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  1. Oh my gosh, thank for sharing this, I love it! I just performed Suicide in an Airplane in a recital this past semester - I was hoping to make an impression upon a slightly conservative audience. It's a very good piece to break the comtempory-piano-music ice with. :laugh:
  2. WHOA, I never noticed this... *applauds*
  3. I thought of a book called "Bach for Beginners" published by B&H in 2 or 3 small volumes. That's how I started. There's always the John Thompson books... they have a smorgasbord of stuff at each level. Really great sets of works for beginners I found to be Kabalevsky's books, Burgmuller's etudes, and Heller's exercises. Also, work on Hanon always to build up some dexterity (and try them in different keys, like C# and Cb). Hanon works best I find if you do it while insanely curving your fingers - more than you have to to make it harder than it needs to be.
  4. I played a couple good sopranos for a good few minutes a couple times in my life, and I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I've ever had with a woodwind instrument. I thought it was great. Very nimble and easy to control. I came to it as a clarinet/flute player. I've never played a curved soprano. Funny story about horns... I think it was the Cleveland at some point. I was told that it was in the principal horn's contract that if he ever had to play this excerpt he was not required to play the last two notes in the bass clef bars and that they would be played by an assistant or the assistant lost his job. :laugh:
  5. Two options. I don't know how you "hid" the staff, did you use Optimise Staves? If not, this will do the trick for you. It is found under the Page Layout tool drop down menu. This auto-hides all the staves that don't contain notes on a per system basis. If that's not what does it for you, here's what you do. Align the staves manually so that the proper amount of space is present between your string section and your choir. This will crunch that solo violin line together. So you go to where the solo violin part is, go to Page Layout tool, right-click the upper-left handle, select "Allow Individual Staff Spacing". Now for just this one system, if you change the spacing of the staves so the violin isn't crushed, it does not affect other systems. Finale is extraordinarily powerful if you know how to use it. Also, I'm confused. It's a solo violin part and you have it between the strings and choir? :huh: It should be above the first violin part and paired with it in a group.
  6. Yeah, but if every bar of sixteenths is different pitches... then that ... OH you can FILTER? That's not what I'm looking for, I'd still like to see some point and click work, but this filtery thing might be useful.
  7. I'm wondering if there's a shortcut for slurring a fixed number of notes in one click. It would be really useful for say... long string parts where I want every group of four sixteenth notes in one bow... but it's awfully painful to go through 30 bars of clicking and dragging the slur marking for all four or five staves. And what if I'm writing something where it is more sophisticated than just that? So I'm looking for a macro where I can for instance hold '4' and double click and it slurs 4 notes automatically. Is there such thing or a way to program it? I haven't been able to figure it out, but it would be a godsend.
  8. Both parts? lolwut? It's one part for one pianist.
  9. Sulfur hexaflouride lasts a lot longer than helium gas, due to the simple fact that it's heavier than air. You almost have to stand on your head to get all of it completely out of your lungs. But yeah, it's not something I would want to ever subject a vocalist to for more than like... once. Ever. Though I always thought it would be cool to have a whole entire choir take some for some weird effect mid-piece. Did you know it affects wind instruments, too?
  10. I've been taking a hiatus too since I've gotten a life at college, and I really have had high hopes for the new changes. I have been expecting a lot out of the updates and bug fixes and chopin has been promising a lot and I honestly haven't seen much change at all. It's still as messy as it was when it first launched, the bugs just found more nooks and crannies to infiltrate. And honestly the design aside from the forum skin is horrid (and why isn't the forum skin horrid? because it is just colourized version of a professionally-made hunk of code.) The rest of this site needs a professional treatment and it just hasn't been getting it. I'm sorry, but ur doin it rong. If it's the financial problems, then fine - wait it out, THEN deal with it... but so far it's just been one little disjunct bit made after another and then changed over and all kind of shenanigans ... and I have no idea what the hell is going on anymore. Why do you think I haven't been trying to be on here more? It still needs work, and it needs more work than I can just point out and say "fix this." like I used to.
  11. This is still an issue. It's leading me to the forum index. Also, the tooltip says "Notifcation" (sp?). Perfection, please. It's been a month.
