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  1. You are my favorite person ever.
  2. I feel that while I have some talent regarding both, I need plenty of work and guiding in the two fields from my teacher.
  3. Every single professional violinist you listen to nowadays :P and above all the famous ones active today.
  4. Thanks :) you had asked if my teacher is jewish. He's not: the klezmer style is something I do myself and enjoy very much, though my teacher definitely does not. My view of music and violin playing is different. He's a firm believer in the modern school. I admire the musicianship of old greats such as Kreisler and Elman, which he finds 'cheesy' and 'd
  5. Bump? :P no one commented on this one.
  6. Seconded wholeheartedly. Kirby ftw.
  7. Probably the only Mahler symphony which doesn't completely bore me.
  8. Go jump off a cliff. To Zanarkand is very pretty, and certainly not gag inducing :angry: :( Nevertheless, Koji Kondo's on the top of my list.
  9. Seconded. It was the first piece of music I truly loved.
  10. *Laughs at you* Btw, Bolero is 17-20 minutes long.
  11. Yay, another one for the Ramone/Tokke/Sapphy-Maxy club.
  12. Ah yes. My favorite example is Paganini's Nel Cor Pi
  13. Learning to play the violin without a teacher is like trying to pick your nose with boxing gloves on. Forget it. Don't even think about learning without a teacher.
  14. Mahler and Bruckner can be just as bland, uninteresting and 'overexaggerated', to make use of your pleonasm.
  15. I hear nothing wrong with that first piece, really. In no way does it repulse me. It's simple, pretty and pleasant, though IMO not profound at all.
  16. Oh. Then I really don't know what the cheap variety might be :P How about you stop acting like a cold asshole who pretends there's no such things as metaphors?
  17. I never drink and don't plan to, hence the 'one bottle' reference. By the way, for someone who's accusing others of immature posts, you sound like quite the kid.
  18. Lol it was a way of saying 'I agree wholeheartedly'. You'll never see me marry a guy unless I also happen to be holding an empty whisky bottle.
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