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  1. Nice! Think you've got all mine so can't really be any help there but just thought I'd say it's a good idea.
  2. how soon do you need people to do it? I'm a student learning Java/HTML/SQL
  3. Hi! This is my first post. Um, I've written a few unfinshed piano pieces and unfinished clarinet pieces. They're really just what sounded good though since I don't really know much about composing.
  4. 1.What made you join this site? I was looking for music forums on google and thought this woud be interesting. 2.What made you stay? I like the site. That's it. 3.Are you looking for different music forum solutions? If so, why? I'm not anymore because I decided that I liked this site. 4.If applicable, why are you thinking about leaving? I'm not 5.What makes this site different than other music sites, such as Sound Click? Having never actually used Soundclick, I'm not sure. 6.How long are your visits here on average? I'm usually on during spares at school or in spare time at home... not that I have much spare time. 7.How is the communication factor on this site? Is it easy to contact and make new friends? i guess. I'm only new though but everyone seems nice. 8.Is YC fun?I wouldn't call it fun but it's interesting. 9.Is YC boring?Again, I find it interesting. 10.Suggestions on improvement?Nope, not off the top of my head.Wait... nope.
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