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  1. I've been working on an opera project with some colleagues for a long while, and some of it requires custom notation. After much discussion, we’ve come up with notation for chromatic/atonal mordents pictured above. These would completely replace the classical mordents we know from the Baroque, since frequent use has made it necessary to always specify the interval at which the ornament is. I would like to know what you think of these, if they seem sensible and functional to you, or not. For vote-counting convenience, please VOTE HERE. If you vote no, please also explain why in a comment. Thank you.
  2. Thanks again, Austenite. I've solved my problem. This thread can be closed now.
  3. Of course! That's where I first heard her, from his piece Ramblings of a Social Network! :facepalm: That's what you get for asking a question at 4 in the morning.
  4. Sharon Rogers. Cooratura soprano. Fresno, California. Anyone know her in any way?
  5. Heh, I'm just posting here because you PM'd me, because I have to tell you I am terrible at this kind of things and I keep forgetting all sorts of rules of counterpoint because I frankly cannot care enough about it. I listen to stuff and if I like it I like it. Nothing more. If you still want me to say something about them, then the voices all sound great to me.
  6. You misspelled cowbell


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      Dirk Gently

      I misspelled this, what?!?!

    3. HeckelphoneNYC
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      ...dative of equine perspiration?

  8. Is that what they're calling it now?

  9. Like your p...............roblems.

  10. Pussies, that's what the world is made of. I'm sure sooner or later something will break off around the Middle East big enough to shake off all the masks of hypocrisy in this big planetary theatre play of "globalization" and send everything spiraling down into the ultimate shitfest.
  11. I don't like the UK's anthem, but I LOVE Rule Britannia and I think it should be their anthem. I don't give a flying rat's donkey if it's imperialist (despite the fact that I like imperialism when I'm the core of the empire), people should grow a pair and have music played because it's cool and sounds nice, regardless of what it represents. For example, if the Nazi anthem were nice (it sucks, though) I'd like it anyway, regardless of what it meant. Apply the same reasoning I made for the UK to the US, replacing their dreadful and pussified anthem with Hail to the Chief. So, adding La Marseillaise and the Russian Anthem (which I believe is the same as the USSR with different lyrics, no? If it is, THEY'RE THE ONLY SMART PEOPLE IN THE WORLD), here's my top 4: 1- Rule Britannia 2- La Marseillaise 3- USSR / Russian anthem 4- Hail to the Chief
  12. Who cares if your melody has influences? It's very hard for you to unknowingly mimick a melody in its entirety! After composing my stuff I've heard a bit of Zimmer's Tortuga in my string quartet, six notes of Liar Liar's soundtrack in my operetta, and other stuff I didn't notice had been there. I think you can't create without some influence, so what's the problem?
  13. Uploading isn't working. I start uploading a piece, it says "Uploading..." and the little blue progress bar never shows up. It stays like that indefinitely. HLEP!
  14. Full orchestra required? As in, woodwinds, brass, percussion and strings?
  15. Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique, 4th and 5th movements; Berlioz's Rackoczy March from the Damnation of Faust; Berlioz's Infernal Choir Scene from the Damnation of Faust (although it doesn't really END in a powerful boom, it has a big one right before the "end"); Berlioz's Grande Symphonie Funèbre et Triomphale, last movement, "Apotheosis"; and my personal favourite, from Berlioz's Requiem, the Lacrimosa. Although most recordings suck at this awesome piece, I have the perfect one: Chor des NDR Hamburg, Konzertvereinigung ORF-Chor, Radio-Sinfonie-Orchester Frankfurt, directed by Eliahu Inbal. And I have testimonies! “I saw one of his concerts once, and well, being deaf hasn't been easy.” ~ Beethoven on Hector Berlioz “His Requiem was probably the strongest opponent I ever had to face. Believe me, my ears were bleeding.” ~ Chuck Norris on Hector Berlioz “I pity the foo' who challenges Berlioz for a loud brass playing contest” ~ Mr. T on Hector Berlioz
  16. I actually like that, when it is done PROPERLY. Like a true POWERFUL drive towards that awfulness, which makes people see what it is clearly, hence clearing the way for a proper unclouded process of choice in their minds as to how they want to live and what they want to do in society. Having said that, Lady Gaga is a waste of freaky looks. First time I saw her without listening to her music I was like "whoa, she's completely nuts, this must sound completely freaky." I went to check the songs and... ... pop music. Not just pop, BANAL pop! I say gently caress that. I have nothing against pop, I like quite a bit of it (not today's, though), but she is just being a clown for no reason. She is definitely a walking overkill. No, she can't. Her piano skills are meh. And they got worse from the times of those early videos at talent shows. Want a good singer/pianist? Regina Spektor.
  17. It's a mess of everything at the same time. Sometimes I even get both at the same time.
  18. There is no good or bad in music. It's a factual combination of sounds. There is, however, good or bad in Man's intentions behind the music he creates. There can also be neutrality in them.
  19. Gould's version is ridiculous, regardless of how good a pianist he is. :P
  20. Ever heard Rachmaninov's unusual interpretation?
  21. Yes, you are. :P He played the guitar well and the flute too. He knew how to use a piano, but was terribly limited, maybe even more than Wagner. And yes, one doesn't need to play an instrument to be familiarized with it. Berlioz was an awesome orchestrator and he knew all the nuances and details of the instruments of the orchestra based solely on observation and hanging around with instrumentalists. He never played any other instruments (besides the timpani in some of his works when he wasn't conducting).
  22. Damn, I hope I'm not too late. You were asking for kirbyish stuff, I got the exact soundfont from Kirby's Dreamland 3 and felt like having fun. :P Here it is: http://www.youngcomposers.com/profile/music/Berlioz/composition?entry=59529 Tell me if I'm on time. I'll upload a loopable version.
  23. I write the parts I want instruments to play, regardless of anything else but the piece itself. If the piece is one hour long and requires one lone note on a tubular bell, that will be it. The guy can go have lunch and enter the stage just to sound that note, but as long as it is done, I don't care how, it's fine. I don't agree with bending pieces to please the players or to "be fair." Nothing is fair. If I compose a piece it's supposed to sound like that because I made it. Same for everyone else who composes something. The means by which it is made listenable are the ones supposed to adapt to the message being conveyed, not the opposite. You never heard of a building built "while evidencing the individual work of each worker," for example. xD More on-topic, though, I don't write more for piano than what I think should be written. I don't write better for it either (in fact I tend to neglect its abilities, writing more in my limited style of playing, purely because I like how it sounds) but it's logically the instrument I make no mistakes in writing for, because I know how to play it. xD If we talk about instruments we don't like, then I do shun oboes a lot because I don't like their sound much. I usually hide them in woodwind chords without ever evidencing them, or I use them to double flutes when I need their line to be clear. Oboe solos make me go insane. So far I've only done that in some background music for spoken dialogue in my operetta. Lone trumpets kill me too.
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