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  1. Google reader doesn't require anyone to log in to view PDFs. What messages are you getting? Maybe try clearing your browser cache?
  2. We don't enable deletion of pieces because you can delete all of your reviews by mistake. However you can "update" a piece, and delete your tracks and pdf files within your piece by clicking "update" on your music page. If you still need to delete a piece, contact me and I will remove it for you.
  3. Uploading Music: Click Upload in the navigation towards the top at any moment, and choose the category you wish to upload to; be sure you categorize your work accordingly Add either MP3's, Midis, or Youtube links, as well as PDFS. Do not add a midi and mp3 in one upload, or an mp3 and youtube link or the system wont interpret your files correctly. You may click and drag files from your computer to begin the upload process. You can reorder your files at any time by left clicking on the "arrow" to the left of the filename (the page may have to be refreshed for this to work) You can also "click" on your filename directly, to edit the title of your track. There is a link called "my music" that you can click on at any time, to view all pieces you have uploaded on this site. Linking to Youtube To add a Youtube track, create an empty file on your computer in the following format, with two underscores separating the name of your file, with the youtube id, followed by a "yt" extension, like so: "name of file__youtubeid.yt" An example: my first piece__dPwmk7EXpcA.yt Add that file as you normally would add a midi or mp3. Now you can reorder and change the name of your tracks with ease. Updating Music To update a piece, simply go to your music page, and click "Update". You may also manage your works on your profile page. Browsing While browsing music, you can search even further while you drill down as you click on new category levels. You will notice a search bar above "category, title and name". Type in a keyword and press enter to filter your results. The music results are ordered by latest comment, then by latest upload.
  4. I've created a new test site that I spent a few weeks developing myself. I would like you guys to thoroughly test it. The main purpose of redoing the site again is to take all custom functionality from this forum off into its own section. As a result of the new site, the forum will be simplified to just the basic purpose of what a forum is supposed to do, handle discussion. The test site contains a much easier way of uploading and navigating music. Some features include: Drag and drop mp3 files into the browser (same for pdfs) New html5 jplayer instead of flash to playback tracks Comments are ajax driven (realtime posting), same goes for paging through the results. This will prevent page refresh so that listening to music will not be disrupted. Browsing through music will be much faster and intuitive I can easily add features since everything is customized and not restricted to the string forum coding rules Signing up on the forum automatically signs you up on the main site (facebook connect should work as well). The new site features will give me the chance to completely separate the forum from all custom coding, which will speed up the site, make it more intuitive to navigate, and eliminate most errors. The test site is located here. You must register since it is a test site. Please report your thoughts as you post test music uploads, and comments.
  5. This is great news, looks like we are back to normal now.
  6. Unfortunately we got attacked by a hacker and malware apparently infected the domain for a day or so. I've ran an antivirus software to clear up some of the problems, and I've upgrade Invision Board to the latest version. Furthermore, I've updated our server password. Google is currently blocking the site because of this reason, however we are pending another site review, and hopefully we will have this resolved asap.
  7. Are you guys still having these issues? I had an antivirus program scan my server, and one of my sites has been hacked. I disabled the website and requested Google to review the site again. Please keep me posted if you are still having issues accessing this site during the week.
  8. Grosvenor Park Young Theatre are looking for a young person aged 16-24 with a keen interest in theatre and music, who lives in the Cheshire, Wirral, North Shropshire or North Wales area to take on the role of Assistant Musical Director / Composer for the Grosvenor Park Young Theatre Company. The project will take place from Monday 29th July through to (and including) Monday 19th August 2013 between 10am and 5pm and you must be fully available during these times. For more information and details of how to apply, please visit www.chesterperforms.com/opportunities
  9. Last week we were experiencing some trouble due to possible hardware failure. On top of that, I noticed a few unoptimized pages on YC, including the music directory, search, and music file pages. We are now on newer hardware, and I've identified and fixed most of the slower pages on this website. Please let me know if the site has been faster for you, and to what degree (by answering the poll). I also would appreciate it if you happen to identify any slow pages, to let me know which pages are still being slow for you. Thanks!
