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  1. I'm sorry, but I don't see it either. Is this intended to be a rhythmic technique? If so, I strongly recommend seeking out Cage, Carter, Stockhausen, and especially Stravinsky. Don't ignore the 20th century!
  2. I was invited back. We'll see how long I stay, this time.

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      boo. go away.

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      You sound like a king, Matthew.

    3. Matthew Becker

      Matthew Becker

      The maddest king around. :D

  3. Around which year was that piece written? I've listened to Part in the past and have not come across his work. Though generally I must admit that his pre-tintinnabuli works are far more interesting. His Colage uber B-A-C-H and his first two symphonies I actually found enjoyable.
  4. Depending on what the school has to offer, it does matter. For a composition major, you should really look into whichever schools interest you and find out which resources are readily available to composition students. The best way is to check each school's website for more information about their program. Who your composition prof(s) may be is also important, so you should also do some background checks (ie. Google) on those profs to see the type of music that they write, and go from there.
  5. I don't know, chopin. Are you looking to broaden this website into a general forum where composers of all walks of life are invited (not that you're excluding older composers)? Perhaps the reason that some composers in their prime join here is to help the younger ones along. Ultimately it depends on what you want to focus on.
  6. Impresario, certain elements are only available in the full version of Finale. It could be that what you're looking for may also be in a different area. Checking the help section can help you determine whether you can do this or not.
  7. Hey, Robin. I have an update for you. Mattias Xpress can now be replaced with matthewbecker.ca Thanks!
  8. Indeed. You could choose, although rarely seen ever, to simply ignore the remark or the person.
  9. The "wasted" space has to be aligned with all the columns. If you cut short one of the columns, the rest of the text will bleed outside of it. Then you just have a programming mess.
  10. Precedented complaints regarding "favouritism" would surely arise out of this...if done improperly.
  11. Anonymous posting encourages far more flames than anything else. Some trolls here would simply intentionally stir something up with somebody they don't like. It won't have anything to do with the music at all. Bad idea.
  12. Snap, son. Thanks for the inclusion. I found out about this thread from the linkback stats on my site.
  13. Practicing, in the very least, shows you where your strengths lie, as well as what needs work. Over the summer, personally, I've discovered that I don't use enough percussion or even woodwinds where they'd be useful. They may not even be skill-related, but voice-related. Which voices could you bring out more? Which ones need to be toned down? That kind of thing.
  14. I'll make a deal with all of you. Once you're as successful as Cage was, you can all do something totally obscure enough to make people raise eyebrows and argue its validity. I don't quite understand his 4'33" myself, but hey, maybe you don't really need to!
  15. And here comes the imminent argument about religion! I imagine gender politics are just around the corner as well.
  16. Sometimes it's difficult to participate in some discussions at all for some of those reasons you listed above. On top of that, some folks take themselves, or certain topics, far too seriously. There's an extremely high level of competitiveness here, which personally, I wish would be taken down a few pegs. I thought this was a forum in which ideas would be shared, and those seeking help would get it. Instead, there seems to be some sort of air about who's "better than who". Not that my viewpoint matters much since I'm not here that often, but if everybody just calmed down a little bit, we'd all be happier. Maybe that's just me, I don't know. Nah, I just think he's following other's who've left.
  17. The irony is that the swearing was in Russian... Looks like nobody's rushing to the chat room right away.
  18. I don't see what the problem is. It's not like we often see people dropping the F-bomb, or other profanities. You can easily express yourself in other means other than swearing. It's up to the people running this place how they want their visitors to act. If you want to curse incessantly, go elsewhere. They don't want that language here, and they're entitled to that because this is their domain. Don't agree? Don't post.
  19. That's really the best way to go. Check out what each school wants individually.
  20. I love listening to Chopin, but I've always had trouble playing him. Same with Mozart. Strangely enough, I play Liszt a little bit easier (excluding the obvious Liebestraum and Hungarian Rhapsody of course).
  21. I sight-read that piece the other day. From MEMORY. I sneezed halfway through, so I had to start again. :blush:
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