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  1. Just fixed that bit, now it rounds UP to the nearest minute. And for those of you who do not wish to be tracked, you can simply log in anonymously and the activity tab will not track you. The activity tab is in real time, so this means each time someone on the site clicks somewhere, the activity tab will log it and add you to the top of the list. This will give everyone an idea of how many people are on this site in real time. As activity ages, it will get cut off the list, after 30 minutes. I can increase or decrease this at will. I am going to be adding very cool things, such as "music you may like" or "topics you may be interested in", as well as similar music when browsing the music sections. This won't take long for me to do, now that I understand how to apply.
  2. Ahh, those errors are directly related to the music map on the forum home. It's weird how this error never happened to me, I'll have to study the errors to see if I can figure out what the heck is going on.
  3. Wimpy is most certainly compatible with IE9, perhaps those people in the shoutbox just didn't have flash for IE installed. I believe flash is browser dependent.
  4. Here's a little update. I've been hard at work, working on a color coded directory that will help you guys navigate through submissions. Red, Yellow and Green boxes indicate at a glance which submissions need work. The directory seems bug free, and much quicker than the previous version. The directory can possibly replace the "review guide". Or we can have both, you decide :)
  5. I might reconsider a review staff, but I will discuss this with Marius and Robin. Perhaps if I purchase a groups modification, we can then keep track of all our reviewers this way. Before, management was a nightmare which is why we put the review board on hold. But now with our new functionality, a review board might actually make sense. I can even keep a scoreboard of how our reviewers are doing which might help encourage reviewers.
  6. In the past week or so, I have added 4 new updates to the site. Let me go over with you these updates: 1. You might notice a new tab called Review Guide. This guide will display submitted files in order of days aging with 0 replies, 1 reply, 2 replies and 3 replies. The idea is to provide visibility of which files have never been reviewed on this site, or have only 1 to 3 reviews. The goal is to decrease the number of files on this review guide to a minimum. As of this writing, there are 60 files that have not been reviewed, and we should get this down to 0. I realize the new system is taking some time to get used to, but now we have an easy way to see which files have not been reviewed. Simply click on the Review Guide tab and as you review works from this guide, this list will automatically decrease. 2. The directory is another powerful new addition, leaving the user with the power to search by category, subcategory, composer name, unit of time, and pieces needing reviews by color code. 3. The search was difficult to implement, but after some good research, I was able to get something up. There is a good explanation box that will explain the search further. Basically you are free to search two sections of the site (music and forum). The search will autocomplete as you type, which I feel is the main attraction. 4. And finally, I was able to come up with a current activity stream which I won't even link to, because it is obvious where it is located. This will display who has been active on the site within X minutes (so far the cutoff is 30 minutes). As users click around on the site, the number of users online will increase. This will be a good test to see how many users show up when I do my newsletter to let people know of the new and improved website. Note, if you sign in anonymously, the activity tab will not track you. Doing these projects has greatly helped me learn how to manage and improve this site on my own. I feel I have enough knowledge from this point on to make improvements, thus, I encourage you all to contact me (through Marius), in order to see new improvements, and features. Some of the things I would like to do next: Music you may like Topics you may like Similar music Permanent activity stream along with the real time activity stream Improved Facebook integration Comment map Friend relationship map (depending) Followed content map Groups (this one is easy, there is a modification that I can buy)
  7. Linking YC accounts to facebook is now possible.

    1. SYS65


      So everything I post there would be seen here too ? You won't like it because is not even in english

    2. chopin


      technically it should, but you have to checkmark "send to facebook"

