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  1. Thanks everyone!

  2. That's understandable, and I have a solution. The directory we have now simply needs to be formatted so that it looks like the forum style, I can do that. I could also put the main 12 categories on the homepage to have it look like forum topics like we used to have, if that is what the majority would want.
  3. Hello everyone, For the sake of this poll, a forum is defined as a category that holds a bunch of related topics. I am interested in getting opinions about YC so far, attached is a poll that I would like everyone to answer. Please answer these follow up open ended questions: Do you feel our forums have a lack of participation, and if so, why? If you do not personally use the forum discussion boards much, can you explain why? Are the topics on YC too old and outdated for today's generation? Can you provide 3 or more forum ideas NOT currently utilized by YC, that you feel will engage composer interest? Which forums on YC do you feel should be revamped, or killed? Do you find the sibelius/finale help desk, well, helpful? Your thoughts on the uploads portion of this site? And now for the ultimate question: ***If you were the owner of YC, tell me what your strategy would be to help vitalize the forums, and site in general. I will go first: Keeping up with technology is a big part keeping this site alive. I run this site part time, with a full time job so I do what I can when I get home from work, and on the weekends. I do feel we need to clean up the forums, old topics, and old members so that this site reflects a true representation of today's generation, not a generation from years ago. This is why I feel we need to redo some our forum topics. I feel the uploads section is an improvement, but visibility of new works may need to be increased. I'm trying various techniques to display user music on the homepage to help increase visibility. Marketing this site is also necessary, and I plan on hiring someone to help us rank better in the search engines for various keywords. Some ideas for YC include bringing back the reviewer team, conducting interviews, being sure we have a dedicated moderator for the Sibelius/Finale help desk and closing threads upon solving problems, opening up Major Works and opening up a streaming radio (in the process).
  4. There is no download button because YC streams mp3's. Make sure you have flash installed so that you can see our flash player.
  5. I really like that idea a lot. Let's organize something, perhaps a monthly reward goes to the reviewer with the best types of reviews. I can create the scoreboard without a problem, but we need people willing to do the recordings. Let's set something up.
  6. We can do a combination, great pieces get exposure to the radio, as well as members who do reviews. Apparently the members showcase didn't really solve this problem. I probably can do away with the showcase and replace it with the radio instead. We would need DJ's to host the sessions. We can use tinychat (the chat built into our IM) as the spectator room.
  7. Ok, so I added the templates, we can add more later. I don't see harm in this because they are just a few words to start, and to aid someone. If people don't use them, I can easily take it off. So let's see how it works for now. Also, I think we should start up the review team once again. I can create a dashboard for reviewers so that they can view their stats. An incentive to start reviewing could be exposure of works on an internet radio we broadcast each night, or each week. For example, maybe we don't even consider playing works on the radio if the composer has a low review count. I think that all 3 combinations may work. The template system, a new review team (and a dashboard of stats), and internet radio.
  8. This system is definitely here for the long term, we are settled. I wish I could do something about the archives, but its easier to just start over again.
  9. Unfortunately there is not much I can do about porting over the old music, it is too labor intensive. The user will have to be responsible for uploading the works again. It's not a big deal, the uploader is easy to use and much quicker with this new site. You don't have to upload one by one, you can upload multimovement works which makes the process a lot smoother.
  10. I've raised the picture upload limit to 200kb. Try now.
  11. We'll have to do a test on Saturday. When I see you online on Saturday, I want you to click on a piece of music. Then I will run the mysql query that displays the info in the news ticker to see what is going on, this will help me diagnose the problem.
  12. It's definitely accurate, I double checked my query. The thing is, YC respects privacy, so if you are logged in anonymously, you won't display up there. Are you someone who logs in anonymously?
  13. I didn't realize people used their arrow keys anymore to navigate a web page, so admittedly that is not something I thought about. I could of course disable the arrow key functionality if it is that much of a pain. Does anyone else use the arrow keys to scroll up and down the forum page?
  14. Hello, We still have our category forums, if you look on our forum homepage, you will see a music navigation tab. The categories are listed right there, under the shoutbox. It is true we redid the site to allow for better categorization, which is how our directory is built, but this is better for the long run. You can head over to the directory and search for music this way, you will see how convenient it is now to search through music. In fact, this is a better way to find music you like, because you can drill down through the categories. Furthermore, an easy way to upload music is by clicking on the "upload music" button located towards the top of this site. A dropdown menu will appear, and you can add your music this way, while being on any part of the site. The old method was to click through the category forum, and create a topic, and attach an attachment. As far as aesthetics, I am going to work on a better design, but for now we are stuck with the default IPB theme since IPB 3.2 is still very new, and not many themes are out yet for this version. Now I have a question for you. Do you like our current forum topic discussions? What topics would you add, if you were running the site. Thanks for your feedback!
