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  1. I said that craziness should NOT be the goal in music (should hardly be... blah blah). I just put things into perspective, but I see better what you mean. I remember I piece I wrote, for live instruments, where I tried to make it sound like a broken CD record, with small gaps, etc. Piece didn't work out well, only because there was no time for huge rehearsals... I disaster... You are right my music (most of it) is not 'tonal' (neither 'atonal'), so it would be weird to finish in (I) (a C maj for example! :D). And yes, I'm from Greece! And you're from Thessaloniki! ;)
  2. Not a single piece of mine ends on (I) or (V)... :DYou need to use a little more imagination when doing 'crazy' things in music. Ending on the (VI) instead of the (I) or (V) is really no big deal, or actually it's no deal at all. In classical music the (VI) is used in exchange with the I, and although pieces do not end to the (VI) it takes very little effort to do so... ;) In a world where people have written quartets for 4 helicopters, 5 minutes of silence as a piece, pieces for only unpitched percussion instruments, pieces where each instrument plays at different tempo, pieces where instrument leave the stage (actually Haydn has written a symphony which was accustomed for the orchestras to do that! :D Talk about an old idea), etc, there's little room for 'craziness' in music. And 'craziness' should hardly be the goal in music. Music is about communcation, and thus say what you have to say through it, or never speak at all! ;)
  3. Well, at least my slightly sarcastic post was: a. not aimed at anyone in this forum b. Had a smiley at the end. On the contrary your posts were: a. Aimed at me b. With no indication of whether being serious or not. Wanna keep talking and derail the thread any further? PM me if so.
  4. You actually think I was serious, right? Way to go man. Excellent judgement, excellent!
  5. Same here... I will discuss it with the other mods if we can cesnor the words "Cage", "4'33"" and a few others from the forum! It would make a pleasent change to read: _____ by _______ is stupid! :D
  6. I'm sorry but this thread will be locked from now on, and until people calm down and stop the personal comments on other members and composers alike! :(
  7. I had to delete 4 posts, because of norbys' comment. This is the last warning for this and any other thread. NO MORE WARS, NO MORE PERSONAL COMMENTS, NO MORE IDIOTIC AND IGNORANT COMMENTS, NO MORE! Anything will be deleted without further warning!
  8. Why not barlines: Because there is no specific pulse, there is no beat to talk about in the first place. So you would either have to 'randomnly' (or without much purpose) put barlines on, or you would have to put time signatures as well, ending in a nightmare (15/16+3/7+whatever)... Why extending beams? Because beats are what define the rhythm here, more than anything else. So rests over beams explain the rhythm more or less, and since beams are usually extended over 4, or 6, or 7:8 or something (with numbering unless they are straight 4s), it's easier to count. Why the 'bed sheets' (white spaces) and things moving up and down? Because the form is much easier seen and for 5 instruments I would guess that there are no parts, so it's also MUCH easier for the performer to notice and follow what everyone else is doing: No staff, no music played by that instrument. Weca: bullshiting, etc... I understand what you mean, but really it does feel that you 'didn't bother enough' so you're just putting down things. Hold back a tiny bit.
  9. I think that SSC post is partly about me and let me explain: I feel you mate. I really do. I hardly can find people that I can talk to and feel that we're on the same level! Honestly! This is why I kep contact information of Gardener, Pingu (from another forum), QcC, Mike, and YES MARK! Age is not an issue! What I get from your latest post is that you're in need of furthering your horizons. Meaning that you want to discuss when you have something to gain. I don't, for example, and I feel that Gardener or Weca don't either. They were having a rather interesting discussion. You see, the music posted here, the No. 5 piece, is a difficult piece to understant, to explain, to comprehend and ultimately to enjoy. You may feel fine with it, which is perfect by me, but others don't! And I can't judge based on my feelings, since I have spent all my life studying music! Problem is that contemporary music is unaccessible. And instead of making it come closer, we start fighting. Previous problems? In lesson threads? I don't give a scraggy, in all honesty, and I'm a mod, but not an admin, so the admins can come and shut me off, if they wish so! Education is the key issue here, and you have decided that you won't indulge to that, but take it away. Let it be it, but other people have decided otherwise. Don't try to reduce the discussion furthermore. You know how much I value your opinion and voicing, as well as your ideas and music. But in this thread, while I bloody agree with you, I can't stand my grounds if I stand near you! There are other ways to make people understand, and weca is showing much more personal character than you at this point. (Based on your and his and my writings of course. I don't know any of you so anything about personal comments should be taken with a huge grain of salt!) ;) If you feel anything about the mentioning of your students in this thread, then you should also feel the same about the rest of the members, which you did reduce! Weca: There is the ignore button for a good reason and I've already used it once (in another forum). It works a treat and avoids getting you taken over the insluting river... :( ___________ This is a wonderful thread, but keep it up and it will get locked and clean, ok?
