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  1. I would encourage you to watch the edward snowden episode of the joe rogan experience. Near the very end he gives this great speech on not seeking safety because he chose to still criticize the russian government despite them giving him asylum and it was awesome. I don't know, I think music is a translation and if you're feeling good then you can't go too wrong. I think it was a good piece.
  2. I love this, the changes are interesting and employ a lot of symmetry which I like. Difficult to define is always good in my book. The tempestuous passage beginning at 2:45 is interesting, perplexing. I would encourage you to keep exploring using a note before the coming chord to signify the next chord's characteristics. The section at 6:05 really grabbed my attention with an almost jazzy feel and excellent use of the leading tone. The section at 11:45 is intriguing, enticing. Really like the moment at 14:40. Like the piano part at 16:30.
  3. well I'm kind of a beginner so its not tooo hard to blow my mind ;)
  4. Thank you! It's nice to know someone with your level of knowledge thinks I'm making good stuff. I'll look into it, I'm basically unconscious just makin what I feel.
  5. I just watched the movie "the green mile" yesterday, it inspired the 4th and 5th movements (I added new ones). Other than that nothing really. Thanks man, I've been trying to do what most composers do and introduce recurring themes
  6. wow I love those little chords in the last 1/3! and the ending. Very inventive and cool!
  7. @Noah Brode No problem, it seemed like fun :)
  8. No rules anything goes. It doesn't have to be a cover though, I'm making an original piece.
  9. I thought it would be fun if we got together and made some Christmas compositions this month. There are no rules, there are no winners, just composers appreciating each other's contributions this holiday season. If you don't celebrate Christmas, feel free to enter music for other holidays or music inspired by the holiday season. The due date is December 25th. Have fun! Also, for every piece submitted I will donate 1$ to my local food shelf. It's not a lot but if more people want to join in on pledging we could all help make a difference while doing what we love!
  10. Wow!! I love this! Reminds me of chopin a lot (but perhaps a little better ;) ). Amazing!!
  11. I tried to meet the deadline but my procrastination got the best of me. At least I made something I like!
  12. Thanks Quinn. Yes, it starts at 2 octaves and as it builds up intensity I add a third. Thanks for all your kind words. The cliche of the tortured asshole composer is totally not true, all of you guys are super cool.
  13. the chord change at 1:00 is awesome. That scale at 1:45 is one that I'm interested in too.. its a mode of the super locrian (lydian with a flat 7th). Super cool
  14. Thank you. I think what I am struggling with right now is the ability to complete my musical thoughts. Music theory should help.
  15. Thank you, I love Danny Elfman. Thanks, I am researching instrumentation right now along with some other things. That's true, I didn't really think about how it would be played by an actual orchestra. As for the harp I see what you're saying. I started composing the song with just that framework to cling to at the beginning and I knew I didn't want it for the whole piece, maybe I kind of lost track of it. Yes just straight into a DAW. thank you jean. You are awesome!
  16. I'm going to research how to get one out of my DAW, you guys deserve that.
  17. Interesting textures. I like how the harmonics kind of dance. bar 48 is a really nice turn! I like how the parts interact, it's like a puzzle with each piece carefully designed.
  18. Wrote this last night, I'm kind of excited about it. Anxious to hear what you guys think.
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