  12. To perhaps bring this thread back to life, here's something I did tonight. I wasn't in a good mood, and I didn't know why, so I decided to just get it out my system and to hell with it. Using a look of 9-8 suspensions in successions and a descending bass at all times. Just felt like falling to the pits of hell... accidentally based it on marche funebre, so I went with that. It's a rant more than anything. Offer thoughts, analyses, etc, if you can bear to listen to this tonal crap. http://www.box.net/shared/uobkoklfh7
  13. I *will* the Heckelphone as soon as I get my hands on one. Use the handwhistle. Every has a pair. =]
  14. I'm pretty sure I understand your idea and I'm not too fond of it. I have seen this kind of thing before, but I don't think the idea has a lot of synergy with the purpose of YC. You're trying to find too many little extra features to buff up YC and I think if the site is run properly then it won't need any of that. I agree with the comment about the token exchange being gimmicky. Plus... people will invariably get pissed when they're denied a token or think they're not getting enough bang for their buck. There will be people who won't use them and people who might leave because of them, which isn't a great combination of possible outcomes to have to combat. Also... are we sure the auction idea will even work before you decide to revamp it? I haven't exactly seen it in action. I know I haven't been around much, maybe I've missed something?
  15. There have been so many threads on this topic and I haven't been around much lately, I hope this is the right place. Notifications info pic is displaced horizontal (look near the Sign Out button)
  16. Horn player in this collection talks too much and demonstrates too little. And sucks at multiphonics. Everybody else is awesome. xD
  17. I just thought of something... what annoys me TEN times more, is when I go back to the forum index, and the shoutbox is literally out of date by 10 minutes or more. If I F5 then it shows the present state, but I almost always have to F5 when I visit the page. arggggh.
  18. Goes straight to the "Post" button for me. :blink: Chrome 6.0.472.63 beta WinXP
  19. I have a proposition. How about we record ourselves improvising and others try and decipher the techniques they use most often. I think this could lead to better discussion, especially when we can hear for ourselves where the other person is going musically. I know there are lots of folks around that can record. Besides, laptops mics are pretty good these days. :) Why not? You don't have to be rooted to early 19th century harmonic practice to improvise.
  20. I've had this problem too, and it's quite annoying. Though quite rare now, it NEVER happened with the old shoutbox. Der Neue ist kaputt. :veryunsure:
  21. Yes, but depends on who is playing it. University orchestra or really good high school orchestra. It would be a pretty high position (7th), and the fingering is 1 (A string) 4 (E string) 2 (G string). Notice that there has to be a gap - the D string has to be skipped entirely, so this could only work with some sort of détaché pattern, mostly likely spiccato. I would mark dots. Also, down bow on the bottom and top string, up bow on the middle makes this an easier figure to play, but that would mean starting this with an up bow, which will mess people up metrically, because the lowest note will invariably get the accent. I would suggest shifting this so it starts with the lowest note in each group (or possible the highest) but not the middle. Keep in mind, octaves like this are not easy to tune.
  22. I am going to make a point of showing this post back to you fifteen years from now and you will vomit instinctively for hours on end, 'k? re@indefinite pitch: IMO almost everything has a central pitch. I say this on the sole basis that for almost any sound you can make it can be adjusted higher or lower. Especially a snare drum or a triangle, or even clacking two drum sticks together or pounding on drywall. Maybe one snare drum is ambiguous, but if you put two together of different sizes, you could feasibly tune them to perfectly resemble an ordinary tonal interval. If you can hear a difference as an interval (which I can between two toms, snares, etc), they must have some definite central pitch. The only exception being the majority of frequencies present are more spread, making the center more ambiguous. Such as a large gong - it is just such a complex sound that it would be impossible to identify a single pitch as central. The snares on a snare drum also have this masking effect - remove the snares and you'll likely hear a very definite pitch from the drum itself.
  23. Actually, I seem to remember people hating the current design when it launched. There were nothing but complaints but now people like it? @chopin: I just realised Bug #13 from James: There is no search bar. Anywhere. Bug #14 from James: After "Likes" on the Music Directory, there are two ">" end brackets. Bug #15 from James: On any user profile, the left bar displays friends and fans. Onhover it should display their username in a tooltip. I have plenty more, but I'll hold until you decide to add/fix these so far. Please let us know the results of each of our suggestions.