  10. Um, there is a contact tab, and you can modify uploaded files :dunno:
  11. Structure: Music directory, Major Works, Repertoire, Radio (playlists, review credits, reviewers controlling aired.fm), chat options, mp3 playback, score embedding. There are a whole bunch of structural changes. I've not received complaints, but the design is boring. If you guys are this against a design change you can continue to use this skin without a problem. My goal is to try and make this place appealing for first time visitors, so that they understand this is a music site at first glance. First impressions are important.
  12. We want to be professional, but not boring. I'll try to find the right balance best I could, but a nice design could only help the community. Anyone who is unsatisfied could continue to use this skin, but this skin doesn't do much to suggest this is a music site unfortunately. This could leave a bad first impression.
  13. We can't abandon design, I feel a nice design to this site will help the overall feel. Structure is something I constantly am working on. If you have any design suggestions, feel free to share.
  14. I've asked the designer if he can provide a better background, something with a more orchestral feel. Don't worry about the icons, I can change them at will. I probably will use a combination of his and what we currently have. I'll keep this design as a backup, but I felt YC was due for a more professional appealing look. Since these are mockups only, nothing is set in stone yet, I will most likely go back and forth a few times. Any suggestions on how to improve the current mockups?
  15. We are going to undergo a design overhaul. Please take this poll and express which design you like best.
  16. I am looking into phone application development for YC, and I most likely will start with Android development because it doesn't require me to invest in a Mac. But I am curious what the Iphone and Android population is on this site.
  17. Young Composers is now broadcasting selected works uploaded to YC. Please bookmark http://radio.youngcomposers.com to listen to our live stream broadcast!

  18. I've just done some tests and FB users can edit their own comments and reviews. We disallow a user from deleting his/her own compositions only because we don't want you to eliminate all reviews associated with your piece by accident. However, the user does have the ability to "edit" compositions by deleting or adding movements. Let me know if you have further problems. Feel free to PM me directly to get a quicker and more direct response.
  19. I think you have to completely exit the site from your mobile device first, then enter the site again to see the button at the bottom.
  20. When a composition is moved into Major Works category and remains at the top of the list, it will be part of the YC navigation. Thus, when a major work is reviewed, it bumps to the top, and becomes a part of the navigation.

  21. Ok, let me think about where I can place the "what's being listened to now" feature, I'm not entirely sure where else to place this at the moment. The trick is putting it in a place where it is obvious, but so that it is not en eyesore. However, I did spend some time this evening adjusting Major Works, and I believe it is now in a more logical place. Thanks for your constructive criticism.
  22. This is your opportunity to help create legislation that could remedy a great injustice and positively impact thousands of lives. Our online petition to "Stop Stacking 924©'s" is a quick and effective way for you to voice your opposition to excessively severe mandatory minimum sentencing policies. Simply read through the petition (www.helprightawrong.com) and then "sign-in" if you support the recommendations made by the United States Sentencing Commission. Once you've finished please make sure that you pass this petition along to all of your family members, friends and colleagues so that their voices may also be heard by Congress. We are trying to obtain 5000 signatures within 50 days. Please help.
  23. One of my larger projects on this site was to create a music directory that communicates with our new upload system. A problem this new upload system brought to us was that it didn't organize or order music the way we were used to in the past. Hence, I started work on a directory back in July, which at first launch looked primitive, unusable and received much criticism. So I went back to the directory and finalized it to look more like the forum results. I also paginated the results, ordered results by latest review/submission/movement upload/composition update, added dynamic icon cues for each of the 12 major categories, and made the urls search engine friendly so that we can now rank in Google. Not only does the directory mimic our old way of uploading music, but we can now view pieces by keyword tags by narrowing down results even further. For example, we can now search by composer, unit of time, most commented, least commented, by specific genre, or view all music as a whole. The power of this directory is that each "sectioned" view is ordered by latest review/submission/update. Finally, I've added upload buttons to each main category section regardless of what sub category you are in. For example, if you have Piano Music chosen as a main category, and you are narrowing down through the results, an upload button will be present at the top for your convenience. Let me know your overall thoughts of this new enhanced system, as I plan on making this directory the main way to navigate through music, and I plan on advertising it as well.
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