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  1. Freudig Singers of Western New York, now in its 32nd concert season, is an auditioned chorus dedicated to exploring choral music in its many forms, both traditional and non-traditional, and spreading the joy of the choral art to widely diverse audiences. Freudig combines elements from many periods and genres in innovative and unexpected ways to create interesting and exciting programs for its listeners. The chorus encourages and pursues composition of new choral works, artistic collaboration with other groups, and participation of singers of all ages. Opportunity: Freudig Singers of Western New York seeks original, unpublished works for mixed chorus. One cash prize, honorable mentions, performance(s) and possible recording. Application Deadline: June 1, 2017 Award Notification: July 1, 2017 Eligibility: No age restrictions. Awards: The winner will receive $1000 and have his/her work performed and possibly recorded. Details: Works should be scored SAB or SATB (little or no divisi) with piano or organ accompaniment, or a cappella. Any work with a copyright-protected text must be accompanied by a letter of permission from the publisher, poet or author. The jury reserves the right to change the number of award winners depending on the quality of the music submitted. The winner retains all rights to his/her work. By submitting your score you authorize Freudig Singers to make copies of your music for rehearsal and performance purposes, and to perform and record your work. Submissions: Send COPIES ONLY of music. Do not send originals, as no materials will be returned. One hard copy with the composer’s name and identifying information removed. A letter containing contact information (name, address, phone number, e-mail address). The performance history and the composer’s program notes for each work submitted. A brief composer biography. CD or Mp3 recordings of the music, if available. MIDI realizations and audio files are acceptable. Administrative Fee: U.S. $25 per piece submitted. Remittances must be in U.S. currency. Pay through PayPal, money order, or certified check drawn on a U.S. bank. Make checks payable to Freudig Singers of Western New York. To make payment by PayPal, please visit Freudig Singers 2017 Choral Composition Competition. Send materials, postmarked by June 1, 2017, to: Freudig Singers of WNY c/o 150 Jewett Parkway Buffalo, NY 14214 U.S.A.
  2. Update for 1/4/2017 (website integration update) Compositions can be made private/public Public files can be commented on and/or edited. This allows for collaboration. Each time a file is saved, it will create a new version. Thus, if you wish to revert back to a specific date, you may do so. View compositions by latest comments View new compositions by other members Website integration (view "works that need reviews", "top posts" and "top topics" in a dashboard) This puts Music Jotter in a complete phase, and in the next few days, a few select individuals will help me begin to beta test this product.
  3. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, We would like to inform you about the Composition competition The contemporary piano 2017 organized by AN ART ARTISTRY for the 3rd time. The competition is about compositions for piano solo or piano 4 hands, duration up to 5 minutes. The competition is open to composers of all ages and nationalities. The selection criteria are musical and no extra-musical parameters such as gender, level of difficulty, nationality and age quotas etc will be taken into account. The only examined quality will be the text itself. Unpublished works & works that have been performed previously and won competitions in the past may be submitted. Site: http://www.an-art.com/en/activities/491.html Brochure: http://www.an-art.com/images/DOCUMENTS/2016/CCTCP2017/EN/pianocomp2017_flyersitek_en.pdf About the previous competition (The contemporary piano 2016): http://www.an-art.com/en/activities/432.html?start=3 Youtube: CCTP2016: Review & Results Previous winning works:
  4. I just wanted to inform everyone that we updated our forum structure like so: Board (Announcements & Old Forums) Upload Your Compositions for Analysis or Feedback (8 upload forums) Community (Composer's Headquarters, Repertoire, Performance, Advice & Techniques, Off Topic Competitions & Collaboration (Hall of Fame, Monthly Competitions, Collaborative Works, Challenges, External Competitions) Technological (Finale & Sibelius Help Desk, Sound Libraries) Please note that I merged the Ask YC forum with Advice & Techniques. I also am going to add another forum for our notation software, which will be dedicated to sales, bug submissions, and features. I will activate this forum once I am ready for beta testing. Let me know if you like the new layout, and if it flows better.