  15. Please join this group if you are interested in shaping YC and offering suggestions and criticism to help improve this community even further. As you all know, we've been through some development, and I felt the development didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped last year. As a result, I took the liberty of learning programming, and while it was a long and arduous process it paid off because I can implement your ideas on the spot now. As you can see, the network has been eliminated, and we are using one platform to power the community. This allows for a true integrated experience. Here is a list of our changes so far: Improved homepage General Homepage: real activity tracking, YC explanation, charts User Homepage: Tracks your habits in order to suggest new music and forum topic suggestions. Provides a view chart of your uploaded music by members only (no guests), updated in real time. [*]Improved Music Navigation There is now an easy way to navigate through music on the homepage. Powered by ajax, members can now peruse through works without leaving the forum home. Furthermore, new works for the day are annotated by a red notification. [*]Improved Uploader We allow linking to youtube We support multi-movements (both mp3 and youtube) We support pdf embedding via Google reader And finally, please read our upload guide. [*]Color Coded Directory Offers a faceted navigation, where users can drill down through specific categories in order to find specific music. Can narrow down the search by choosing specific composers via an auto updated autocomplete drop down. Red color indicates pieces needing a review, Yellow indicates pieces with 1-2 reviews, and Green indicates pieces with 3 or more reviews Pieces are ordered by latest comment, not by latest submission [*]Autocomplete Search Can search through music or forum. As a member types, an autocomplete box pops up to help aid the searcher. Music and Forum Topics are ranked by many relevance factors. Click the "search guide" to the left of the search box for search tips. [*]Comment Map If you are curious to see registered members who commented and/or viewed the works on this site, navigate through the comment map. Mouse over the box and wait for a popup to display. Green members indicate members who commented, regular text indicates viewers. Mouse over the names to retrieve a popup of each members list of works. [*]Similar Topics/Music A really neat feature added to YC recently is the similar topics/music module. When you create a topic or music file, similar topics will display to the right of the post. This is a great way to discover old similar topics that may interest you, or other similar compositions that may have gotten lost or buried. [*]Instant Messenger Our instant messenger allows anyone who is online the ability to instant message in real time. This replaces our pager, if you remember the site in 2005-2006. [*]Groups A great way to manage competitions and lessons is through our new groups module, recently added.
  16. Oh, its supposed to move, that's the functionality of the module.
  17. Ahh, the box is next to the genres for me, you must be on a smaller screen. I will see what I can do about the CSS, for now, try and put up with it until I come up with a CSS hack.
  18. Is the showcase still moving for you? It should be ok, but if it is giving people too many problems, I could consider moving the module on the homepage instead. Anyway, I added a tabbed navigation to the forum now, where I can start putting useful things. One new addition today is an enhanced music navigation tool. Check it out, and let me know what you guys think. Is it useful? Is navigating music a bit easier now?
  19. The music archives is in a tab now, under "Older". As far as navigating music, I have something I will add soon, its a better way to navigate music, based on latest comments. Give me a bit of time, and I should have it up very soon.
  20. One thing to note, the mechanism fails if a member is showcased but does not have any material. Thus, I addressed this now, and if you are a top reviewer but do not submit any music, you will not be displayed. So uploading music through our system here is important if you are a top reviewer and want to have a chance to become showcased.
  21. You guys beat me to this, I secretly added this last night, but it took about a day's worth of work to get complete. The system as of now only measures the number of quality reviews in the Member Submissions category (it doesn't count anything in the forum). However posts that just state things like "I really enjoyed your work, I have nothing else to add, great job!", or anything similar won't count. Reviews must be in good depth, which is why the showcase probably won't change much unless people start to pick it up here with reviewing. But that's the point, this showcase is intended to encourage people to not just post music, but also to contribute. Can you explain what you mean by dents hammered out? If it is the design, design isn't exactly my strong point, so maybe you have a few ideas for me. I will be happy to check them out, the CSS is very easy to edit. PS: You will also notice that the showcase is randomized (of course it's not completely random, we still apply our criteria) to show some slight variation and give those who would otherwise be off the charts a chance to be displayed, just not as frequently.
  22. Due to everyone's feedback, I will keep black as just an option for those who like darker skins, but it will not be default. This boring blue will continue to be the default until we get it right :)
  23. Hello guys. Can you please answer the poll questions, and let me know what you think about the skin YC Dark? If you minimize your chat bar, you will see an option to change your theme. Click on this and choose "YC Dark".
  24. What exactly do you mean by this? Does the player load correctly for you?
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