    3. SYS65


      Ah YC -> FB ? I thought FB -> YC ...... Ok

  8. Young Composers now presents recently discussed works on the homepage.

  9. Thank you Marius for helping me explain to the community our goals here. Moving forward, YC is going to be much cleaner and organized with development. I think a system that works well is by having Marius come to me with a list of "problems" that I can personally address. I can address problems very quickly now because I know how the IPB suite works, and I can custom code efficiently now. This helps because I no longer have to contract work, and I can address things on the spot without having to communicate with developers my vision. This equals better, and faster development. So I would like to encourage you all to contact Marius if there is an annoyance, or you wish to see certain things changed to increase your user experience. Any functionality you wish to see, again, contact Marius, and him and I will discuss changes that must be made. As you can see, it works well because he communicated a major complaint to me today, and I was able to address it in about half an hour (Just see the forum home!) We are very close to being at a position to market the site on a monthly basis using newsletters, and once we start with this procedure, we should then have a nice and active group here. I also want to stress that although in 2005 and 2006 we were a very active community, we weren't as focused. I feel that today we are much more focused with our direction.
  10. I'm working on that, and if you have any ideas, please send me a private note. In fact, i'll add you to the message I just sent out to the admins and mods.
  11. The new design is a result of the software upgrade. We've basically eliminated all bugs we've had from the past year, and integration is now 100% throughout the site since I opted to use the entire Invision Suite for development. As far as design, I can purchase a few different skins, but IPB 3.2 is very new still, so we will have to wait a little until we start seeing some new different styles.
  12. These problems have been addressed. The only problem that may persist is the ordering of the movements in some cases. I am working with IPB to come up with a fix. Please let me know if there are other annoyances and I will be glad to fix any issues at an ongoing basis.
  13. Youtube Integration complete! Simply link to your youtube videos, and build your playlists!

    1. javileru


      Thank you so much for all your great work!

    2. MariusChamberlin


      Second that. Thanks a bunch!

    3. Kvothe


      What's next?

      and you are an amazing admin!

  14. This is just to let everyone know that we are now handling Youtube integration through the use of Youtube's api. We also can handle Youtube multiple tracks. Thus, if you have a 3 movement sonata that contains 3 videos on Youtube, simply add the three url's in the order you wish your movements to flow while uploading your music, and the player will play through all movements without any interruptions. The next addition will be to display the playlist to the right of the player so that the movements are more apparent. Depending on how popular this is, I can also include other integrations as long as the target websites allow other websites to embed their players. For example, I don't know if it is possible to embed a soundclick player on another site, but if this is possible, I can certainly add this addition. Please give feedback, I am always looking for new ideas, and other ways to improve this site.
  15. I think because when you first submitted your piece, you somehow chose the parent category (not sure how really). And I did not set up the parent category to display submissions in the submission forum. Feel free to start a thread here advertising your piece.
  16. I don't have this problem. Are you two still getting this error?
  17. Hello, No music has been erased, I will keep the archived database. Now when you click on a link through the archived forums, you will be taken to the appropriate page. If there are errors with this, let me know immediately, but I did some testing last week, and all links should be redirected appropriately. The reason for these changes are to improve the user experience. My next feat is to allow youtube integration through the new media management system, and to have just one player for multimovements.
  18. I'm not getting this error, but try using the skin "YC Modern" and let me know if you are still having troubles.
  19. Yes, profiles will be much more intuitive. In fact, the site will be much more intuitive. For now, if you click on your name (in the new skin), and choose "my content", this should be a substitute until we get all of this addressed.
  20. If you are on Modern Skin, the avatars aren't integrated yet. YC Classic they are. If you want to change your profile picture, you must do so here: youngcomposers.com/profile/edit/USERNAME GOES HERE/icon
  21. Got it, I will address those issues, they should be quite simple to fix.
  22. YC Classic offers a way to just click on "Upload Composition" within the forum. However YC Modern doesn't account for this. Are you referring to YC Modern? Because YC Modern is still a prototype skin, but everyone is still defaulted to YC Classic. Uploading a piece is pretty straight forward on this skin, no? It takes the user directly to the upload application.
  23. And that's why I am going to expand upon this prototype, and migrate parts of it to the wiki and network. I also don't think the issues exist anymore with IE9. Where's Peter :P This skin is not integrated with the rest of the site, which is why it will remain a prototype until I redo the other parts.
  24. Don't worry, I am using a test site right now for everything. When we go live, it won't be nearly as dramatic as it had been in the past. As for the blue colors, let me see what I can come up with, it may not be as bad as you think. YC Modern is still a prototype skin anyway, it isn't mean to be the final product. I will most likely model the new skin off of this one, however I am interested to see how this site will look with a simple design. The whole point is to increase usability, and if a simple design has this effect, then this will be our route.
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