload a ton in a few time. No more uploads in a great time... 2 pieces inspired by albums like Mendelssohn's and Grieg's lyric pieces, but my own style and preferences. English titles: 1. Lullaby (more of the style of Schubert treatment, and ways, but not really a hard work) 2. Winter trip (a mix of many composers here)
  8. This next set is another 3 short pieces. This time mostly slow tempi preludes, but with rather more complex harmonies, voicing, pedaling and dissonances English titles: 1. Solitude (inspired by Rachmaninoff works) 2. Reflections in the water (inspired by Ravel's Jeux d'eau) 3. Depression(Also inspired by Rachmaninoff slow works)
  9. Here I bring you another 6 pieces. There's one for each 3 easiest Keys (major and minor). Since I've already composed these pieces, I'm practically formating them and uploading them. 1. Study in C major - "First love" 2. Study in A minor - "Break up" 3. Study in G major - "Children scene" 4. Study in E minor - "Restlessness" 5. Study in F major - "Juggling" 6. Study in D minor - "Fryderik's dream" In there's theres clear references to other pieces, composers, etc... the Children scene is a reference to both as the title to Schumann, and the form to Heller, but far from being similar. The second is much based on Bürgmuller étude (and that's why i left this title, and even the key), but its form and use is very distant. The last one makes a reference to Chopin scherzos.
  10. The first one reminded me of Ligeti, but for the second it totally strikes me as Schöenberg, specially his Op.19 is pretty similar. For the third one I don't know what to say, it was both like Bartok microkosmos and the simplier Stravinsky at the same time. Good job!
  11. I'm about to bring something larger. These were my first "finished" pieces after all, so nothing much. Thanks for the answer!
  12. Usually when someone references a composer indicates good things!
  13. So I wasn't wrong when I said it reminded me of Stranvinsky hahaha, I knew I wasn't that wrong 😛
  14. It sounds amazing! Thought there's 2 things you could improve, and I'm not talking about the piece!!! First of all: speed is not always a way to show something good. I will greatly slowdown that tempo. You need to prove a lot of tempos before deciding one. Second, it would be nice if you bring us the score too! If you have it we could criticise the scoring and have a more clear vision of the music. Keep doing this well!
  15. Here I bring you the first "Opus" (fake, since is not published, but more as a way to enumerate). I belive that I've already achieved a level mature enough to start taking a serious volume of works, even if they're pretty short at first. Each pieces I make has its backhistory or objetive. The first one is one I made time ago and improved it. The idea came up just after I woke up from a nightmare. The second one is one idea I had while walking in the very morning to go buy bread. English titles are (since I decided to publish* it as spanish, since every composer tends to do its own language): 1. Abstracion 2. Promenade
  16. I'm not a great fan of this style, and my knowledge is even lesser, but I can see that you made a great job. I liked the character of the presto, remembered me of Stravinsky +
  17. It's a simple influenza with a bit of more issues. Only old people or people with diseases as hypertension are most probably to die. The chance that someone healthy or even normal is going to die is 0.5% more or less. Even counting vulnerable people it's still lower than 2.5% mortality rate. Don't panic, that's simply stupid. Wash your hands and try not to expose to the virus (touching with the hands things in public places or contacting people phisically without being able to clean your hands/face)
  18. Pretty much thanks for the elaborate answer! Yeah, the work stills need more watch. Most of my pieces are just done in 1-2 or maybe 3 days and then I don't touch them anymore, I may revisit them later or just let them be, so agree with you. I will try to do a btter use of my ideas, but I cannot be sure.
  19. Agree, did my best to end the at a third movement. I wanted to start a fugue as the finalle, but this seems rather "impossible" for my inhability to lead a nice fugue. I maybe do a choral as finalle, or just let it be with the presto
  20. I think I sometimes even do it too much, I try to give the left hand his own voice and use counterpoint as much as possible, but this can result in a bigger fail too haha
  21. That can be true, but just for you. The feeling each key has for everyone is VERY RELATIVE. For example for me, I have more or less experience with different keys, and whenever I want to improvise or get any feeling or composing with any style, i tend to compose in very different keys. For example for me A minor is a melancholic key, and I'm mostly used for A minor and D minor to a more baroque air, thanks to Scarlatti and Bach most influence works on me. Even if Bach composed in C#, When i have C# major and minor I tend to idealise more Rachmaninoff or Skrjiabin. For me C minor is decepted mood and I heard Beethoven and C major is Mozart, and that goes on. Again this is very relative. Each work in each key, and each own composer style marks your understanding of the music, and often it happens because the most important works or the favorite key for a composer is the one you identify and heard the most too. If we think about Beethoven's favorite keys would be G major, Eb major and last but not least C minor, and the one he composed the most pieces and the most important pieces in. If you have a kind of mental condition where you develop an ability to associate X sound to X feeling (a kind of Synesthesia), then it will be even more probable that you will have these issues. The objetive of this is just to answer that all of your perceptions, are but personal, so there's no point on arguing which key does what. Anyway I still think it's a pretty valuable input for people to comprehend other emotions and perceptions, especially for composers or any kind of art "adepths".
  22. Thanks! I already worked a lot on it, practically the first movement is ended. I'm working on the scherzo now and i have the first section (lack the scherzo)... I'm really spending my time on this piece. I will upload it in no time
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