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  1. Program notes: When visiting Spain last year, it was an essential that I go see the Reina Sofia museum of art, which mainly features modern paintings, photography, and installations of Spanish artists. When I first looked upon Monument aux espagnols mourt por la France, I knew that I wanted to write a response to the paintings of Pablo Picasso. Mainly incorporating works from Picasso’s cubism period, the series of short movements provides a glimpse into my thoughts when looking at and contemplating the works. These include: 1. Girl before a Mirror This piece begins and closes the work, because there are two wildly contrasting, yet eerily similar, images in this work. The girl staring at herself in the mirror is strong, vibrant, happy, and full of life, yet in her eyes there is a hint of pure apathy as she considers her image in the mirror. 2. Le Pigeon Aux Petit Pois Humorously pictures a group of pigeons fighting for food at a standard café. 3. Mounment aux espagnols mourt por la France Picasso was an ardent communist, not necessarily a follow of Soviet interests, especially after Party criticism of his portrait of Stalin. He strongly opposed United Nations interventionism and war in general. Here he paints a memorial for Spanish soldiers who died in France. 4. Les Demoiselles d’Avignon A work portraying five nude female prostitutes on Carrer D’Aviyno in Barcelona. Each figure is presented in a very confrontational manner, seemingly attempting to entice a passerby to engage in her services. 5. Girl before a Mirror A refrain of the first movement that highlights the ugliness, dying, and darkened color of the girl’s mirror image. Nearly identical to the first, the dissonance in the strings exposes the girls innermost thoughts as she confronts herself in the mirror.Vive 5.mp3
  2. Following in the spirit of Jaap and Daniel, I post a recent work of mine in honor of this place coming back. Here I have a string quartet read by the jack quartet and that was a winner (my first award ever!) of the Ruth and Emil Beyer Award for Composition in the chamber division. I Watching a sunset is an interesting experience. Because the sun seems less bright, you can essentially stare straight at it without worry of injury. There is a moment of brief excitement when, just before being enveloped in darkness, the sky chances colors from blue to orange, and finally, a mixture of purple and pink. Already the Sunlight Fades is in one movement and uses triptych form to emulate the sun setting, the colors in the sky changing, and the onset of darkness that follow.
  3. Jaap, I very much wish I could hear a life version of this piece! It is such a fun piece to listen to. I never feel lost, nor as if I've been listening for to long of a time. I love the harmonic language. Bravo!
  4. Find a violist and record him/her.
  5. You can also look for schools that offer specifically what you are wanting to learn. University of Southern California, Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, Miami University, UT Austin, all offer courses in scoring for visual media. It would be good idea to research what schools offer what and who can give you the most experience and help while you attend. What Michael says is also true, it might be better to attend a school in California. Once upon a time when I wanted to study film scoring, I really considered going to LA. However, I have changed my goals since then, so, oh well.
  6. Your welcome. It's really great for when you are in places that are cumbersome to carry large staff paper binders.
  7. @Voce, Something like this. http://www.amazon.com/Moleskine-Music-Notebook-Pocket-Classic/dp/888370536X/ref=pd_sim_b_1
  8. Voce, your sketches are beautiful. Here are what mine typically look like.
  9. Hmm, why ruin a perfectly acceptable thread like this PQ?
  10. This is seperate from a university event. I am the director, did all the fund-raising, etc. The pianist is a professor from the university, and the university did allow me to use their space. Otherwise, it is the first year of a festival I've spent the pass year planning and creating. The facebook page, under "about," has more information about the goals of this festival. I'm hoping to turn it into a yearly event.
  11. The Applause Music team is seeking original,published or unpublished, works for piano solo for its 1st annual Applause Music Festival. The specific concert will take place on July 13, 2013 at University of Texas at Arlington and will feature music by living composers only. The length must be between 5 and 10 minutes, exceptions can be made depending on the maturity and originality of thepiece. Those selected will be notified by email no later than May 30th. The selected composers are encouraged to attend, but no travel stipends or funds are available. Works will be performed by pianist Dr. John Solomons. Scores and CD's are due by May 15th, 2013 and may be submitted to: Applause Music Festival 515 Tish Circle #2002 Arlington, TX 76006 Or send PDF and mp3 files to applausemusicfestival@gmail.com. While no recording is needed, it is encouraged to submit this as well. If further information needed, please email applausemusicfestival@gmail.com. Also, Please see and like our facebook page! :) (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Applause-Music-Festival/541311985908757)
    1. jrcramer


      working on it :) (or does it need to be anonimous)

    2. Morgri


      No, it does not have to be anonymous!

  12. If you are looking for the entire score for an orchestra, then you may have to contact the composer directly. They generally don't have their scores for sale with any publisher unless they are from extremely well-known movies. You could probably find some star-wars study scores, but other scores you may have to buy from the composer directly and they tend to be extremely expensive.
  13. Yeah, I did the black friday thing today. ;p

  14. Let me see if I'm able to find it.
  15. 76 measures into my string quartet and I'm already revising most of it :(

    1. Voce


      lol, 76 measures is longer than most entire pieces I write.

  16. What, a new blog? And the first post is a piece that I'm currently learning and obsessed with! Voce... you shouldn't have.
  17. Follow me @PaulmakesmusiC :D

  18. This seems like a simple solution. Just change the staff to Concert Pitch and write a note above it saying that it is in concert pitch. The other thing you could do is create a second stave above the original and notate concert pitches while keeping the original stave transposed. You can then hide the second staff when it is not needed.
  19. This is a difficult question to answer. Can you tell us a bit more about yourself? How long have you written music? How well do you know each orchestral instrument? How long do you want this symphony to be?
  20. You would probably have him adjust the mouth piece to go offtune a bit, that might be your best bet.
  21. Yes, those would be "perfect consonances" as described in Fux's "Study of Counterpoint.
  22. Finished Jospeh Fux's Treatise on counterpoint, on to "Counterpoint in Composition" by Felix Salzer. I'm sure this one will take a couple months to finish.

  23. It would be helpful to tell us what notation software you are using as different programs require different steps on creating a solution to this problem.
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