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  1. Hi everybody! I am happy that I finally got the inspiration and opportunity again to work with my tunes. I want to send a demo somewhere, thats why I want to upgrade some of my tunes. This pioano melody, called Jilovelaa, I made back in 18.May 2007, but I have never tried drums on it before, so I have now added some drums, and some other instruments, I wonder what you guys think about it. I think I have posted the same melody here 11 years ago. I think it should be nice to put some lyrics to the melody. I miss hanging in this forum! 😄 God bless all, peace on Earth! Best regards, Daniel. [Edit] here is link to wav: www.dandron.com/jilovelaa2.wav
  2. Thanks. Well we are looking for a vocalist. As I said we can't sing. I think I was a musician reincarnated from the 50s60s but its a secret ho ho. Come to Armenia. We need more musicians to make the 60s. Peace and light
  3. The Coneheads - Diamonds Before Sunset.mp3 Hi, this thread is a mix between giving response to one of our songs, if you want, and at the same time I make this thread to tell ya'all that we are making music culture in Armenia, and if you want and if you are a GOOD musician or CHARMING person you should come and join, we will make more than one band, we will do it kind of secretly and make websites with password and writing the password on the posters we will put here in Armenia, because this is nothing we do to be rich or "famous" but because we want to re-make the 60s, the younger generation in Armenia speak more and more English, but if you sing in russian, georgian or armenian you are particilarly welcome. Here is the song I want to show you. My friend Kurt is singing. Ps: we can't sing, so somebody else will do the vocals when it will be performed. Link: http://redfizz.com/rf/song.aspx?songid=351981 Regards. Daniel
  4. hi , I want to be more active again at youngcomposers;

  5. My favourite piece of music is Yesterday by Beatles of course :D and my second favourite is music made by the norwegian band: royksopp! d
  6. hi, nice question Piano! I only play keyboard/piano/synthesizer, and I have only learned to play it by myself and from books. I play a lot cause it is so fun and my selfcreated melodies are so great :D lol. By the way I think that Beatles` "yesterday" is a very nice song! have a very nice day all d
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