  24. YO, 'sup? You trying to steal my π/4 time idea? I always thought the British were wrong here. The breve gives you enough time to grab your crotch in between notes and minums should be the minimal most shortest note imaginable. And why do you call it a semibreve if it actually takes up not a semibar but the whole bar in the majority of music? Not to mention that 16th notes being only semiquivers makes no sense at all. I demisemiquiver when I see 8th notes. When I see 16ths I start to semiquiver. When I see 32nds I start to full on quiver and panic. Also, you have to be breve to play 64ths. Yeah ... y'all make no sense. re@poll: I'd probably have to pick some sort of tuplet. I like tuplets. Especially of the 3 and 5 kind in the context of duple time. Like the triplet of crotches that make up the Bruckner rhythm. :w00t: (I tell you, the Brits are nuts...)
  25. Once the site is launched in it's final version, whatever that'll be like, THEN we'll skin it to different colours. I'll be helping out with it, for sure when that time comes. <my opinion>I think brown is our trademark though, and it should stay the default.</my opinion> @Chopin - how many systems are we going to have for keeping track of bugs? :blink: Viewing from Google Chrome 6.0.472.36 beta on WinXP Bug #1 from James: Collisions on Log in page. Note "Sign in anonymously" and "Sign in" button. -- criticism: that green doesn't at all match the rest of the colour scheme. I would suggest a brown. Same goes for the red button. There is a lot of empty space on this page. Consider putting two boxes horizontally (have the "Sign in options" to the right of "Enter your sign in name and password") http://img832.imageshack.us/img832/1943/youngcomposerslogingoog.png Bug #2 from James: On first signing in, I am presented with an empty page, "We could not find any activity." The banner displays fine, but I feel there should be some content on this page by default. Bug #3 from James: Goof up in upper left rounded corner. (upper left of image) Bug #4 from James: Goof up in border transition to IPB content, two pixels width column disappears after certain point (lower right of image) http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/2220/ss20100820190347.png Bug #5 from James: Goof up in upper left rounded corner of primary nav (middle, far left of image) Bug #6 from James: Inconsistent/untasteful padding around user thumbnail, not inline with "Sign out" and crunched together with "Signed in as U/N" (upper rightish of image) http://img576.imageshack.us/img576/5605/ss20100820191029.png Compliment #1 from James: The help icon and page it leads to is excellent. Love it. Bug #7 from James: "Notification" button (which IMO should read plural) seems to lead nowhere (actually, back to forum index.) Same with friend requests button. Bug #8 from James: Inconsistent "Account" drop down. As viewed from Forum Index (requires click to open menu) -> http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/6649/ss20100820192126.png As viewed from user profile (requires only mouseover to open menu) -> http://img836.imageshack.us/img836/6582/youngcomposersjameshgoo.png Bug #9 from James: Inconsistent text box and drop down widths in Browse. (the widest ones don't need to be that wide in my opinion, especially with "Browse" after) Bug #10 from James: Red button text not centered. -- criticism: again, don't like the red, but in addition I would suggest bold text here. Bug #11 from James: "Composition genre" choices do not reflect choice of Commercial composition. They still display Baroque, Classical, etc, instead of Jazz, Rock, Techno, Country, etc. -- criticism: instead of blank for Gender, I would have the default read "Either". Note that upper left rounded corner errors are not present from this page, I only view them on the Forum side of the side. Compliment #2 from James: I really like how when you select instrumentation, such as Jazz, the sub-categories pop up immediately "Large/Small ensemble" etc http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/153/ss20100820192908.png Bug #12 from James: On the forum side of the site, it displays mah hover kitteh. On the networking side of the side, it displays this. http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/7417/ss20100820200937.png In general, a lot of bugs seem to be on one side of the site or the other, which proves to me that there is more than one website banner, they're just designed to look and act identical, with a few mistakes that made it through. Why hasn't it been programmed in a way yet that there is ONE unit that is used on all parts of the site? This way if there is one error, it shows up everywhere and therefore easy to diagnose and when you fix it, it fixes it everywhere.
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