  5. Update for 10/27/2016: I would just like to inform everyone that further development of new features for Music Jotter has been finalized before the first initial release. The rest of the development of this product before release will focus on finalizing Soundfonts, bug fixes, partial integration with the web, and interface fixes if necessary. Here are the final features that have been added: Music Scrubbing (click the mouse and drag to playback portions of a score) Realistic Playback using up to 4 metrics (tempo, velocity, attack and duration) There will be a value from 0 through 20. 0 indicates no realistic playback, 1 indicates a low randomness and 20 indicates the highest randomness of the 4 metrics. Mixer finalized (mute, solo, instrument change, channel change, volume control per channel, master volume, master tempo) The program doesn't support antialiasing on the screen, however, it supports exporting to an antialiased PDF. Soundfont integration 95% complete. Currently fixing a few issues, but will have ability to export a WAV file.
  6. The 15th annual Joan Guinjoan Young Composer's Competition is here! This competition, based at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (www.esmuc.cat) in Barcelona, is open to all nationalities. The complete information and instructions for online submission can be found here: 15th annual Joan Guinjoan Young Composer's Competition
  7. I will maintain a list of potential beta testers within this thread. So far we have: fishyfry bkho
  8. This will not be available for the Mac initially. I thought about spending another year to code this for the Mac, but I'd rather see if Music Jotter will be successful as a Windows product first, before jumping the gun too much.
  9. I would like to use this thread as an official introduction to our new software, which I am calling Music Jotter. If you are interested in this development, here are some links: Facebook Page Product Website Development If you have any questions about the product, please post them here. I also am looking for a list of serious beta testers to test drive Music Jotter, to help find bugs and issues. Let me warn you, there will be bugs as this is a very complex software. But with your help and cooperation, I can fix a lot of these issues as they arise. As far as beta testers, I will only select individuals who are relatively active in this forum. So if you want to test this product, your participation on this forum would be required to be considered. The cost of this product has not been determined, but it will cost at least $100. I can't imagine pricing Music Jotter over $200, since my goal is to have as many people use the product for collaboration purposes. But nothing is set in stone at this time. Loyal members to Young Composers who make and continue to make contributions to the site will get this product for free if interested. If you've missed it, you can watch a rudimentary demo here:
  10. Update for 7/14/2016 If you missed it, please view the DEMO. The demo doesn't demonstrate the awesome unlimited undo/redo action! Accomplished since last update: Unlimited undo action now includes lyrics and special symbols, such as slurs, trills, arpeggios and crescendos Added a mixer to include volume control, panning, solo and mute What's left? Finalize the mixer, add instrument and channel control and implementation of soundfonts Music scrubbing (the ability to drag a music bar to listen to playback) Realistic human playback, so that it sounds like the piece has been sequenced And finally, integration with our forum Estimated time to finish the above could possibly be until the end of this year. In actuality, I just need a few dedicated weeks of 8 hour work days to finish, but the reality is I don't have that time with a full time job. This is however the final steps at this moment, and I don't see any apparent need for extra enhancements. I think I've captured most of what is needed for a fully functional notation software. If this endeavor works out, I would then work on this as my full time job, and dedicate extra resources to solidify a better product. But I am testing the waters to see where we can go from here. As far as cost, I can't provide anything just yet. I will recruit beta testers to help me test drive the product, and this group of people will help me shape the product and assist with pricing. I may also take a survey on what you would "pay for this" after I create a better DEMO of the product's full capabilities. But I do think that if many people on this site adopt this product, it can provide a great resource for lessons, competitions and forum posting. We can definitely get creative here and I'm excited about the potential.
  11. At the very bottom of the webpage (you may have to minimize the chat bar), you will see "Theme", right next to the "Contact Us" link. Click on "Theme", and a popup box should appear. You can choose the Blue Theme, in which you can then start testing the JPlayer to see if that fixes the issues with Safari.
  12. I agree with everyone here, don't rely on anything other than your own storage system for backups. But I just want to emphasize again in this case, that no work has actually been lost.
  13. I'm pretty sure that some people are having issues with JPlayer, so unfortunately I think I am at a "no win" situation here. But if you check the "Blue" theme by scrolling to the bottom of the page, I've tweaked that skin to run with Jplayer for your testing. Please let me know if you have any luck with that.
