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  1. Wrote a short waltz for violin and piano. I don't actually play violin, so there's probably something unplayable in there. I might extend this to a ABACA later on...
  2. Very original! Sounds great. First romance sort of reminded me of Chernyetsky's "Russian" Romance 🙂
  3. Incredible piece! Very original. I especially like to contrasting slurred and separated accompaniment and the little pauses. I always tend to make the first accompaniment note in a waltz very low, but this worked fine without that.
  4. Thank you! Do you have any tips for composing longer pieces? (Most of my pieces just 1-2 pages long)
  5. I hope to do a set of these pieces. Also experimenting with dissonance.
  6. Very nice piece! Lots of unique colour in the orchestra. Also, which piece by Satie was this from? (just curious)
  7. I started working on a waltz and came up with a theme, but I'm not sure how to develop it. Can anyone give me any pointers? Thanks
  8. do people actually use music jotter? (I’m not sure just asking)
  9. Perhaps lots of key changes, dissonance, and reaching a final conclusion in the original or completely different key.
  10. Very nice melody. I have no words.
  11. Short prelude I wrote on a theme I got while improvising. Written: July 31, 2019
  12. Do you think we should add a section for pieces with scored for an instrument (violin, clarinet flute etc) plus piano accompaniment?
  13. Amazing! I like the melody, especially the chords.May I ask what software you are using to create the mp3?
  14. Thank you for your feedback. There was a lot of things I overlooked when writing this. The harmonic language is quite boring lol
  15. Amazing piece! I like how the melody switches between the clarinet and violin throughout.
  16. Yes, I agree. I wasn't really paying any attention to the form when writing this.
  17. Very nice! (I love it when people write introductions into the scores) Sounds very nice.
  18. Thanks! (I really need to find more Debussy pieces)
  19. Yep. I have files overlapping others in my desktop. (and my downloads folder...)
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