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  1. Peter_W and JohnPax, can you try reuploading your avatars? I want to see if they sync up this time.
  2. The logging off problem is something I am having the devs try and fix, starting today, this is a bit more of a complicated issue for me to fix on my own. As for the music uploads, I suppose I could add a universal button at the top, I figured that navigating to the forum might have been straight forward enough, but maybe not. As for the large post count problem, that was just a subtle error, all fixed.
  3. Here's what I will try. I will make a new music info square to the left, and put it underneath the main info square. Hopefully it will look nicer. Unfortunately I have to truncate the titles, some titles are so long that they will word wrap to the next line, making it look ugly and confusing. I could try putting alt text so that the full title appears when mousing over the links.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, applied! Do other people think that this is too cluttered? I can try making the font smaller, maybe that will help? Maybe widening the forum will do the trick too. I think putting this towards the left would reduce visibility. Let's try making the font smaller first to see if this helps.
  5. I'll check out the formatting of this tonight, I spent nearly all last night trying to just get the functionality :) I'm glad people are liking it so far. I'll probably do a character limit so I can also fit the number of replies next to the piece, and of course, I will format it as well so it looks pretty. I'm currently showing displaying latest 6, but do you guys want to see latest 10? Let me know.
  6. Are you talking about the featured work at the top?
  7. These are ongoing competitions, but would you say 15 days is reasonable to start asking for submissions? These are shorter tunes, and the purpose of these smaller challenges is to start getting more frequent submissions. We will probably wait until we have at least 3 or 4 submissions before we start judging the works. Since the competition is ongoing, there can be more than one winner if someone down the line composes a brilliant version.
  8. The first challenge is to fully orchestrate level 1 from Blaster Master. Remember, these competitions count now! The best version will be played via YC's online radio and people will sit in to listen! All submissions must go here here. Be sure you choose "Competitions: Video Game Orchestration" in the drop down when uploading your submission. Listen to the old tune!
  9. If you would like to take part of the 8 bit challenge, read on. The 8 bit challenge is a chance for you to show off your orchestration skills. The idea is to take music from an older system, such as atari, nintendo or sega, and fully orchestrate an old tune. We will really accept all music from any system, but to keep it interesting, the systems should be older, pre 2000. Super Nintendo, and even Nintendo 64 music will count in this challenge. Please stray away from Game Cube, Xbox, and systems that use CD quality music, even if the system is an oldie (eg: Sega Genesis CD). Please only submit music when challenges are submitted in this forum. Once a challenge is submitted, it will never close, and anyone can join the challenge at any time. Challenges may be posted by members, however the member must embed a YouTube video (using the [ youtube ]youtube url here[ /youtube ] tags) of the video game theme being presented. The winner of these competitions will be awarded online radio air time to be broadcast for a virtual concert. YC will submit announcements to the entire YC community about who are winners are, and when they should tune in! Here are some examples of orchestrated Nintendo music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yrjepmeYZk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R0J_a8jlKA
  10. Give it time to synch up with the forum. If you keep changing it, you will most likely miss the scheduled time of synchronization, and have to wait for the next cycle. It might take about an hour or less to synch up. Edit: I will check back in a few hours. If your picture doesn't update there may be a bug I will look into.
  11. Glad to see that fixed the problem. Also, to make things easier, the avatar and profile picture are the same. Thus, your profile picture IS your avatar, and vice versa.
  12. JohnPax, please verify if you are logged into the network. This is an annoyance that I am looking to address, however it is not a bug.
  13. It shouldn't be a mod thing, please use the YC Classic skin and test this out. This is a tweak I added about a week ago, so if it isn't functioning correctly, please notify me, but I need screenshots.
  14. It should be fixed, is it still not working? Try "liking" a piece directly on the music page.
  15. We're having a final wave of bug fixes in the next week or two. Many nuisances will be addressed, such as the avatar problem, and the birthday error. I'll try my best to fix a lot of these small problems myself though, as I am sure there are many grammatical errors within the site (the programmers are not native English speaking). I am learning php pretty well now so it shouldn't be a problem fixing these string errors. But I don't want to speak too soon, YC is a complex system, and I will try my best to break it down and analyze how it all works once development is finalized.
  16. Noted as well. I will definitely take a look and see what I can do personally.
  17. Please welcome Marius as Young Composers new administrator. The administrator position will be slightly different than how we did this in the past. For example, during the time Marius is Admin, I will be letting Marius handle the decisions on his own without my interference. Marius will be in charge of the following: Appointing staff Delegating events Policies, Code of Conduct enforcement, Code of Conduct changes, etc Keeping watch of volunteer staff, ensuring an active staff Taking suggestions from the announcements forum, and bringing them to my attention. Keeping the community at peace. Because this job may be overwhelming for a volunteer position, Marius will have some backup. Ferk: will remain technical admin. He has free reign of our admin control panel, and has the ability to create new forums, make skin edits at will, update our public homepage, and do everything Marius can do technically. However Ferk will not be involved with the policies, politics, and decisions, allowing him to concentrate on the things he is good at. Morgri and JesusFreak: Will both be an aid to Marius, and can help him with policy making, rule changes, rule suggestions, events, and more. They will also be in charge of my Facebook fan page, and twitter account which is linked. Further down the road they will aid me with monthly newsletter writings. I am hoping the community will benefit from these changes with a clear sense of leadership being set in place.
  18. If you are still interested please get in touch with Robin.
  19. You don't even have to delete the files, you can just reupload the media to fix the problem. Sorry about the loss, but please be aware that YC is not a hosting service, so you should always have backups of your music. I will work to resolve any problems with uploads, and why some uploads go disappearing.
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