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  1. I have entered a competition for composing a fanfare and I need feedback on my thing so far. Any feedback/critique greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  2. Hallo! This is a work I spent a little while working on and is quite short for Violin, with Piano accompaniment. Audio is computer generated and broken around 1:30. As always, feedback and critique are greatly appreciated. Danke! (Thank you) p.s. I don't speak very much German so don't bother trying to communicate to me in it.
  3. Honestly they aren't that dance like but I wanted to do this. 😕 Feel free to leave feedback and comment. My internet is really slow. I should probably comment about something else but whatevs.
  4. thank you for your reviews.
  5. I think the harp is a cool addition. It is very cool. The first few bars with the sharps I was like WOAH but now I'm like "This looks cool!"
  6. I like the nice soft texture of it. Very cool.
  7. Very cool. Loved the pizzicato bit at 1 minute, it was nice and lively with cool rhythmic patterns. Very fun. Over all, amazing. Umm... (how can I make it clearer on how much I enjoyed the piece...)
  8. Amazing! I will sleep well due to this piece. So cool.
  9. In school I was looking at the topic of "African Composition". As an assessment we had to compose a 24 bar long piece of music with at least 3 African Instruments in the ternary form. Below is my composition. It didn't have to sound African, but it had to have melodic and rhythmic ostinatos. I wrote for Clave, wood block and 2 marimbas. This is the final draft that I submitted. Please leave feedback. I noticed later the two marimbas clashed a bit.
  10. Hi I do exist 😮😃
  11. Ummm... Thank you for this extremely long but interesting review and for all the help you've given. I'll have a look through the piece and try to fix up bits. Thanks Thanks Thanks😁
  12. Thank you. Hard to hear is just recording problems. I didn't use the upper register... actually I don't know why. Im trying to think of ways to improve the end but i dont know.
  13. What do you believe I should do?
  14. I was aiming for a baroque ish piece. I hope it's all right. Thank you. I left dynamics out for interpretation but the recording wouldnt pick up dynamics well anyway.
  15. Recently I decided to compose a Contrabass and Viola duet for me and a friend of mine. Although it isn't very good I found this website and was like "As my first composition on this website I'm going to use the duet. So please review this and leave feedback. Thnx Note: There is a a D.C. al fine but the recording (midi) doesn't do it. Made using Sibelius.
  16. Cool! Why did you decide to do baroque and how did you write it? Just curious as I want to write a baroque sonata
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