  10. I don't have the time to read the whole thread, so sorry about that and it may have been mentioned before, but it's quite simple: For anyone wondering if the score given in the link in the first post, is too complicated all they have to do is to try and notate it in a different way and actyally get the same result from the performers. If so, then it's possible that the score is too complicated for little reason. If not, then it means that the score should be exactly as it currently stands! I think that the score is fine (Secret Machines No. 5). Not that absolutely everything is as uncomplicated as I'd like it to be, nor that I'm able to understand everything in 2 minutes of browsing inside Firefox, but it simply looks fine and by looking I could 'guess' (which seems to be the right word, given the time spent on the score) what the composer meant in that particular place. SSC: I think that you could tone down your personal comments against other people "only 4-5 members are competent enough...". I hardly see any reason for polemics in this thread. Wecca: Respect amongst your peers will get you further than continuous judgment... And, btw, there are plenty of reasons why one would avoid barlines, or time signatures (heck I've done it a few times as well). There's plenty of reason to avoid a very precise notation but rather put some things which are more... liberal (like smaller notes, or beams getting larger, etc). Allowing the freedom to make a choice to the performers is something which is growing stronger for quite a few decades now. Also, the serialisms comment. Yes, some people are still not ready for serialism and probably will never be, samewise that some people are still not ready for... Beethoven! But the idea is not always to get what's going on on an aural level alone. Just because you can't distiguish (you, me, anybody), the retrograde it doesn't mean that the piece is not 'better' like this. It's been guided because of that and thus the whole pieces changes, because of the usage of the retrograde in one place. Not to mention that there could be things that one does not get but only in a subconscious level. BUT, you are right, that contemporary music is turning (for a long time now) a 'hobby' for the very few that have the time to devote to it. It's no longer accessible to the crowds. :(
  11. Although right, you could tone down a little your reply, don't you think? ;)
  12. Honestly people. Get real, get a life, find other ways to create, other than moronic threads! Thread is locked, sorry!
  13. Relinde, First of all welcome and good luck to your project. Some further thoughts on some things: 1. The film is LOW budget and not NO budget as far as I can tell. This means that there are some money going to some places. Considering that a composer will need, not only to compose the music, but orchestrate it, produce it, render it and realise the final result, this means that this person will, or might have already pay/paid a lot of money towards equipment. 2. What do you plan to make of the movie? If you plan on screening it internationally, are there any money involved THERE? I've not a clue on movies, I work in games, but if you plan on making money afterwards, maybe it would be worth promising something like % in writing to the composer. 3. If there really is no money involved, maybe a promise to work with the composer again would be sufficient as well. I have done freeware games in the past, but these people went commercial and took me along. Finally There's nothing wrong with what you say, apart from the feeling (wrong probably) that one could be tricked. I, personally, have little doubt about you and the movie, as I believe you, but this is the internet, and it could very well be that some people are getting even a small amount of money, in which case the composer might feel unfaired. Either way I have absolutely no time to work on such a film, personally, so again, I wish you the best of luck and looking forward to seeing the whole film. Nikolas
  14. Why? It's a matter of choice! Why? Because life is not black and white! Why? In all honesty because everyone is different and thus everyones' taste is different, as well as their aesthetics/ Why? Well... Actually I can't say I mind a dischord anymore. I've used them for far too long and I can find a "reason" in them. It's more about practice than one would believe. Why? Life is not all beauty! Why should music be only beauty? Why? Oh well...
