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  1. Some of it reminds me of Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde "Der Abschied" Try 11:40 If you want to ever expand this (which I would really enjoy seeing), I would recommend decreasing the density of the orchestration, so that it sounds lighter, and that in important moments the listener can have a display of the power the orchestra.
  2. I agree with this. It sounds more like a fantasy-based soundtrack than a horror movie. That being said, it all depends on what kind of horror you are trying to convey. If it is a genuinely gut-wrenching sound you are going for, I don't think this serves the purpose. But if this is a theme for a character, let's say a vilain, in a movie that is not supposed to make viewers squirm in fear, than it might be pretty appropriate. I find your harmonies are not very horror-like, as they allow the listener to "breathe". Perhaps it should be more claustrophobic, and a lot less tonal.
  3. Awesome as always, @Left Unexplained. I always find your sound very characteristic to movie soundtracks, and I think you are very well-prepared to follow that path if you will. The Danny Elfman vibes are often present, and I think this is no exeption. However, I feel like you are moving away from it and towards something closer to your own sound. Great job 🙂
  4. I like how this has very organ-like textures, while still taking advantage of the fact that you'll have 8 performers. Also, I enjoyed how it sounds very baroque in orchestration and arrangement, but contrasted to more 20th-century harmonies in some places. Good job 🙂
  5. I like how your pieces are purposeful, everything is well placed and sounds musical. One idea leads to the next, and when a composer has nice ideas, oh boy does it get interesting. Great job.
  6. That would be awesome, @jawoodruff. It is indeed a lot of work, but if you're willing to do it and got the resources I'd say "go for it".
  7. Awesome, @BlazingDragon! I'm glad you enjoy this. Thanks for posting 🙂
  8. I think the repeat signs are a bit unnecessary. I would rather you doubled the size of each section and add tiny differentiations to it, instead of simply repeating. That's just my opinion. Besides that, I think the coda is a bit offseting. Perhaps it could take the ideas already presented in the rest of the piece and elevate them to a more virtuosic level. However, if I said I didin't enjoy this I would be lying. The themes are well written and the piece flows quite well. Good job.
  9. The first movement is hypnotic indeed. I was grabbed by it and had a sensation of almost losing my attention, close to being in a meditative state, while beign very concentrated on the music. I think the second movement is my favourite. I also feel it's hypnotic, but in a different way. I like how good is the transition in m 37 of the third mov. I felt like the music was going to ceise or rarefy, but it seamlessly slides into another section. As you said this is strong as it is, and you should only add new stuff if you feel its necessary. It just depends on your vision for it. Congratulations on what you have so far. Good luck on the competition, and do let us know of the outcomes!
  10. I came back to this after you sent me your poem. It just popped into my mind once again and I had to relisten to it. This screams "glimpses of light in a dirty, dark factory", which I feel is very close to what the process of making incandenscent light bulbs. You just captured it so well goddamnit! Congratulations once again.
  11. It sounds very apropriate for it's purpose. I do find it quite repetitive, but you probably don't want to detract attention from the actual event with a developmental character to your music. Also, I find it very well orchestrated, so there's that 🙂
  12. Awesome piece, great job on that. I'm no brass player, but this doesn't seem to be any hard for a well trained trombonist. I mean, if every piece were to be highly acomplishable by every player, what would be the point of studying an instrument afterall?
  13. What I meant is that there are times in which all the parts have important individual lines, creating a setting that is more "polyphonic". In other moments there is a clear element/line in which the listener should focus their attention to, which means that the other instruments will only serve as a support.
  14. That's what I felt, and thought it was intentional. Anyway, I like what you composed here, it sounds pretty continuous and makes musical sense. Welcome to the forum 🙂
  15. I have to go with @AngelCityOutlaw on this one. If your intention is to be able to export your music straight from the notation software, NotePerformer 3 is probably the best way. If you want to have excelent endproduct and don't mind having to go through the trouble of articulating everything by hand in a DAW, then a VST is probably the best for you. If you want to go with a VST, I'd look into various examples and see what fits your character best. I personaly can't stand the ones that don't have the individual instruments but actualy have "Ensembles", or Strings High and Strings Low. Also, I'm not a great fan of the cinematic-sounding libraries, I prefer the ones that actually make me feel like I'm in a concert hall. Whatever you prefer, you just have to look what will better provide those things for you.
  16. Congratulations on a sucessful piece! The restatements of the rondo theme is very clever, as you never let its apparition become obvious. This makes up for a very continuous flow. Also, everything is musicaly pleasing and the shortness of the piece feels very apropriate. It seems fresh throughout and leaves no space for a tired ear.
  17. Hey! As @jawoodruff said, a score is very appreciated. For this type of music, VST are usually very unflattering and a real performance become even more important. For that reason, and without a score, it's quite hard to take this music for what it is. However, I appreciate what you composed, and your string writing seems very solid. I like the interplay between parts closer to a monophonic and polyphonic setting.
  18. Very nice pieces. I like the shift in vocabularies in the first one, as it gets the listener hoping for more but without what exactly. The second one is also very pleasing. It is quite direc (it does the job without too meandering too much), which I like.
  19. I think the most important question here is: Are you willing to pay, and if so, how much?
  20. You demonstrate a lot of dexterity in your harmonic writing. At times it sounds very romantic, in others it feels a lot more personal. About engraving, I believe it would be good to add 16th note rests from M.37 on, in the accompaniment right bellow the melody as it might make sight reading easier. While this is not my favourite style, I really apreciate what you did and it does sound very pleasing to my ears. Congratulations on your job! 🙂
  21. Thank you a lot, @panta rei! I'm glad you enjoyed this piece for what I intended it to be, as you pretty much described my thoughts while composing it. Cheers!
  22. @Theodore Servin Hey! Thank you for listening. The piano writing was completely inspired by Camargo Guarnieri (and Debussy, in the third mov.). His pieces can teach us a lot about how to write for the instrument. Cheers!
  23. Veery cool. People have talked about the repetition of the theme so I won't say anything about that. As you said, it will be justified as one listens to the full work. What I think could be improved is the texture. Perhaps you could introduce a section in which the music becomes more sparse. You do have that moment around 7:00, which is quite nice, but I feel like it is less a diferenciation in density than it is in intensity, if it makes any sense. The music diminishes until it almost fades, but it is directly intervened by another restatement of the theme, which I thought was a bit anticlimatic. It led into thinking that another section would be presented, or that some important aspects of the music would change. Perhaps a texture closer to that of the introduction would sound very pleasing around that moment, and it would be a nice moment to expand on the theme a bit. One way or another, I think you did a great job at using one theme over and over without sounding repetitive. As said by @jawoodruff, I also like how lyrical this gets. Congratulations 🙂
  24. @Ken320 Thank you for listening and for your opinion!
  25. Amazing. That's very well-written and it propels itself forward at all times. Everything is cohesive, especially the piano writing, which is very lively.
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