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  1. Well, my main goal is to get to the last point. But to get there, the site needs work, and a better and more fluid design. The design is coming along, I will use much of what we have on the YC Modern, however I'm going blue, and simple. To "elaborate" on the two points for Jay, the "what's on your mind" posts to the right of the forum (where you enter in what you are doing), will also be on your profile, so it's easy to keep track of comments. The wall feed will be depreciated for now because I will be doing a lot of clean up work. Elgg (the main network structure) will be upgraded, along with the integration. Because I know how to integrate systems now, I can also integrate Mediawiki myslef. Thus, I can upgrade any time I want now which is a huge plus. Groups is a cool modification that I will buy for IPB. It's sophisticated, and the forum handles groups better than the network. The network will be used mainly for the quick comments, favoriting music, searching the music directory, etc. The radio will be on a subdomain radio.youngcomposers.com. This isn't set up though, so don't bother going there yet. It will be a very simple page, just a link to the radio, that's all. Oh, and the homepage will have a cool visual forum map pointing to the various parts of the uploads on the forum. I might make use of flash, or html 5.0, but either way, we need a nice visual for the homepage. Overall, this place will be much cleaner and more intuitive to navigate, especially since now I understand how to edit the site, and clean up everything myself.
  2. I just thought I'd give everyone a heads up on what I am doing with YC in the next few weeks. I've taken the initiative to learn the PHP programming language (like really learn) so that I could upkeep with this site on my own from now on without relying too heavily on developers. So, here's what's going to happen: 1. Redesign of the site, once again. Despite my semi-decent knowledge of css-design, I had no idea how to design IPB and the network before. However now I understand the elements involved, and hopefully this next skin will be much more successful, and fast. 2. I've decided to go with blues, purples and whites for the main design, with a minimalistic approach. We'll see how well that goes for us, although I will keep this red theme as an option for those of you who are liking it so far (YC Modern). 3. I've educated myself on how to integrate IPB and the network, so that I can upgrade anytime I want. Once upgraded, I most likely will depreciate the Feed and profile forum feed. In replace of this, we can simply use that area to keep track of your "whats on your mind" posts. 4. I am going to be replacing our standard flash player with a much better looking player, that can handle multiple movements. 5. I'll be adding a "groups" feature, where group leaders can PM everyone within their groups. This will come in handy for competition reminders, and other group functions. 6. And finally, my main goal is to tidy up this site before I start mass marketing it for the real reason why we are here. We will have our own online internet radio station, and each night I'd like to broadcast certain works of people from this site. We will invite groups of people to listen in, into a chatroom while everyone tunes into the YC radio. Discussion on pieces will take place in this chatroom, and I am hoping we can make this a nightly habit.
  3. Can you try firefox? Also, try our new YC Modern skin, as YC Classic is an older skin and may not be as efficient. I have no problems with the shoutbox personally, so it is hard for me to diagnose any issues. Also, be sure you have javascript enabled.
  4. Please clear your cache (temporary files) and cookies, then log in again.
  5. It's in your internet browser settings. Click on options, privacy, and "clear recent history". In IE this may be called a temporary file. If you delete this, and you still have problems uploading, then look into the file you are uploading. Is it an mp3? Is the bitrate very high? Try reducing the bitrate to 128kbps, then reupload. If you are still having problems, send me your username and pass, and I will do a test upload on your account.
  6. Simply click on Profile --> Edit Profile --> Edit Details (under your avatar). The dialog you are on currently takes you into a black hole because this is using the forum profile system which you can't get to (I am redirecting everyone into a different profile system). I realize there are broken elements right now, but I am working on fixing them to make everything more intuitive.
  7. Please delete your cache first, then try again. If problems persist, can you describe a little more in detail what errors you are receiving?
  8. No, cookies shouldn't make a difference. Cache is defined as temporary files stored to a folder somewhere on your computer. Cache may also be named Temporary Files in IE.
  9. Peter, try clearing your IE9 cache first before I submit a new Invision Board ticket. If this doesn't work for you, I'll request more help to see if we can figure this out.
  10. I'm going to have to download IE9 and test this for myself. I'll get back to you.
  11. I am currently redesigning the network part of the site so that it looks like YC Modern. Thus, all of these nuisances will be addressed in no time.
  12. Please verify that this has been fixed. It was not necessarily a glitch with IPB, but with the javascript library called prototype. Prototype 1.6 isn't compatible with IE9, and IPB 3.1.4 was packaged with 1.6. I uploaded prototype 1.7, so let me know if this did the trick.
  13. I might have to take this up with IPB, I can't figure out what the problem is so it must be an IPB glitch.
  14. I can't replicate this problem as I don't have IE 9, however you can help me diagnose this. The url structures to test: <a rel="nofollow external" title="External link" class="bbc_url" href="http://www.youngcomposers.com/profile/music/tuohey/composition?entry=78542">Prelude No. 1 Example</a> <a title="External link" class="bbc_url" href="http://www.youngcomposers.com/profile/music/tuohey/composition?entry=78542">Prelude No. 1 Example</a> <a class="bbc_url" href="http://www.youngcomposers.com/profile/music/tuohey/composition?entry=78542">Prelude No. 1 Example</a> <a href="http://www.youngcomposers.com/profile/music/tuohey/composition?entry=78542">Prelude No. 1 Example</a> Do me a favor, and copy the above into a txt file, then rename this file to html. Then double click on all of the URL's. Does the same problem occur to all the links?
  15. So for example, the following link does not work the way you want? Prelude No. 1 Example Can you tell me what happens on your end?
  16. Don't worry so much about status updates on the network. I will integrate the status updates on the forum to the network. Also, be sure you are logged into the network as well. Sometimes cookie sessions expire on one site, but not the other.
  17. You may use the YC Modern skin for the time being, until I get this addressed. I warn you thought that YC Modern is an experimental skin, and I will be working on it in real time, so you may want to switch back to YC Classic at times. I must have erased the old favicon when I upgraded to 3.1.4, that's a simple fix.
  18. Hello everyone! As you may know, awhile back a tragic incident occurred on this site, where many of the uploaded media has vanished from our server (this was due to a faulty script, which has now been addressed). However, there are a lot of dead pieces hanging around this place. As a courtesy, I have written a script that will warn you if you have any dead pieces lying around. A dead piece doesn't mean your actual thread has been deleted. Your threads and comments still exist, but in some cases the mp3 has been wiped from the server, and you will get a "file not found" error (or in the case of a midi file, it will take you to a blank page). When you reupload your media, your warnings up at top should disappear.
  19. But YC cares :) I'm trying to encourage you to either remove your dead pieces, or reupload media. I will post a message about this.

  20. But YC cares :) I'm trying to encourage you to either remove your dead pieces, or reupload media. I will post a message about this.

  21. This problem should be universally fixed for you now moving forward. Let me know if you continue to have these issues.
  22. I'm using firefox 3.6.16, and I have been logged in both the network and forum indefinitely. Can you guys clear your cache and use the newest version of FF? Then report back if you are still having these problems. I honestly don't know what the problem could be since I am having a hard time replicating this.
  23. This mass delete happened as an error to some members, but this occurred at least 4 or 5 months ago. Have you noticed any deletes recently? Please reupload your missing pieces, I am sure you can trust YC to not have this error again. We've identified the problem and corrected it months ago. Thanks!
  24. -Are the upload problems still occurring? -You have to be logged in the network in order to upload or reupload, be sure you are logged in. -I apologize for any problems with the design/skin. Can you take a screenshot because I am not experiencing anything on my end.
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