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    I love writing for the bassoon but I don't play the instrument. So I lack knowledge of dynamics, preferred ranges and what is difficult for a bassoonist to do. Could you help please?
  2. I name pieces after something that inspire me to write (i.e. Paranoia - inspired by a paranoid friend - written for Cor Anglais, Clarinet and String Orchestra) or something it reminds you of (i.e. the Frog) :)
  3. I need help writing a left hand piano part for Scottish Standard Grade. The piece is in 3/4 and in A minor. The piece is based off Scottish Waltzes and is for Oboe and Piano I really need help writing a bass part. I want to do something more interesting than chords, but not something that is too prominent. Thank you!!
  4. We've got a tenor horn player in our school orchestra - mind you there are no french horns so...:P
  5. I personally just find a tune by playing notes in a certain key (Am minor is a favourite). It works! I came up with a piece for Woodwind quartet called the Bee-Eater!:toothygrin:
  6. Isn't Cor Anglais the same - English Name, translated to French, but German I think:)
  7. Thanks - that has puzzled me for ages!:shifty:
  8. We've done a Scottish Waltz, and we're doing blues improvisations. I'm not confident on them though so I am going write a piece for String Orchestra and Woodwind Quartet.:wub: What key is the bassoon in though? i.e. Clarinet in Bb, or Flute in C Thanks
  9. I don't find many pieces difficult but I always try to finish them perfectly. Currently I'm working on Lefevre's second sonata for Clarinet and Piano. Grade V I know but I've only been playing for two years:)
  10. I'm writing a piece for Scottish Standard Grade, it's for string orchestra and I have two questions. They are: 1) How much lower is the viola compared to violin? 2) What is chord VI of A minor? 3) What is the best key to change into (Am to ?)?
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