  15. Indeed. Then again the value of what Justin did, I think, lies on the educational edge and nowhere else. I'm very torn on this very issue with youtube videos!
  16. Chopin: This might interest you: Evan Chandler “I Lied for my father, i’m sorry Michael” | Fresh News What do you know... The story unfolds in different ways as one would like to think really! ;) (Then again Evan is still a bloody bastard for lying: He either was lying back in 93, or lying now. Whichever is the case he's a bastard!)
  17. If this is a question: Because he owns the website, the webname and everything to do with YC, thank you. May MJ rest in peace if he can. It seems like a shock since he's a huge figure. Other than that, I can't really care if what they said was truthful or not, about peadophilic issues, about colour of the skin issues, about debts, about anything. I simply don't care. I like some of his songs and that's about it. Was never an idol of mine, and never will be. I never had an idol in all truth!
  18. Paper and pencil and then Finale here!
  19. First of all a hello sign to Eldkatt! (where have you been mate?) Now... Anyone thinking that someone using this technique will stop after the technique is done is silly. Having algorithms making pitch formations, series, permutations and whatever does not mean that the end result will just be that. The craft lies, exactly, at using these series of numbers and making music. One could very well make music by using their address, just for fun! :D EDIT: Oh and I've done plenty of music with the aid of computers! In fact a few pieces lie in here! ;) I'd invite Nico to try and find them and tell me which ones are these... :P
  20. From a short look I had in the demo: There's cooking lessons where you learn HOW to combine different tastes, foods and how to create your meal and then there's receipes (sp?) where they provide a thorough guideline on how to create your meal and you just follow instructions. As far as I could tell from 5-10 minutes these are receipes. It seems to be geared to create copycats of the creators, which is all fine and I understand it, but it's not exactly lessons, nor interactive actually (just because you can turn the pages it doesn't make it interactive). It certainly is rich, filled with examples, etc and seems very workable and flows nicely (consisdering some things were missing from the demo), but other than that I wouldn't recomend it to anyone, I'm afraid, for the above reasons.
  21. SYS65: Exactly that is what needs to be avoided and I didn't mention it. The point is not to guide someone in your footsteps, but to provide all impartial and coherent information and education to be able to find their own voice. Nico: I'm a believer that one needs to make themselves a composer. Nobody can make you a composer. You either have it or you don't (you can learn it, sure; I'm not talking about talent). So, yes I would stop and not teach this extra "something", exactly to avoid providing mashed food straight to the mouth of my students. I've been asked many times the "what would you have done?" and I never reply that. Not in a straight answer anyways.
  22. ... teaching composition then. Sorry (I differentiate composition from other theoritical subjects such as counterpoint, harmony, orchestration, etc)
  23. I mainly teach individuals or small groups so it's rather easy to get to know your audience and then gear your teaching towards what they seem to enjoy. Ciriculum depends on the country, the college, your superiors, etc. If it's 20th century techniques, then it's that. If it's not then... it's not. :D I usually start my lessons (the first lesson) with two tracks from Messiaen and Radiohead (you might have seen this in this forum already) which share the same compositional technique and gear the discussion towards the idea that techniques won't limit but help you create what you REALLY want. Depending on where they base interest I go the Radiohead way, or the Messiaen way. At some point I put on Bach, freak them out (because either way Radiohead is "pop" and Messiaen is "contemporary" so no one is expecting Bach) with an excerpt from a fugue he wrote, which really sounds atonal! Then I take it from there with plenty of examples! I mean composition basically means two things: Techniques (information) and analysis. The wonder part, for me, is providing as much light as possible to have them guessing (and knowing) what the other composers did (the old masters) and why. :) Best of luck and keep us posted please!
  24. Don't worry too much. The Internet, including YC is filled with anonymous jerks. I mean who really is "nikolas" or "Marius" or "Mike" or "QcCowboy" etc... And since the computer won't hit you, some jerks (none of the above are jerks except maybe me! :D) tend to speak their minds.
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