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  1. Go to google.com. Type "site:www.youngcomposers.com keyword1 keyword2 etc" without quotes and you will find exactly what you were looking for. May be better than the integrated search in this forum.
  2. Composer depot is now gone...I added repertoire category with two forums...Orchestra, symphonic and chamber...and the other forum is piano. Don't think we need jazz or pop yet. I will put those categories up as the forum gets bigger, and if I see participation in the repertoire forums. My main goal was eliminating subforums, which was a stupid idea to do in the first place.
  3. I wasn't aware of that. But, I am thinking about merging all categories from Composer's Depot into just one category being (orchestra, symphonic, piano). Eventually, I will add jazz/rock/pop in its own separate category, but I don't think we have enough people on this forum who really know enough about jazz or pop to have good discussions about it yet. What do you think about this idea?
  4. Yes, I am going to do this. There is an integrated chat with the invision board, however it's a monthly charge! They do have a free one, I will look into that. But it probably isn't that sophisticated. The good news is, I think everything is run on their server, so it means I don't have to install anything, and it wouldn't use my bandwidth. But this makes me think the free chat probably isn't very good.
  5. I plan to make this forum one of the highest quality and most visited music forums on the world wide web so new talent can be discovered, and so you guys can get true reviews of your music. I am taking advantage of the web, because the web grows exponentially, and it is great for advertising. This forum only drives composers and musicians...so the traffic is very targetted. The more visitors a day, the more probability you guys will meet up with professionals who can hear new talent. The more visitors, the more members per day signing up. Imagine having 50 signups a day. More comments, more music, more talent, more professionals. Of course this place will need money to run (needs money to run now)...but I will create options. I may have to adjust user attachment space later, but to post in this forum will always be free.
  6. I agree with this comment, but like what others said, sometimes we can't offer opinions, because we may like a completely different style, and be biased towards that music. For example, I will never comment on rap, pop, rock and hip hop, because of my lack of interest in that type of music, which causes me to be biased. I am more interested in the instrumental part of music. So my opinion would be biased probably. Just as, I wouldn't want someone who doesn't truly appreciate romanticism to comment on my works, because that person would probably hate my compositions. However, I know what you are saying still. One big reason why there are more posts than comments is because the board is still a new born. Granted, it is growing at a remarkable speed, however we can't forget that YC was stale and needs a lot of work still with marketing. I am trying my best, but give it a few months. Another way to overcome the lack of comments is to have an "approval" system for that particular forum. This way, people can comment while "waiting". The only reason why I am not doing that yet is because the board is young, and I want posts. However, having an approval system may encourage people to not just post "whatever" in the future. Furthermore, I can assign knowledgeable moderators in a specific genre of music to post their comments (if I can get any takers later on). So far, the moderators can edit the whole board. But later on that will probably change. This assures that each forum is cared for, and a person who posts most likely will get the attention he/she wants (because the moderators job will soon be to help contribute to someone's post or question!) All this stuff can't happen until the board gets more unique hits a day. We get about 2-5 signups a day on average which is great, but we only get 150-200 unique visitors a day. We also get bookmarked about 15% of the time which is unbelievable, so people are interested in what you guys have to say! But still, unique visits a day is still pretty small and has to be increased.
  7. I don't think this forum software allows that, but no worries! I am going to be installing a user management software on the site, so that a composer can store his or her own music, and even personal profile on his/her own page! No need for folders with this method. I plan to do this in the next month or so.
  8. I'm not really sure where the mods have been lately, but this disorderly organization is partly my fault, since I have not really said anything to the mods about what they should be doing yet. I probably will appoint new mods to help out if they desire...I'd like to track down all of the older YC members soon.
  9. chopin


    Ok, I was doing some thinking. This category of "composers" would be to hard to upkeep. I mean, there are just way to many composers, and I have a feeling there would be many blank topics. I am thinking about changing this category to just plain old "repertoire" to narrow down the subcategories big time. There would be hundreds of subforums and this is going to look pretty messy. Sometimes I have to lay out things in order to see if it will work, or not work...and I see that this category isn't going to work. But don't worry. I will keep the same idea, just it will be alot less messier.
  10. Mark put a "changing ownership" homepage before I obtained the domain. After I obtained the domain, I added to it until the design was a little bit more ready. Putting my name on the front page served 2 purposes: 1. So you guys can get to know me. 2. An experiment to see if the page would have been found by that phrase. I felt it was necessary to let most of the old forum members know the site had a new owner (so did Mark) because many things would change...and it was just temporary while the forums changed over. I am in the process of trying to design the permanent page, and content :happy:
  11. If you have windows media player, you could listen to the midi and mp3 files. You can't hear sib or mus files because you need the software. But windows media player is free, and comes with all versions of windows. If you have a mac, I don't know anything about it, so maybe a mac user can chime in?
  12. Hi everyone! My name was Chopin in the YC forum. I didn't realize most of you guys transferred here for the time being. I am hoping the owner of YC will read this, and may respond. Obviously YC needs tons of work. There is really no easy way to increase the activity of YC without a dedicated, musically inclined, and great internet marketer and webmaster. Therefore, I would like to purchase the domain of youngcomposers.com, but of course this is depending on if Mr. Richer and his willingness to sell. One big reason why I want ownership, is because I have many ideas on my mind on how to revive the site. These are the things that I will do to the young composers website if I am able to purchase it: 1. Increase traffic to the site. I may be able to get 200 unique visitors to the site in a few months. One thing to note though. YC may be under a Google penalty. If YC is not under a Google penalty, I may even be able to drive more traffic to the site in a few months. 2. Get the youngcomposers domain name listed in big directories that otherwise take years and luck to get in. I can guarantee listings. These directories are ultra important to Google rankings. 3. Implement a database driven system so that a composer can sign up, have his own webpage, and post his own music in links. I am doing research as of now, to see which system would be best. 4. Obviously upgrade the forum to something similar to this. 5. Create some kind of contest, for incentives to participate. The contest will be whoever has the highest rating composition. The highest rating composition will be recorded by my recording studio for free. I can record midi files to sound more realistic. I will then post the newly recorded mp3 on the site. I may do this weekly or monthly, depending on participation. 6. Put the site on a virtual dedicated. My server would have 200 gb of bandwidth and 20 gb of space. I can fulfill all of these promises. As I can't guarantee success, the probability of success I feel would be higher if this site had a prominent and knowledgeable owner. I already run a successful website as it is, which I started from scratch. My site currently gets about 400 unique visitors a day. I may even be able to channel some of the visitors from my site to YC, and that perhaps may be a head start. I hope that Mr. Richer will highly consider selling the domain, and I hope I can get all of your support. I thank Mike for bringing to my attention that the owner was even able to be contacted; I thought for sure youngcomposers was a complete loss of ownership. If Mr. Richer decides he would rather not sell the domain to me, it won't be the end of the world. I still am going to go through with my idea, on another domain that I purchased. The only difference is, it would not be on youngcomposers.com. I really hate to compete with Mike and YC, but I honestly wanted to start a site like this on my own, even before I knew an owner of this site existed. One of two things could happen. Mike and the rest of you guys can wait until I launch my site for the transfer, or Mike can develop YC still, and I will go off into my own direction. If Mike wants to build on YC, I absolutely will not steal you guys away. You are all a team. It would be unfortunate if I am forced to go in my own direction, but once I get an idea in my head, it basically does not go away until I succeed or fail. It would be sad to start this type of site without you guys, but it would be even sadder if you all broke away because of my decision. Stick together! Thanks for reading, and if you are reading this Mr. Richer, let me know your decision... Sincerely, Mike
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