  14. I've tried two players so far, JPlayer and Sound Manager. I'm not sure if there are any other major ones on the market at this moment. Apparently these html5 players aren't perfect, and don't work great with specific versions of Safari. At this point, I'm not sure what I can do, as I am not the creator of these html5 players. Do you have these same issues with the archives? The archives use an older version of JPlayer.
  15. I had to look that one up, but I could put in some retro sounds, that might be neat! I've been demoing some soundfonts, and none of them seem that great for orchestra works. I think what I may end up doing is shipping the product with one of the above soundfonts, or multiple depending on the size of the soundfont (with the permission of the creator). But I think VST is the way to go, and I am going to look into integrating VST support with the product. The only thing I can't do is ship with VST sounds since I won't have the rights, and MakeMusic bought Garritan, so Personal Orchestra is out of the question!
  16. I am looking for a General Midi compatible (128 instruments + drum kit) decent quality soundfont file "sf2". Originally I asked for someone to help make VST instruments, however I realize VST instruments might be tough to make. But what I can do is implement a good soundfont that I can distribute with our music notation program. Here are some candidates, and I will contact the owner of these soundfonts once we come to a general consensus on which soundfont might be best: Princess Soft SF2 Compifont Papelmedia Ntonyx Pro Vitamin What do you guys think? Are there any other candidates?
  17. Update for 6/1/2016: Probably the hardest part of this project, unlimited undo/redo actions finally completed! Actions include: Single addition/deletion of notes, symbols and text Groups of copied notes/symbols/text (partial or full measure) Mass and partial deletion of notes/symbols/text Detect a symbol and text edit from point a to point b to point c, etc Text updates/changes Measure addition and removal detection Single and mass note pitch changes Actions don't include: Staff addition/removal Clefs Certain symbols, such as slurs, trills, arpeggios, crescendos Lyrics Measure width and staff height Special care was taken into speed and accuracy of operations.
  18. We've had issues with that system in terms of malware, which is one of many reasons why I had to close the system down and migrate us to the forum 100%. This site also has been on a few blacklists unfortunately because of this malware, but we are slowly gaining back our reputation since I've cleaned everything, and performed this upgrade. Because I don't have the time to upkeep with that old system in terms of the "coding portion", I've decided to just keep everything on this Invision Board platform. I've already implemented the previous mp3 track and pdf system within these forums, and the code is extremely minimal, which is great for me. While this may initially be an inconvenience, I do believe in the long term this will work out for the better. My advice is to open a new thread in the uploads forums if you want to keep visibility of certain works. In the meantime, we are trying to devise a better "Reviewer" system along with a more active staff, so that works have a higher chance of being reviewed. Since the forum "commenting" system is far superior to our old system, these events can be better managed.
  19. Hello, None of your works have been lost, but you did help me catch an error, so thank you for that. I've fixed the error and you can retrieve all your works here: Your Works I realize it is frustrating when a website has changed, but this new system that we have is much more secure and less prone to attacks. Furthermore, we as a community will be much better integrated in hopes to increase member engagement. My focus is do just that, so I hope you understand.
  20. Please introduce and start a new topic about yourself here: Introduce Yourself Here
  21. Ok, this problem is resolved. Please try again and let me know if you still have issues.
  22. I doubt this is an operating system issue. Are you both using windowsXP? What browser are you using? But if two people are now having this issue, and others are fine, this might be an IPB bug on certain situations. Can both of you take a screenshot of the error so I can decide if this should be submitted to IPB?
  23. You might have been uploading works while I was performing some testing. I am trying to get us an embedded mp3 player so that we don't have to download files; I'd rather have streaming mp3s. I'm currently learning this new forum software, but I am getting the hang of it. Good news is, that whatever you have uploaded will be fixed once I get this HTML5 player up and running. As for the archives, the best thing you can do is re-upload your works. The reason why I made this change to the site is because I am going to try my best to revive this community, and "keeping it simple" is a good first step. At first this may be annoying, but in the long run, I honestly believe this is in the best interest of this community.
  24. My apologies, this was me, each time I make a test and edit, the order changes. Please bear with me while I try to get this HTML5 player working.
  25. This has been fixed. You may also get to the archives by hovering over "Site"
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